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Making A Patch Lead For Gpz7000

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13 hours ago, jasong said:

I received my replacement 12" X Coil this morning and I'm happy to report the cable inserts with no problems now, drops right into the shaft with no friction, same as the stock cable does. 👍

From what I understand, all the cables now are being wound into a tighter wrap like this, so that's good as it should eliminate the shaft binding. I have not had a chance to get out and use the coil yet though to see how it does.

That is good news Jason. I hope your faith has been restored. Look forward to how it performs for you.

Best of luck out there

JW 🤠

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    • By phrunt
      I have ordered a new size X-coil, it's a 12x8" X-Coil,  It's already in the post however it's delayed in shipping due to international shipping delays the world over.  Hopefully this coil arrives soon. I am very excited about it as I think it will be the perfect size for NZ.
      It's even in NZ's black and white colours.

      This should be good in our rocky terrain on small gold.
    • By phrunt
      There has been a lot of  talk lately about gold being found on or off bedrock, I've personally done well finding gold in soil, even my biggest bit to date has been in soil.  JW found this little soil ridge well up above bedrock, it's soil all the way to ground level 50 to 100 feet below along the top of the ridge, as you go down the sides of it the gold disappeared, oddly right at the top of this ridge has been a very productive spot for gold for us both.  We did a number of posts about it at the time last summer when we were going there on the bike ride of death along a little track with a big drop.
      Today I was given a couple of videos of more gold being found and again the gold was in soil so I thought I'd show you the videos.  Gold is where you find it 🙂 Rules don't seem to apply.
      These two videos are the 10" X-coil and filmed yesterday.
      This sort of thing is familiar to me, this is often how I have found gold, just in soil and oddly most of my biggest bits have been found the same way which I've often posted about in the past and they've been in spots hammered by everyone around here, so the likely reason I found them is nobody bothered to detect the soft loamy soil areas instead targeting mostly the bedrock.

      Here is the photo for the total of the day

    • By phrunt
      I was sent some photos overnight of some incredible finds with the GPX and an X-coil that forum member Elijah found.  I thought I'd put the photos up for people to see as they're pretty incredible, I really love the old coin, imagine the history that goes with an old coin like that, I can't even imagine how old it must be  It must have been a very wealthy person that lost it.  I would love to detect in locations that have ancient coins like this.  It looks like they just take a big nugget and stamp an image on it.

      It looks like a bird of some sort?

      And check out it's weight!!!!

      That coins heavy! I wonder what you could buy with it when it was used as currency.
      He also found this, I'm not sure what it could be, any ideas?  It's likely to be very ancient too.

    • By phrunt
      X-coils have made an absolute Monster of a coil for the GPZ 7000.    It was only a month or so ago the 26" X-coil was released for the GPX/QED, now a 25" has been made for the GPZ. 
      These coils were designed for Russia as they have a lot of big deep gold as well as old golden relics and coins.
      The new X-coil 25" GPZ coil is bundle wound like traditional Minelab coils and weighs less than the genuine Minelab GPZ 19" Coil at 1800 grams including skid plate.

      I am betting this would find some bigger deeper gold missed in Australia 🙂
    • By Elijah
      Today i received new range coil. This is X-COIL 26" spiral mono.  Weight of this monster coil is 1680 gramm. Tomorrow will be testing. This coil for GPX series

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