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Steve Herschbach

Arizona Nugget Hunt With Equinox 800 & 6” Coil

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Hi Bill, I love your videos they make me think I'm walking along beside you. I still remember camping out with you and JohnB, RD, Joeforthegold and Mick up in Rattlesnake canyon. Times like that cannot be duplicated and resonate even now. 


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11 minutes ago, flakmagnet said:

Hi Bill, I love your videos they make me think I'm walking along beside you. I still remember camping out with you and JohnB, RD, Joeforthegold and Mick up in Rattlesnake canyon. Times like that cannot be duplicated and resonate even now. 

If JohnB was there then I know you guys had a good time.

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9 hours ago, Jeff McClendon said:

Bill is a great prospector with a detector and super friendly. Boy, he loves the desert. I like to watch his videos for his prospecting tips and nature narratives too.

He was in Gold 1 with a little low end discrimination from what he said (probably -9, -8, and -7 for some of the hot rocks) with sensitivity on 18 and he was using tracking ground balance.  On shallow sedimentary and volcanic bedrock which is intermingled, tracking ground balance is a good idea. The 6" coil in Gold 1 and Gold 2 multi is a beast!!!!




Checking the 'stock' setting for Gold 1 the Accept/Reject is -9 to 0 for reject.  To me that means when you turn it on in discriminate you are not going to hear anything below 0.  When I and several other users leave the settings here the sound of 0,1,2 is muffled.  If you modify the 'stock' settings and accept -1. -2, -3, -4, -5 and -6 then you are left with -7, -8 and -9 rejected.  Is this what was done?


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Hi Mitchel,

I do not know exactly what Bill did. I am going by what he said in the video, from talking with him about how to use the Nox 800 and from experience there.


There are different hot/cold rocks at the Little San Domingo Wash. Sometimes an area can be just about cleared of them and you can go with no discrimination by hunting with the horseshoe button engaged. Other places there you have to pick through a lot of the half-dollar sized and smaller hot rocks which are all over the surface and down a few inches. Starting with stock Gold 1 and accepting everything except -9, -8 and -7 takes care of a lot of them along with the general ground mineralization noise that can be a bear at this site. Then you just have to deal with the ones that hit in the mid teens and wrap around at +39 and +40 any way you can. I just dig them and/or move them out of the way.


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Nice instructive vid -- always like it when settings, sounds, and TID's are included.  I particularly appreciate Bill's respect for the natural wildlife, including the snakes.  How many people would go out of their way to avoid filling in a rodent's burrow?


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I dont know how I missed seeing this thread. I subscribed to Bill's channel a while back. Certainly comes across as a decent person, & Tammy. We have spoken back & forth numerous times on his channel. I do love his vids weather he is on the gold or not. Love his general commentary on his surroundings out in the desert. Quite a bit different to what we have here in NZ so nice of him to share the natural flora & fauna. That stuff in the different seasons appeals to me as much as finding gold. Natures food for the soul. Gold or no gold. Makes getting out there worth it. Thanks Bill & thanks Steve for the plug. I always enjoy his vids.

Good luck out there

JW ?  

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On 7/28/2019 at 9:23 AM, Nugget Shooter said:

I am actually now falling in love with this little beast and trying to learn all it many secrets so all input is very welcome!

The Nox 800 is a deadly little beast on even the smallest of gold pieces. Even with the stock 11" coil.


These were all about 2 on the VDI's, same as damn shotgun pellets:rolleyes:


 Naturally not overly deep.


Bring on the little 6" coil.


crazy small




Simon can show you a piece of gold he found with his Nox 800 & stock 11" coil that gave a consistent reading of 15 on the VDI's. He was not expecting it to be gold & it was at a good depth too.

Happy hunting

JW ?

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Yup, still my biggest nugget to date, 1.2 grams, solid 15 on the VDI's, never once budged off 15.  I thought it was going to be a coin of some sort.  The Equinox is in a tight fight to be my favorite detector.



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On 7/27/2019 at 2:23 PM, Nugget Shooter said:

I am actually now falling in love with this little beast and trying to learn all it many secrets so all input is very welcome!

I got hooked on Equinox myself Bill because it is deceptively simple on one level, but as you work with it more and more magic is revealed. Multi-IQ packs serious punch on gold, and there is a box full of tuning tricks at your disposal. Every mode has a potential gold application, like Beach Mode for a salt flat. I truly believe that for certain people who can learn how to apply what Equinox has to offer that it is a very capable gold machine.

I have to think you have seen my article but just in case....


