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Goodaye Paul, 

Hope soon to be running a new Dryblower in the goldfields, can you tell me please the best mesh size used on the primary (top) screen, guessing 15-20 mm

I can go a little bigger I have a rotary chain crusher directly under my primary screen

Thanks mate Majindi

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Paul thanks mate are you able to put me in contact with trent email, or whatsap? 🙃 majindi

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Thanks for the pictures, sweet finds!

All the best,


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    • By mn90403
      Let me start of by saying I heard about and saw some pictures of hugh silver and gold found in Arizona.  If I find a link or the discoverer wants to post up his pictures I'll let you know.  This find is not about that.  This find is about a couple of good weather days in Arizona near Wickenburg if you follow on the map.  I went there because of Bill Southern's outing that was very well attended.  He'll have some pictures on his forum which I'll try to link here. 
      Minelab America was there giving away something to everyone who attended and they also had a raffle which benefited AMRA to the tune of $2700!  This was near the second day and where the nuggets were found.
      This first picture is a panorama of the area where I went the first morning.  It is near a GPAA claim was a nice specimen was found last month.

      As you can see the desert is not really dead.  It has many living plants and animals.  The fallen cactus is a saguaro.  You normally only see it standing with its green skin but inside it is an engineering masterpiece.  It is made of many rods that give it strength.

      The next set of pictures is of the cactus that makes cowboys strong and forget about pain.  These are the jumping cactus that get you over and over again.

      I finally dug a hole but it was hot ground.

      If you enlarge these pictures you will see in the picture some wild burros.  There were about 10 with a couple of black ones.

      The next day we stopped by an old mine on the way to a different claim.

      Chet got us near and then we went off a less travelled road and we had to turn around.  This is him coming out.

      I didn't take my phone detecting this time because it lost power trying to find a signal.  This was the claim where Chet found a nice 2 g nugget and I found the .25 g nugget.
      These were my pictures on the way out at the end of the day and before my 6 hour drive back to Santa Monica.

      I took a couple of bad picture of the nugget this morning with the phone.  It makes me want to get a better one ... nugget and phone that is!


    • By bloodgold2
      Hi everybody, for those that are interested my new novel has now been uploaded to Amazon in Ebook format for those that like reading that way printed copies should be available next week. I am currently contacting suppliers of my first novel to see if they are interested in doing the same again for Bush Redemption, will keep everybody updated. Cheers Dave.
    • By madtuna
      Erlistoun Station has a new phone number 9031 3954. If no one is there to answer please leave a message. The new managers name is Butch Shaw.
      Also as of the coming Tuesday Aug 1st, an aerial muster will be taking place also utilizing ground crews in 4x4's quads, bikes and numerous other mad max look alike vehicles.
      Please, if on the station it is imperative for your safety and ours that we know where you are. These are not tame cows from a petting zoo, they are wild scrub cattle that will kill you.
      Also be aware GSDU are active on this and the surrounding station checking miners rights, permits and compliance. Two men, residents from NSW and Tas faced Leonora court today for illegal mining (on an EL without a section 40E permit)
    • By mn90403
      Steve has started a topic on the GPZ 19 coil and last Thursday I was using that coil in Gold Basin.  Many of us have been to Gold Basin and we roughly know the conditions with gullies, benches, mountains and hills.  Little of it is 'flat' but some of the benches are large and open.  Some of the ground has been extensively worked with dry washers in the past and present.
      My area for the day was on a slope in a well known claim and I wanted to find a deep nugget.  I've heard that they are there so I have the right equipment.  As luck would have it about 100 ft from where I parked I got a faint signal.  It was repeatable so I know I had to dig it.  The area was up on a higher slope of a larger gully and had not been worked with equipment.  I scraped and scratched and could still hear the signal.  Time to dig.
      The signal got louder.  I changed settings from normal to difficult and could still hear it ... maybe not a hot rock but it could be ??  I'm down now over a foot which exceeds most of my 19" holes so far and I can hear it getting louder so I go to the SUV and get my pin pointer, GB Pro and camera.  Still too deep for the pointer and the GB Pro.  Lu comes over with the 2300 and can't hear it either.  Dig, dig more down next to a big rock ... is it the rock?
      GB Pro now jumps around on the numbers 42, 75, 15 ... I'm getting close.  Lu says it is a hot rock.  I dig and dig with my long handle pick and finally it is out of the hole.  I scoop and scoop looking for color and then ... TRASH.
      It is an old, long 22 shell casing that has been damaged.  Deep trash ... HOW?  Never that deep before.  Why?
      It is my theory that the shell fell into a squirrel hole.  It was not a surface target that fell into the dug hole.  I'll never know but it was one of my deepest digs with the 19 (18" or so).  It would have been great if it was a nugget that deep and it is one of the reasons I will continue to use the 19.  I don't think I could hear that trash with the 14.  (Writing this perhaps I should have taken the time to try.)
      After my learning and disappointment it was time to fill my hole.  
      I wish it was a gold story.

    • By madtuna
      Hi folks, just wondering if anyone based in the Melbourne area is doing the trek across the Nullaboring to the Leonora, Laverton or even the Kalgoorlie area in the next month or so?
      There's a 19" GPZ coil for sale in Melb but the postage cost is ridiculous and I'd be willing to swing you a carton of beer or some dollars plus I promise not to say nasty things about you Victorians ever again. I am even willing to publicly state you are better at AFL than we are.
    • By bloodgold2
      Hi Steve and members, if this is not in the right section please move. Well my new novel Bush Redemption is now getting very close to print. The front and rear cover have been done, interior layout finalized, editing finished, just waiting on the first print copy to arrive before going into full print. It will also be a Ebook on the internet. Here is the front and rear cover, cheers Dave. 

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