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Sourdough Scott

Latest Thoughts On SDC Aftermarket Coils?

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Great report BMesenko, that's the kind of stuff people can use. It should not surprise as the trade between coil size, target size, coverage, and depth is generally known. No free lunches unfortunately. Thanks! 👍

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Steve, Agree no great surprise. It does illustrate that there are definitely different horses for courses. It’s interesting the niche the stock SDC fills in a place like Rye Patch which has been hit hard for decades with every generation of VLF and PI machine but it seems that even with all of the improvements in technology there are still a significant number of smaller nuggets that all other machines seem to miss.

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Hey Guys,

   Historically so far from sales, the Coiltek Gold Extreme 10x5 and 14x9 have been the best sellers.  This makes perfect sense, as many want better sensitivity to small gold, so the 10x5 is the ticket for that, plus works in tight spots and pinpoints well.  That being said, the 8" stock coil is super sensitive also in my opinion, I found hundreds of dinks on bedrock and on shallow ground before going strictly with the GPZ 7000.  

The Coiltek Gold Extreme 14x9 is great for more coverage overall and more depth on larger gold.  It's a general rule of thumb when you increase the diameter overall of any searchcoil, that you will loose some sensitivity to the very small gold, but increase in depth on mid to larger gold.  

I do wish Coiltek would have just made them waterproof, as some people want to snipe and dive with them.  In my opinion, if the coils were all waterproof, sales would have increased at least 25% overall.  

I used to use the Minelab SDC 2300 specifically for hiking and prospecting in remote areas.  The SDC ability to fold up and fit in a mid sized backpack allows this.  It allows a prospector to have full use of their hands while climbing and hiking and not have to carry a detector fully assembled the entire time.  

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A good comparison of the standard SDC 8" coil & Coiltek 5"x10" here:


Les, who made the vid, offers no opinion & leaves it to the viewers discretion to decide. IMO they are very close & the main factor is the ellipticals ability to "nose" into areas. 

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      I understand that if you only have one detector then you want coil options, but if you got both I wonder what would be a better bang for your buck?  A 10” Xcoil at $1000 or a 11”Coiltek at $310.  Thats if they compare at depth and sensitivity.
      Norvic I would love for you to state your opinions here, you seem to have the most on thses just based on other posts.
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