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Couple Of Days 12" Xing

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Hey Norvic, that's good on the gold, and not good about ya pick, I use the GPS function on my 7000 all the time and could have easily followed the trail back to find the pick.  ?

cheers dave

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Yeah, I carry my smart phone with oziexplorer running in my pocket, this crazy vegemite had put the phone in pocket upside down, GPS antenna facing down thus no track. I think as I was carrying it in hand I`d put it down on way as I returned to last dig site and it wasn`t there. Good excuse to nick out and look for it later in week, but I suspect the triantiwontigong has moved it into his collection...……..

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Is that the spiral or bundle 12" Norvic? How do you like that coil now that you've had a run of different sizes for a while? I'm hoping it can turn into my daily use coil if it's roughly as sensitive to the sub-2 gram stuff as the Z14.

Tangentially, last winter I realized I had lost my WM12, went back and walked 6 miles of ATV tracks on my GPS and was able to find it buried in a tire track with only a bit of the rear clip showing above ground, so glad I had GPS tracks recording or it'd be lost forever...

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No wonder you Aussies laugh at our NZ gold flakes! We work very hard to get them though ?

Well done Norvic, thanks for doing some posts with photos, I do enjoy a good gold found post...

Hopefully your pick turns up, I lost my scoop once and went back to try find it, thought it was gone forever but it turned up on another mission, if anything it gives you an excuse to go back!

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2 hours ago, Norvic said:

Very simply my current, and I say current because I will go with what gets the gold whether settings or hardware. Settings are semi auto, general, no audio or ground smoothing, volume 7, threshold 24-27 depending on wind noise (WM12 no booster or h/phones) normal mostly but difficult when patch hunting usually, sensitivity between 8-20. Ground balance is.... no use of Quick track button, no ferrite simply let the Z do it`s thing, it is next to the SDC the easiest gold detector I`ve ever used. KISS (Keep It Simple Sir) occasionally as I`ve said years back I`ll go into manual but very rarely as it requires having to fool the Z into doing a Quick Track. ML if you listening give us firmware that has an option allowing us to avoid this forcing of QT. I am very sure I am not the Lone Ranger in this request.

Norvic, this advice might help you. When you go from Semi-Auto to Manual and back again direct from the Ground Balance menu of the GPZ it always suggest the need for Ferrite balancing by playing the Quick-Trak Guide on your screen, to avoid this you can do three things,

  1. Turn Guides off in the Guides Menu
  2. Use the BACK ARROW button twice to cancel the Guide
  3. Preprogram the USER button to Ground Balance Mode

If you use the USER button to access the Ground Balance menu the Quick-Trak guide video is not played, there is never any need to use Quick-Trak when going from Manual to Semi-Auto mode, just pump the coil and keep walking. 

Hope this helps


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1 hour ago, jasong said:

Is that the spiral or bundle 12" Norvic? How do you like that coil now that you've had a run of different sizes for a while? I'm hoping it can turn into my daily use coil if it's roughly as sensitive to the sub-2 gram stuff as the Z14.

Tangentially, last winter I realized I had lost my WM12, went back and walked 6 miles of ATV tracks on my GPS and was able to find it buried in a tire track with only a bit of the rear clip showing above ground, so glad I had GPS tracks recording or it'd be lost forever...

Spiral, Jasong, love the coil, stable as, fair bit more sensitive then the 14"ML or 15"X coil. Cannot comment too much on comparison to the 10" bundle as have only used it for 1 day, with the massive grass cover in my area the 12" has gone to be my go to coil, but I know that will change once the grass cover has been eaten out by the cattle. Just magic having a choice of coil sizes.

You too...…... re. lost WM12, son & I went on 6 km walk into a prospective area last season, on way it had dropped off my shoulder, didn`t notice it missing until going to turn on, long story short, I spent day helping son dig virgin gold but followed GPS track back to camp late in arvo. and found the WM12 under a low tree branch we`d had to limbo under. Since have fixed WM12 on harness properly, but not got around to putting a set of earphones in back pack. Most of my country is rugged inaccessible by wheels, shanks`s ponies the only way, tis one reason virgin gold`s still about. 

56 minutes ago, phrunt said:

No wonder you Aussies laugh at our NZ gold flakes! We work very hard to get them though

No way will you hear me laugh at your nugget size unless in jest, there are pieces in photo all below 0.2 gram to not giving a weight reading on scales, I should have spread them more.

