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Steve Herschbach

The Right Batteries For Your Garrett!

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Mr T there is doing well with his jewellery finds.  If only I was so lucky, maybe it's my batteries.

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    • By Roughwater
      If you own a GPX I'm sure if you don't already have a battery back up you are probably wanting to get one.  Well, that's where I am at.  Problem is buying a 2nd battery is some 400 dollars or more.  I know Doc's has the Screamer kit with the amp and a couple smaller batteries etc which don't sound bad but it's still over 400 dollars for the complete set up.  There may be some other similar set ups as well, I don't know.  I could see the option of buying the Screamer amp for 135, the little pouch that goes around the detector for 50 and another 50 for one battery cutting the cost a bit.  But then you need a different charger for this battery so probably another 20 or so bucks.  So with shipping your probably better than 250 for the set up.  
      Some say the screamer amp is plastic and can get cracks in it easily?  I'm assuming too the screamer has a built in regulator but I don't know.   
      Anyone have experience with using the stock minelab set up VS the aftermarket one's?    
    • Guest Paul (Ca)
      By Guest Paul (Ca)
      Part of this in is for jasong with his recently acquired FisherScope T-30, battery setup. Plus, a sample of some neat FisherScope models all in working condition with the exception of the MA-two box.
      Plus, What may be the first White's Gold Master and auctally maybe the first model they made under OreMaster before becoming White's Electronics.
      Jasong, the first two pictures are of two FisherScope T-30 models, one stock with the original battery the other modified with either a 9-volt or 12 volt battery pack.
      They work with either 9 or 12 volt setup, go with 12 volts if you prefer. Use the attached pics to determine which leads to solder the battery clip, then make sure the battery is secure or covered to prevent a short...... Plus, You'll need the older headset to plug in to power on the unit, or the plug in vintage speaker I believe yours has one.  Current headsets will not work, needs to be the older vintage type.
      Ok, Moving on with the White's Gold Master.  It is powered with one 67.5 volt pack and two 1.5 volt packs. Until a few years ago, the 67.5 battery packs were available on the internet. But recently, they stopped making them. Someone out there started making a neat setup which resembles the original battery and has same battery clip setup. Using seven 9-volt batteries in series they came up with a cool setup which slides into a cartion for those needing 67.5 volts to power old radios, Metal detectors and such...one of the pics shows the 1950/1960's FisherScope T-10X and the BFO Gold Master, Both use the same 67.5 volt battery pack. And both use an additional set of 1.5 battery packs.
      In case someone wants to power up an old piece of vintage equipment, several sources are out there to provide the type of voltage needed. Hope this information helps.
      These are a sample from my collection, and with the exception of the Gold Master these are different types of Fisher Scope models. Several with painted wooden coils, And some are extremely advanced looking for their time. Jasong's T-30 was one of them, only drawback was it's an arm killer to swing.
      Thanks for looking,

    • By rumblefish
      Very interesting advance.
    • By Dan(NM)
      I need one for a project and wanted to find a cheap replacement, thanks.
    • By Diggin' It
      What kind of batteries ya'll use? I used to buy nothing but Duracell rechargeable, then in the last year I couldn't find any. I just bought some Rayovac with a charger, but they don't seem to hold a charge. I charged them, put them in, they showed full charge as I hunted for about an hour, then the next day only see two dots on the power gauge. I recharged them hoping they needed a break in, but they did the same thing. Now I have used them for 3 days, with only two dots showing, they don't seem to be going any lower, but I don't trust them. I just did a search and found a bunch of Duracells, I might of been looking for the same charger I used to have, that died, and couldn't find it. I hate to go spend more on a different brand...I didn't notice until now, the rechargeable's are 1.2 volt, whereas the regular are 1.5 volt, would that make a difference?
       I don't want a battery pack, at least not a NiCad...
    • By kac
      I recently purchased these

      They are the proper 1.5 volt and lithium batteries. They work well in my Tesoro that tends to chew up batteries fairly quickly. Will see how they hold up. They should not fade in performance as regular Alkalines do.
      $20 for 4 is pretty good. Much less than the $80 I paid for my AT Pro lithium pack.
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