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Forum Usernames - How Did You Choose Yours?

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dsrtdwg1......I have used this ID on all the forums that I am a member of. All were off road dirt bike forums to begin with, then any other that I happened to participate in. Kept it simple, I have fallen on my head more than once. My name is Wendell Clark, no I did not play hockey.

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Because Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Scott was already taken.

Big difference between forums and other social media. On social media it is generally all about being famous and so you want to use your real name. On forums people much more prefer to protect their p

I don't have a problem with people being anonymous if that's what turns them on, but on some other forums certain low life use it like a little kid throwing rocks over a fence. Cowardly 'no names' hea

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Hi there,

Way back in January of 2003, I chose the name my dad always called me for my username, Lanny. My mom put the name of Lance on my birth certificate, but my dad always called me Lanny, so that's the story of my username.

All the best,


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The night I came up with my user name I had received the ashes of my dog back from the vet.

Valen was the second dog that I ever had and he was the best part of my life.

Smarter than most people and could find anything that you would ask him to find.

With my old detector he actually helped me dig up what was under the ground and then keep on digging.

The dog in the photo on the boat is not him and he is not as smart as Valen.

It is a way for me to never forget my baby that always loved me and everyone he met.

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I can't lay claim to anything clever or imaginative...it's just a reflection of my former life long ago!  😉

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When i was living in Sedona AZ i was part of the local mountain bike crew that put Sedona on the map. We all had nicknames they was Amp, bogus dude, doc, trouble, dangerous dave, Rama, and the list goes on. I was hardtime and when i bought my first house in cottonwood it was on Hermits ln. So i just put one and one together.

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First name & last initial - helps me remember who I am.




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