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Posted (edited)

That certainly does help, you know I`d set the user button to manual yonks back but hadn`t got aroundtoit since update or reset buh…... Old fella syndrome, many thanks JP.

PS. Did straight away, easy as, now why didn`t I go there before......don`t laugh we all get old fellas syndrome if we are fortunate to live long.

Edited by Norvic
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Nice gold, Norvic!  I lost two picks before I learned to really keep tabs on it.  I even put yellow reflective tape on it every other 2 inches so that I can measure depth more accurately.  It can still be tough to find in the day time … but at night, o man …. it reflects the light like the eyes of a mountain lion.  You'll always find it.  Hmmm.... now that you mention it, I should put some on my WM12.  I've almost lost it a few times.

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Reflective tape and fluorescent tape has saved a lot of my equipment. 

Nice work Norvic

Good tip JP

I go to school every day in here...

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    • By phrunt
      I always wondered if there was even gold around where the X-coil manufacturer lives, I didn't know much about Russian gold or if Russia even had much gold.
      Here is a video broken into parts of the Russian manufacturer showing the different capabilities of the 17x12" X-Coil between the Standard GPZ14” Minelab coil being used near high voltage power lines in Russia.
      It's good to see he is a prospector.
      Sorry about the quality of some of the parts. 
      It's a deep hole he has to dig to get it, nice soft soil though... that'd make life easier than using a jackhammer 🙂
    • By IronDigger
      A lot  been said about these x coils when it comes to the zed...but in the beginning there was mention of new improved depth with x coils for the gpx users. As  a gpx user and I am probably speaking for many...any news on the performance and availability of these coils. I know I am not letting go of my 4500 anytime soon...
    • By davsgold
      Note from website admin/owner - this thread and related X Coil threads are for informational purposes only. This website and I personally do not recommend taking any actions that may damage a GPZ 7000 and cause considerable expense if done improperly or for any other reason. A blown GPZ board can cost thousands of dollars to repair and it will be on the owner for circumventing Minelabs protections put in place just to avoid such circumstances. I have nothing against any of these folks and am hosting this information in the spirit of doing just that - sharing information that may benefit some. There are significant risks however and I feel I am not remiss were I not to post this note  And so there you have it.
      The manufacture of the X-Coils has made a series of short videos of making a patch lead, I don't have much data for uploads, so it maybe sometime before that all get uploaded, there are some pictures as well.  There are no speaking words so no use turning up the sound.
      He has Rosin/Flux in the dish that he dips the wires into and then applies heat with the soldering iron to remove the red varnish and other oxides, and then applies some solder to each set of wires.
      Here is the first video.
      This shows the extra shield wire attached to the blue wire

      Small heat shrink tube placed over this instead of the cotton the hold into place

      Ready for some hot glue

      The finished patch lead, he wraps tape around for extra strength and stiffens up the patch lead

    • By Jin
      The x-coils aren't water proof? Is that right?
      Was heading away for 4 days of nugget hunting in the caravan this week but it looks like it's going to rain??️
      Any thoughts on whether the rain may cause any problems to these coils?
      I know i used to detect in the poring rain with the coiltek elites and the 11" and 18" were fine but my 14" used to false when pressed against the ground. This only ever happened when it rained and i think moisture was getting in where the cable entered the coil.. I was thinking maybe taping some plastic over where the cable inters the coil on the x-coils just to be safe. 
      Any other time id just cancel and go the following week but this is the last opportunity according to my wife to go for sometime. (new puppy that will need toilet training etc)
       Im keen to try out the new x-coils and hit a spot that may soon be exempt from prospecting in a few months time.  
    • By kiwijw
      Saturday morning Mrs JW & I packed up the caravan & headed off to goldfields afar. Having got the caravan all set up & sorted we headed off to see the farmer to let him know we were about for the weekend. I hadn't been over this way for a while so it was good to have a catch up with him. Where I wanted to go to try the X coils he told me that they had done a poisoned carrot drop by helicopter for rabbit control & it might pay to keep away from that area. Bugger. So we did. Which left me to go where I had already been over a few times with the X coils & that area had now dried up for me. I did try again but no joy. Other areas I went over I got sick of digging shotgun pellets. Bloody rabbits. I tried one more area before dark & managed one small bit. I didn't even get a picture of it as I had left the phone in the wagon & couldn't be bothered going back for it. It was one of those imagined type signals but there was something about the first little hint of 'was that a signal'? Not always being there I questioned it. But you know how sometimes you think you heard something very slightly that sounded a bit different to a bloody shotgun pellet. Even after a few scapes it still wasn't always there but I was sure I had heard something. I laid into the dig a bit more & then the signal came to life & it was a small bit of gold down in the schist bedrock. That was it though.
      Next day we woke to an awesome sunrise.

