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On 8/23/2019 at 12:34 PM, Mark Gillespie said:

Maybe I need to rethink the pull tab digging option.  The majority of my gold rings read either at or below a US nickel.  I've found one large wedding band that read as a zinc penny.  Man I was luck to dig that one, almost passed by.

I also found a Lord of the Rings One Ring that's 15 grams and 14k Gold that rang up as a 21/22 on the Nox


You miss the big heavy ones if you don't dig that range 🙂


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Wow, that is an awesome ring.:smile:

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Thanks for the info all,

I can manage the Equinox at the beach's Ok, but the parks have been kicking my butt! So many signals, and I'm only using 5 tones! For now I'm much better on my AT Pro in the parks! The whole "learning curve" thing! I know the Knox will ultimately be better, so i will keep plugging away! I've asked this once before on another thread, but does anyone see a large difference with the 6 inch coil on the Knox, over the standard one in parks?? Im considering if it would help with the target seperation; and I'm not worried about any depth loss due to it's size? Any suggestions welcome! Thanks in advance!

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Here is the only inland gold that I've found so far with the Knox! I only wish it was more intact! But still love it! Below the first pic is what it would have originally looked like, and the info found on the internet! It was cool to be able to get all the information on the manufacturer and the date made! That was the "icing on the cake" over just me finding a generic gold ring!









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23 minutes ago, Joe D. said:

...Does anyone see a large difference with the 6 inch coil on the Knox, over the standard one in parks?? Im considering if it would help with the target seperation; and I'm not worried about any depth loss due to it's size?

The big downside of using a 6" diameter coil vs. an 11" is ground coverage.  I was pretty much addicted to small coils until I got the Eqx 800 and was forced to use the 11" until they released the accessory coils.  The target separation is so good on the Eqx that the need (for me) to use the smaller coil in heavy trash was reduced.  I mostly use the small coil for natural gold hunting when finding the tiniest pieces is part of the goal, but it's certainly a capable coil in most conditions.



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Thanks GB, 

I doubt i will be finding any gold nuggets on the beaches (unless they are from the 1715 wrecks, or gold caps) but i have found small gold earring posts and beads with the 11"!  So i beleve you are correct!  Like everyone else, I'll just be digging more in the parks to get the gold!



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    • By Skullgolddiver
      It happen... Anytime I check the wind radar hours before to go wet and I see something similar, the dreaming child in me wake up and high hopes follows the wind arrows.
      In some days even in Europe we will see the effect of this hurricane even if highly reduced in the force.
      Sunday afternoon I've seen an underrated profile by the TV and YouTube live for the weather.
      Right now, knowing well what that colours means I think someone near Orlando is living really a nightmare.
      (With great respect for all those on the Florida East coast and I hope all of You are safe and closed at home far from shore.)

    • By mn90403
      I live in Southern California and we have many beaches where you can detect all night long.  If you have never done a night hunt I highly recommend them.  Now is a good time to go out because the moon is nearly full.  Most of my hunt last night I turned off my light and just enjoyed the clear skies, stars, planets and moon.  The comet is long gone when I get out at midnight but the moon is directly above.  I watched it set several hours later.
      One of the reasons I went out was because I read a surf report that said waves had come from a direction that makes one of my beaches 'come alive' with targets if they are big enough.  I went out before dark and I didn't see any of these 5 ft waves so I was skeptical.  When I got to my area there was a cut.  Not a big one but bigger than any in a long time.  So on a relative scale it was big.
      I worked my way along it and immediately started finding shallow quarters.  Shallow is one or two scoops with an 8" basket scoop.  It was fun.  I followed the cut quickly just in case someone else came out (they did) and then I doubled back later in the session.  There were lots of targets.  I dug over 150 by my actual count.  There were 34 quarters, 30 dimes, 20 nickels and 40 pennies.  I also found some micro jewelry (lets me know I'm not always going too fast) and a couple of cheap rings.  That represents well over 500 digs with my pull it towards me scoop.  I couldn't work a beach like this with a shovel scoop.  
      I couldn't find ringsville last night but I was searching the patch diligently for it.  Better luck next time.
    • By Bash
      A few weeks ago, inspired by some threads in the jewelry forum, I started shifting my focus from cherry picking coins, to digging possible jewelry signals using the Equinox 800.  I actually started finding some, as shown in the first picture below.  I was becoming a little frustrated, as (with the exception of one tiny silver ring), all I was finding was “crap” jewelry. 
      That changed this morning.  It’s been getting wicked hot here in Montana, so I’ve been out in the parks early.  I was in one of the main city parks this morning (A park I’ve pulled a ton of coins out of, including a couple of Mercs and a war nickel), searching a different section away from the stage area where they have concerts, etc., when I got a solid 18/19 signal, consistent in all directions. I’ve dug many, many signals in this range, and most turn out to be some sort of can tab, but those signals have always been kind of "janky" and change or disappear with the direction of the swing.  This one did not. I pinpointed. I dug.  The target was right at the bottom of the plug. A glint of gold!  I popped it out with my finger to reveal my first gold find!  4.74 grams of 10k plain gold band, with a current melt value of almost $125.00!
      Yes, I did a gold dance!
      This one find helped codify what signals I could/should/might be looking for.  I know it’s not the end all be all, but the signal was SO strong and clear compared to all the aluminum tabs I’ve dug, the contrast was revelatory.  I feel I’ve made a huge leap in understanding.
      The ring has an inscription and a date from 20 years ago, so I think I will put a craigslist ad in lost and found.
      Still a noob.

    • By Skullgolddiver
      Last week, I had two days to hunt in the morning and no more than 4 total hours in the water, before people came to swim around me. Summer is the time when I hate the most questions and how much time is lost when people crowd the shore.
      In my area it seems an insane habit to ask beyond the limit of decency ... Not that I am full of words and patience in this case.
      However, without high expectations, I was in the usual super drained place by I don't know how many other hunters and with some method, I slowly hunted a relatively small area.
      I have done this because the almost total absence of sand makes it difficult to say where to start and where to end, without a clear idea of particular clues, stuff can be everywhere trapped down.
      Of the few signals left, in the first day I dug a heavy piece, which was so old, was now almost red. A thick bracelet after years without to see one of them!
      The heaviest single good target I have found since I started in 2005.
      In the same place, the second day, meters closer to that magical signal, another bracelet, this time thin, but still as heavy as two wedding rings ... In addition, a small earring with a stone that seems fake to me, closed the short time left.
      In total 30 grams of beloved 18k in 4 hours, a bit more, maybe...
      What a week...What a dream...

    • By Dances With Doves
      For me I have 7  gold rings that were all found with the  Nox in the water. There were 5 in lake Ontario and  2 in  the Finger lakes. I have a streak of 4 days in a row in the big lake with 2 in one day. 
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