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    • By Steve Herschbach
      A coil issue has been found in the first U.K. deliveries of the Simplex. Some, not all, detectors have exhibited false signals after the coil gets wet. Existing customers that experience the problem can get the coil replaced. Nokta/Makro has identified the cause and is purging the bad coils from the supply line. This may result in delivery delays as the situation is being addressed. As far as I know no U.S. deliveries have been made yet, and this may delay those deliveries for those with orders already in place.
      Proving once again that waiting a bit is not a bad idea when new detectors come out.

    • By Rick N. MI
      I think you would like a coil like this on your Simplex Tom. Very thin. Sweeps thru the water incredible.

    • By Chase Goldman
      For people who have impulse control issues, it is really disconcerting that the CAPABLE Simplex+ is priced near the impulse buy threshold.  I have detectors that can do everything as well as the Simplex, but I am intrigued by the simplicity and VCO audio option in AM that I wish my Equinox had.  This could prove interesting in mineralized dirt and may just be the design that finally compels me to get my first full fledged Nokta detector (if it had a higher single frequency selection option, e.g., 24 - 28 khz, it would be a virtual no-brainer).  In fact, I am forced to think up weird rationalizations like if I get the Simplex+ with wireless HP,  that would give me an excuse to pick up the wireless Nokta PulseDive pinpointer because I would then have a compatible Nokta detector to use it with.  I want Simplex and I need help...
    • By Nokta Detectors
    • By Tnsharpshooter

    • By Rick N. MI
      This was from a review on Simplex that Andy Sabisch wrote.

      “2) If the Target ID jumped around even when wiggling the coil a few inches side-to-side, it was always trash – can slaw, a ball of tin foil, etc. Remember, this is for coin hunting so relic hunting or hunting overseas, you simply need to dig those signals but for coin hunters, erratic TIDs = trash.”

      Foil tdi all over. If gold locks on this could be big, maybe.

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