      Went up to investigate the area I wanted to get into. Damn....there was a helicopter loading up with more carrots out in the paddock. Bugger. So we went for a bit of a drive & on heading back past where the helicopter had been filling up we saw the helicopter flying off into the distance & obviously heading off. So I decided to go into an old turned over gully further down from where the helicopter activity had been. It was a gully that had dried up on the gold take for me with the Zed & ML 14" coil. On driving over the paddocks the carrot drop was obvious. So to were the bloody rabbits. On getting to the gully the carrots were not as prolific. But during the course of the day detecting I could see that the rabbits had had a good go at the carrots & there was just small shredded remains here & there of carrots.
      On the detecting side of things I was again getting my share of bloody pellets. Bugger. The 10" X coil loves these damn things. I was in High Yield/Normal & full max sensitivity. I was loathed to turning down the sensitivity so put up with the pellets & worked on the scrape it once & if it moves ignore it & move on theory. It still plays on my mind that any one of those could still be a bit of gold. But I cant keep digging pellets all day. So was going for the deeper signals that lived on past the first scrape.
      One such signal finally came from an old timers throw out pile. Note the rabbit holes...EVERY WHERE

      Mrs JW sitting up in the wagon. The grass was still a problem in the old workings. I have been hugely spoiled in the past & had the pleasure of detecting in here many times with no grass at all. Even with the Zed & ML 14" coil which did get me a few bits & pieces.

      Gold it was, small but.

      Then further down the same throw out pile.

      Note the carrot. And not a Garrett Carrot.?

      Another tiny bit of gold. Smaller than a pellet.

      I stuck to detecting close to the gully bottom they had dug out as there was a bit of bedrock showing. Hard to see in the photo but under the detector is the bed rock & I got a faint signal to the edge of the bedrock. On digging down the signal improved & was coming from a drop off point of that bedrock.

      At the low point I was into rotten crumbly schist. Signal booming I was 100% sure this was going to be gold.

      It was but it didn't live up to how loud the signal was & I was expecting bigger. Look at the depth though for that small bit of gold.

      I took this next photo as I guessed it was about the same spot as the photo of me with the brush cutter which was about 4 years ago when I cut out a heap of wilding thyme bushes.

      Looks like they haven't grown back....yet

      Not far from that last piece another signal down in the rotten schist bedrock. Note all the rabbit poo.

      Small gold again

      Just kept on coming


      Another almost imagined signal that had me investigate. Livened up at a bit of depth & down into the rotten schist bedrock.


      You can see the beauty of the smaller coil for getting in among those thyme bushes that ML 14" doesn't have a hope of doing. Note to up in the back ground how the wilding thyme bushes takes over valuable grazing land.




      A very thin flat flake

      Things then dried up for me & I went over to a couple of throw out piles that were away from this main run of workings & where I had snagged a few bits with the 3000 & the 4500 but nothing later with the Zed. They was no bedrock & the throw out piles where of clay & not down to the rotten schist. I wasn't liking my chances & decided that after going over these piles I would call it quits.
      I got a nice signal that lived down past the first couple of scrapes.

      Wasn't holding my breath as the soil was still pretty loamy but just getting into a bit of a colour change when the signal had moved.
      Ha...well I'll be buggered.

      Biggest bit of the day. I then got on to a bit of a roll.

      That nice colour change again. Rusty clay material.

      Out popped this small bit.

      And another from the same dig on checking my scrape out pile before back filling.

      Right beside a rabbit burrow I got a signal that lived on down quite deep.

      My final sassy bit for the day before calling it quits.

      All up 16 pieces

      For just under 1.5 grams

      Loving this coil.
      Best of luck out there
      JW ?
    • By kiwijw
      Hi guys, Last Sunday Simon & I headed back to the area where we were at a month ago where I had a some success with the Zed & X coil 10 x 9

      We just carried on from where we left off last time all be it over ground I have hammered over the years & even with Simon we have been over it numerous times. Simon with different detectors & me with the Zed & ML 14" coil but not the X coils this far over. Simon was back on his 4500 & NF Evo coil but he knocked his sensitivity down to 13 to try to eliminate getting so many shot gun pellets. Seemed to work well for him, so on this rare occasion I got more than him.
      My first signal wasn't too long in coming. I was targeting the cracks & drop off shelf areas where there is usually a crack that gold could have dropped into. First signal was at the base of just such a little ledge drop off & schist fracture in the bed rock. note the grass growth. This isn't usually like this but I don't think the sheep are are allowed to graze in here any more. I said to Simon that if this is the case then detecting in here will get impossible as the grass really takes hold & makes it impossible to get the coil on to the ground & of course the grass loves the cracks & crevices where the roots can take hold in the deeper ground. 

