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Forum Usernames - How Did You Choose Yours?

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Looking at some usernames on this forum i sometimes wonder how they came up with their name. Obviously some have user names that are their real name but others are a little more bizarre. When i decided to join prospecting forums i didn't know what to have, so googled how you say Gold in different languages. I came across "Jin" which is the Chinese term for gold.



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Because Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Scott was already taken.

Big difference between forums and other social media. On social media it is generally all about being famous and so you want to use your real name. On forums people much more prefer to protect their p

I don't have a problem with people being anonymous if that's what turns them on, but on some other forums certain low life use it like a little kid throwing rocks over a fence. Cowardly 'no names' hea

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Funny post, I thought you were called Jin because you were rather partial to Gin ?

phrunt was an old 80s and early 90's now defunct skateboard brand and I was quite into skateboarding in my day and was an early adopter of the internet having my first connection in 1990 through a University so used the name ever since.

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Norvic from the north of OZ, Vic being my first name. Top thread, interesting info. Like you Phrunt I got into the internet early, built a very crude web page for my business that I believe didn`t stir up an iota of business, formed an early opinion that the internet wasn`t for business promotion...…...wow how wrong was I.

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Mop is a inherited nickname from my brother (had this blond afro going on when younger), I was called little Mop when younger now Mop as an adult. My wife was called Misses Mop for a few years as well.

When I go back home my 3 boys are still called little Mop, even though they are bigger than me, from a few locals.

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When I worked in the film business it would take me away from home 6 to 10 months at a time. I had a young son who played Spearhead online and so I joined the server(s) he played on so I could play the game with him from across the country. Flakmagnet was the handle I gave myself and then later, used it as an online handle for gold forums as well.

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Jim is my real name, I added the "Alaska" as a description of where I was from on forums when I lived in Alaska. I still use it only because it is what people have come to know me as, even though I no longer live in Alaska.

I guess I have the "old timers" mentality that if I change it at this late date, no one will know who I am.  :biggrin:

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My forum name is straightforward, but my Youtube name - USMiner was created randomly by a piece of software I wrote in the early-2000's which combined letters + numbers sequentially in all combinations and scanned for open domain names for potential development or resale. Years later when I got really into prospecting, I needed a handle and remembered that name, saw the domain was still open. My dogs all got names with related, perhaps uninspiring methods, I'm not good with names. :biggrin:

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      Tarsacci MDT 8000 metal detector
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