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      Hi, a good friend of mine lost his father about 5 years previously and has worn his fathers ring ever since. Four months ago my friend broke a bone in his hand and changed the ring to a finger on the other hand. The ring dropped off his finger as he was cutting the grass, unfortunately the mower was a ride on type and could have dropped off in any one of three small fields. Would I be better off switching to gold mode or leaving the equinox in field 2. In gold mode will it ignore all other metals(would save me a lot of time if it did ). Any ideas to my best approach? Regards Ed 
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      with the narrow (-9 - 40) VDI?  
      Could Minelab update the Nox with a full range VDI?  Couldn't that possibly help with discrimination of bottle caps?
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      Dear fellow hunters,
      does anybody have a listing of VDI numbers for small / medium / large Gold coins?
      Unfortunately I don't have any othwise I could run my Nox over them.
      If anybody is able to help me....... I am mostly hunting in Field 1
      Many thanks in advance
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      My new T2 arrived this week so I decided I'd take it out for a test run today, I haven't bothered detecting football fields before, it never really crossed my mind to do so especially small town football fields that barely ever get used.  I think the last time I even saw people on this thing was about a year ago and they were riding a horse 🙂
      I guess back in time it was probably a popular place and my results today show this.  This is going to be more of a picture story as the pictures tell 1000 words! 
      I started using the T2 with Mars Tiger coil and within two minutes of arriving I had my first coin, then another, then another..... it was nuts, coins everywhere and very little junk, I was finding nice old coins, possibly one of my oldest in a while too

      Silver 🙂

      1938 British Penny

      The T2 was getting good depth, easily hitting on coins with good ID's, another silver!

      1948 Penny -  Now NZ currency, not British like the older Pennies, we used some British currency until 1967. 
      Prior to 1933 United Kingdom currency was the official legal tender of New Zealand, although Australian coins and notes were also generally accepted.
      The first New Zealand penny was minted in 1940. The penny ran until 1965, when New Zealand stopped minting pre-decimal coins in preparation for decimilisation in 1967.

      I have no idea what this thing is

      This is the football field I was detecting, under the goal posts and along the end of the field had a good collection of coins,  I guess from all the diving with the ball and coins in the players pockets, I don't know much about football, probably the only NZ male who has no clue about the game 🙂

      My oldest find of the day, a British 1912 One Penny

      It was quite deep down but the T2 banged on it real hard with a solid ID.  At this point I decided I'd go home and gear up better as this place obviously has a lot of good old coins.  I was only using my T2 with Carrot and Lesche digging tool which was hard work with all the coins being so deep.    I wanted a bigger coil to cover more ground but there was no way I was going to strap on the 15" Teknetics coil to continue using the T2 as it weighs a tonne.  I opted for the Equinox with it's 15" coil  and almost straight away after turning it on, another coin

      1950 NZ One Penny.  I left the bit of dirt on the coil up the top it came out of, I love when you get the impression of the coin in the soil.

      Another silver, 1934 Shilling

      This is the hole it came from, I always recheck my holes and I'm glad I did, another target in the hole, then another... this was crazy

      3 Silvers in the hole so far, 1934 Shilling, 1934 Shilling and a 1946 Sixpence, I was sure this was it but I did another check and off to the side of the hole, ANOTHER SILVER

      Another 1934 Shilling, 4 silvers in one hole, incredible!   Someone had a bad day.

      1964 Sixpence... the coins just kept coming, all old ones.  No longer are they made of silver in 1964...

      Nice and deep though
      My first modern coin, a $2

      But look how deep it was, it was deeper than a lot of far older coins.... weird!

      Another two in one hole, just one cent coins from back when NZ had one cent coins.

      Another coin leaving a cool impression of itself in the soil, just a one cent I think

      It sure a lot of ground to cover, I'll be at this place for weeks... plenty more coins to find I'm sure.  Time to head back to the car, with my coil to the soil.

      Another for the road 🙂 Double sided impression on the soil with this one.  I couldn't possibly put up a photo of every coin find as there were just too many, all in about 3 hours detecting.

      The good stuff

      The bad stuff... not a bad ratio, good stuff far outweighed bad stuff, unusual for me.... I'll be back there tomorrow.... and the next day.... and the next day 🙂
    • By Flowdog
      At last, I am meeting an old friend for our first detecting session together. We bought our Equinoxs last March and I have used mine a lot. He hasn't used his very much. It just dawned on me that I don't know how to adjust our machines to reduce/eliminate interference with each other. The manual says to keep about 45 feet apart. That is my recollection, but I will check that simple factoid against my simple memory. But I am hoping to stay closer if it is possible to adjust settings.
      My instinct would be to go through my normal routine first- before turning on his detector. Recently, I have my pinpointer on before I turn my detector on (thanks Steve). This has nearly eliminated pinpointer jitters in my headphones. I plan to turn both pinpointers on before I set up my unit as usual. Once all is set, then I will have him turn on #2 and.set it up and noise cancel it against the competition. Any and all suggestions to revise my plan are welcome. 
      Last consideration, which is highly improbable, is using WM08 to share audio on a single machine. The one time we shared audio was in the cockpit of his Cessna, and we reverted back to 5th grade behavior at 5000 feet. We barely made it back. I have high confidence that it would be extremely unproductive to be linked to him for any amount of time. He would be in full agreement.
    • By 2Valen
      I finally broke down and got serious about updating my 800, and like most people that has had problems when using Windows 7 I looked for a fix.
      After a short time of confusion about what was going on and not really finding any answers, I turned to YouTube and found the solution.
      Simply put the problem is not the program but the compatibility to Win 7.
      So all one has to do is the following:
      Before running the program,
      Highlight and right click on the program and scroll down to troubleshoot compatibility.
      Click on troubleshoot compatibility and click on Try recommended settings, click next, and then start program.
      That is all you need to do to get it to work.
      I hope that this helps someone else out there.
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