      The signal had moved & was in that crack.

      Small though.

      But no catch & release.
      Carried on & a 2nd signal came in exactly the same type situation. A little schist drop off ledge.

      I actually wish I took a picture from when I first got the signal before disturbing the ground. So you could have worked out the depth. But I scraped away the dirt until I was down to the lower ledge of the schist bedrock before taking a picture. You can see where the height of the dirt was. Virtually right up to the top of that bedrock where the moss & lichen is growing. Note too the little crevice coming to light. The signal was booming but still down in that crack. 

      I had the pointy end of the pick as far as it would get into that crack & the signal was still down in there. I just knew it was going to be gold.

      I looked around for a long thin stick but no joy there. In a last ditch effort I positioned the pick with the handle 90 degrees to that rock face, which gave me the narrowest part of the pick to drag sideways along the crack to try to move the target. It wasn't easy but I finally managed to move it & get it out. 

      It made me work for it but bingo. Out it was.

      I could have sworn for the depth of the original signal that it was going to be bigger than that.
      Again on the edge of a schist drop off I got another signal. Note how the grass favors those schist crevice areas of deeper ground.

      Again in the corner edge at the bottom of that drop off.

      Another sassy bit of gold.

      No record breakers.
      I then hit a shot gun pellet grave yard which was driving me nuts. Pellet after damn pellet. One scrape & they had moved. I should have known better than to persevere with those type signals. Another signal, one scrape & it had moved.

      I hesitated about retrieving this one, but I did.  And was rewarded for doing so.

      Smaller than a pellet even.
      At this point Simon came up to have a look & to swap over to his Nox 800. He lasted about 10 minutes with that as the pellets drove him crazy. He went back to the 4500 & manged to snag a bit of gold. I wandered away & had a bit of a dry spell. I was hoping for another piece before I stopped for a coffee break & a bite to eat. It took a while to come & we were having the old sleety/rain showers coming through. When I got a nice little signal.
      It was down a wee bit & ended up being in a little hollow in the schist bed rock. It didn't take long for the little hollow to fill with water as it was in a natural small gutter run off. Hence why I detected down this little depression in the ground. 

      Small bit of gold it was. Well...not the smallest of the day.

      I then stopped for my well earned coffee. While having my coffee I checked my phone, which was very iffy with its signal. Blow me down, a message from Steve H. So I gave a quick reply stating what Simon & I were up to. I had 5 bits at this stage & Simon one. Simon at this point wandered up for a coffee & a bite to eat as well. After our break I headed down to where Simon had started detecting. I saw a lot of over turned rocks & slabs of schist. Just below one of his area I got a good little signal.

      You will notice up the right edge of the photo turned over slabs of schist from Simon. I was detecting those two cracks you can see with the grass growing in them. No surprise to me that I got a signal at the start of that one where the detector is.
      It wasn't a bad piece either. My biggest for the day.

      Simon saw me taking photos & asked if I got one there. I replied that I had & he came down to see if it was an area he had been over & hadn't got. I think he was satisfied he hadn't detected that spot. My reply was, Why not? Considering those cracks were right there. Any way. That was the last one for along spell. I did get one more but no pic of that. We called it quits as we had a bit of a walk to get back to Simon's vehicle. Due to the damp conditions, Simon's vehicle wasnt ideal to have brought in here. We had to park up further back from where we would normally. The wet conditions had made the glacial silt like grease & we had actually pushed his vehicles limits getting to where we did. Despite being 4 wheel drive his tires weren't up to it. On the way out we slipped of the track into the gutter. with me pushing we managed to get back on the track & it was a very slow slippery drive back to the main road & getting dark. We made it. Whew.....
      So all up for the Zed & X coil 10 x 9 was 7 little bits for not even one gram.

      This is my total of all detected gold from this area over the years. Just over two ounces & hundreds if not thousands of little pieces. The bigger bits seemed to have swum to the top.

      My pellet total that I brought home. There were many that I threw away down into no mans land that would never see a detector.

      Good luck out there
      JW ?
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