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Forum Usernames - How Did You Choose Yours?

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Because Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Scott was already taken.

Big difference between forums and other social media. On social media it is generally all about being famous and so you want to use your real name. On forums people much more prefer to protect their p

I don't have a problem with people being anonymous if that's what turns them on, but on some other forums certain low life use it like a little kid throwing rocks over a fence. Cowardly 'no names' hea

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When I got into Gold Prospecting I would dig for days on end, so some friends starting calling me Dig It, I thought it sounded Cool so I ran with it !!!!

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When I got my first e-mail provider I think in the early 1980's I had just reconnected with some old Navy Seabee friends.

I used seabeeron@*****.***

When I got into detecting and then forums, SeaBeeRon was a natural fit!  

Guess what my first name is?!?! 😎

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My user's name is self explanatory, as we all are I'm a seeker of gold, I didn't choose the user's name it was suggested by the owner/Administrator of a very old but now long gone gold forum from back in the early 90s when every name I tried to register with seems to be already in use, I liked it and have stuck with it ever since, on a few gold forums Gold Seeker is already spoken for so I'm A.K.A. on those forums as Au Seeker.

I have never hid from my real name and many forum users know me by my first name...Skip

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Nothing too exciting, but I thought I'd like the same name across any metal detecting forums etc, and I was sick of using old usernames I've used in the past.  I just reversed Sam I Am to come up with maimas.

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On 7/24/2019 at 1:12 PM, Jin said:

Looking at some usernames on this forum i sometimes wonder how they came up with their name. Obviously some have user names that are their real name but others are a little more bizarre. When i decided to join prospecting forums i didn't know what to have, so googled how you say Gold in different languages. I came across "Jin" which is the Chinese term for gold.



I don’t know, I had a glass of milk and it just came to me! 😉

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