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Dealer Sale Equinox 600 Package Deal

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We have the Equinox 600 in stock now with a digging tool, tool belt with deluxe trash/treasure pouch, carry bag, and free shipping. Also included for a limited time (stock on hand) a 1/8" to 1/4" audio adapter cable, a $44.99 value for free. Package retail value $818.84, yours for $649

Equinox 600 Package Deal

Alaska Mining & Diving Supply (AMDS)
3222 Commercial Drive
Anchorage, AK 99501
email parts@akmining.com


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I normally lay low just to be fair and even handed, but I am going to put in a rare plug here for those who do not know who these people are. This is the company a friend and I founded in 1976. We grew far beyond mining and metal detecting over the years but it's still a major part of the business. They lost their "mining guy" recently and so are looking to clear the decks of mining and metal detector gear before fall. It's let's make a deal time!

We did a weekly radio show for decades that is a fixture in the Alaska Radio scene, one of the few true local programming shows left these days. Check out the weekly podcasts here. Mostly boating, ATV, snowmobiles etc. but it lets you get a feel for the company. I am happy we managed to sell it to the employees (my partner and I financed the entire sale to them.... not one employee had to invest a dollar) and after some initial struggles they are doing very well now. So it is a locally owned, employee owned company. I still am on the board of directors as a sort of "godfather presence". :smile:

I am very proud of the entire crew there for not only keeping the baby alive but having it thrive.

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    • By Jim McCulloch
      TOTALLY NEW, never used, never mounted. This is the white plastic with blue label CONCENTRIC version. For the entire lineup of pre-24k Goldmasters. Original price $249.95, my price, postpaid, to lower 48 states, is $110.00.
    • By Rege-PA
      DETECH 32in CONCENTRIC is now shipping.
      $1299.00 Shipped
      PM for ordering.
      CREEK DETECTOR SALES    724 446 9433
    • By AMDS
      We got in a Keene ST1 Shaker Table as a sort of experiment, not having normally stocked this type of item before. Well, it's still here and it needs to find a home. So we are eating all the shipping to Alaska and selling this for Keene's recommend price of $3395 (no tax in Anchorage). And to make it a real deal we are also throwing in the $275 ST1B Base for free!
      From the Keene website:
      "This is a compact shaker table that will concentrate gold and other values down to 500 mesh and will process up to 800 pounds of placer or hard rock material per hour! Absolutely ideal for use with rock crushers and active placer operations. You can process material up to 1/4 of an inch with this table and it is equipped with built in nugget traps. All eccentrics have ball bearings for long life and precision action. The ST1 comes equipped with a magnetic separator that helps liberate the gold and provides for superior recovery.
      The ST1 Table has 4 discharge ports, an essential system for the professional:
      Port #1: Pure Gold
      Port #2: Roughing Port
      Port #3: Midlings
      Port #4: Tailings
      This table must be bolted down (see optional ST1B base) and requires a 110 Volt power source. Dimensions are 43" x 17""

      We also  have a clearance sale going on all in stock gold dredges that have an air compressor on them. Lots of other deals so stop by or give us a call!

      AMDS Suction Dredges On Sale Now!
      Alaska Mining & Diving Supply (AMDS)
      3222 Commercial Drive
      Anchorage, AK 99501
    • By Rob Allison
      Hello All,
          I can get some pictures up, but I have two really good, used Minelab Pulse Induction metal detectors.  I have a Minelab GP 3000 and a Minelab GPX 4000.  I'm asking $1000.00 firm for the GP 3000 and $1500.00 for the GPX 4000.  This price does not include shipping, so we would have to figure out shipping.  
      Both units have stock accessories and some extras.  I will post more details later, but I know both of these units will sell quickly. 
      If you're interested, contact me at -
      Rob's Detector Sales
    • By Edsped
      An update on the journey and a look at the finished product!
      Wow, it was about this time last year that I first got to thinking about designing a shaft upgrade for my Equinox! It was initially because I was detecting in and out of the water frequently, alternating between the two environments. Each time that I'd get in-or-out I would disassemble and remove the middle rod from my stock shaft (to make it short enough for water use) then hide it on the beach... jump in the water, and then re-assemble it when I wanted to detect normally again. Hence, our first priority was improving usability for both land and sea detecting.
      We started out by making about 70 of the V1 design before we then got busy further investigating materials, parts and sampling Carbon Fiber. We made some great contacts and continued to further develop the design. I trialled and tweaked the no-wobble custom clamp system and we also made sure to focus on the little details that will give durability and longevity to our products!

Details like; tweaking the ideal low gloss finish (for better scratch resistance), sourcing materials and hardware that can handle corrosive, salty environments. We even focused on setting the rubber coil washers 0.5mm further out to increase friction on the rubber. This was to provide a solution to reduce coil-ear wear (and prevent the dreaded coil-ear snap) in turn minimising the torque needed on the coil bolt!
      This journey started on ‘Detector Prospector’ so I want to say thanks to Steve Herschbach for hosting this awesome forum and to the supportive fellow detectorists who have read on, commented and made suggestions! There is no doubt Detect-Ed would be in a different position today if it weren’t for you all!
      It’s been a long time coming but it’s my pleasure to share with you the finished product… There are many more plans for Detect-Ed’s future endeavours so please stay tuned!
      If there’s any questions, of course feel free to comment or PM me. 
      Visit the website at: www.detect-ed.com

    • By Rob Allison
      Hey Guys,
         Many probably know that Andy Sabisch just wrote a new book titled - The Equinox Series Handbook.  We now have several cases of books in stock and ready to sell.  This book is a great read and will greatly increase your knowledge on both the Minelab Equinox 600 and Equinox 800 Metal Detectors.  A must have if you are a Equinox owner, or plan on purchasing one.  
      Thanks for the great book Andy, very well done!
      You can purchase online from us at -
      $19.95 + $4.00 US Media Mail Shipping.  
      Rob's Detector Sales
      rob@robsdetectors.com - email

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