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Rumors Of Aussie Made GPZ Coils

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27 minutes ago, phrunt said:

so I guess the Aussie made GPZ coils turned out to be a hoax?  

Well nothing has been said for quite a few months now, all very quiet, but hey the X-Coils for the GPZ7000 are out there in the real world finding real gold, how good is that. 👌

cheers dave

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    • By rasheede11
      what is the best
      Coil use gpx4500 for
      Small nuggets weighing 0.2 g or 0.4 g
      Elite or N Finder Nuggets
      And circular or elliptical shape
    • By bloodgold2
      Hi everybody, for those that are interested my new novel has now been uploaded to Amazon in Ebook format for those that like reading that way printed copies should be available next week. I am currently contacting suppliers of my first novel to see if they are interested in doing the same again for Bush Redemption, will keep everybody updated. Cheers Dave.
    • By madtuna
      Erlistoun Station has a new phone number 9031 3954. If no one is there to answer please leave a message. The new managers name is Butch Shaw.
      Also as of the coming Tuesday Aug 1st, an aerial muster will be taking place also utilizing ground crews in 4x4's quads, bikes and numerous other mad max look alike vehicles.
      Please, if on the station it is imperative for your safety and ours that we know where you are. These are not tame cows from a petting zoo, they are wild scrub cattle that will kill you.
      Also be aware GSDU are active on this and the surrounding station checking miners rights, permits and compliance. Two men, residents from NSW and Tas faced Leonora court today for illegal mining (on an EL without a section 40E permit)
    • By madtuna
      Hi folks, just wondering if anyone based in the Melbourne area is doing the trek across the Nullaboring to the Leonora, Laverton or even the Kalgoorlie area in the next month or so?
      There's a 19" GPZ coil for sale in Melb but the postage cost is ridiculous and I'd be willing to swing you a carton of beer or some dollars plus I promise not to say nasty things about you Victorians ever again. I am even willing to publicly state you are better at AFL than we are.
    • By bloodgold2
      Hi Steve and members, if this is not in the right section please move. Well my new novel Bush Redemption is now getting very close to print. The front and rear cover have been done, interior layout finalized, editing finished, just waiting on the first print copy to arrive before going into full print. It will also be a Ebook on the internet. Here is the front and rear cover, cheers Dave. 

    • By vanursepaul
      Hope you mates are having it good over there---
      I have watched all the videos many times ..
      Looking forward to next year ...
      Norvic ---- are you behaving?????
      I havent heard from klunker lately so he is either sneaking out there and swinging-----or else he is actually having to work this summer,,,,
      i found two small ones this weekend... 0.6g total.... walked about 500 miles to get them...but i needed the exercise!
      Happy hunting to everyone here and there!
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