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Steve Herschbach

Do You Have A Four Legged Prospecting Buddy?

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How many of you have a non-human prospecting or detecting buddy? Dog, cat, burro, reconnaissance bird... whatever. Post a pic and tell us about them. Here is a chance to brag about our best friends! :smile:

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32 minutes ago, Jonathan Porter said:

so afternoon naps are now the norm, for me anyway if she’ll let me

Like it but I`ve used my quota, afternoon naps and if you age like seems to be the norm, off to sleep with the chooks but up at 2 annoying the Missus, dogs and even the chooks.

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This is Elvis. She was the best mate I ever had. Broke my heart when I had to shoot her after she got bit by a dirty big Mulga snake. Was the hardest bullet I've ever fired.


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    • By alaskaseeker
      Watching it snow this morning, sipping coffee, happy im safe here.....Stay safe everyone.....

    • By arcanomistero
      Hello my name is Riccardo, i'm from italy near Milan.
      i have 19 years old i like metal detecting in the field and gold prospecting
      Hello to everyone 😀
    • By Bashin
      Greetings everyone!
      Newly minted detectorist here.  I live in Moscow, ID, but spend a great deal of time in the Helena, MT area.  I started prospecting for gold a little over a year ago, and decided I would add a metal detector to my toolset, not only for gold, but also for relics and coins.  I’m currently hunkered down in Helena, socially distancing, watching a lot of YouTube, and Netflix.
      I’m also learning to use the new Equinox 800 I received a mere four days ago!  This forum/website is mostly responsible for my Equinox purchase. I wanted a machine I could use for gold AND relic and coin hunting, and the info I was able to glean from all the posts and articles here helped me to make an informed decision.  Thanks for that! The learning curve of the machine and the hobby is a bit steep, but very manageable, and again the forums and website make it all a damn sight easier!
      I’m currently staying with a friend in an 1890’s house, and have been detecting her yard the last couple of days. And I’ve found my first two non-trash pieces.  A small enameled piece of jewelry, and an old chinese coin! I’m very excited to explore more of the yard when the recent snow disappears, and it warms up again!
      I’m sure I’ll have some questions along the way, but so far I’ve been able to get a lot of answers just exploring the site.  If anybody is in the Helena, MT, or Moscow, ID area, and wants to share some knowledge and detecting time, I’d totally be up for it!  
      Best luck to everyone, and stay safe out there!

    • By mrtune
      I have not been detecting in years but want to get back into it. In late 1980's I purchased a Garrett Groundhog and had lots of success with it. I am thinking that detector is out of date now and have been looking at others in the mid price range. I have kind of decided it will not be a Garrett this time and was looking at the Nokta Makro Anfibio multi but have kind of decided on the Minelab Equinox 800. I do like the sound of the Equinox way better than the other 2.  Looking for info from people on here, would this be a good choice? Anyone have any different suggestions? I have done all my research online as here in Rural South Dakota there is no dealers or shops. Thanks!!
    • By Phillips_R
      Hi Everyone.   I have been lurking on the site since January and am very impressed with the comradery here.    I think I am home.
      Steve,  you have done an excellent job gathering manufacture's data and reviewing these detectors.  I was glued to the screen for many a night perusing it. ( Still am)
      Things have sure changed a lot in the past 30 years.  Well,  I have received my Nox 800 today and I wanted to thank you folks for helping me decide which one to buy. 
      This evening after rushing home, I immediately realized there is a lot of junk in the back fill around my house. I can't wait to get out in the country this week and hunt some fields.
      Just saying Hey,  and I hope you'll bear with me through my learning phase.
    • By nucopia
      Gday fellow prospectors
      Looking at visiting the US this coming June for an extended stay.
      The wife and I are visiting friends in the States  and will  have access to transport to travel and look around.
      We both  enjoy panning, sluicing high banking and metal detecting. We have a Mine Lab  GPX 4500 and a coin/park detector.
      We hope to be able to get out  and about to do some prospecting while we are there and it would be great to meet some local prospectors as well.
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