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Ridge Runner

Hf Elliptical Coil Coming Soon

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I was lucky enough to have a guy on here make contact with me offering his Elliptical for sale to me. Right now my money is on the way and by the end of next week it will be in my hands .

 I’m excited to give it a try on two lots almost down town that has lots of history.

 I’ll be posting my finds right here.

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Good luck with the new Elliptical HF Coil. I love mine on the beach. Very quiet.

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Oh Beachhunter

 It came in today and I’m happier than a new Rooster in a hen house . I want you to know this coil is like new and I sure like the looks of it .

 Would you believe this week and next they saying it will be 103 if not hotter. That only leaves me to get up and hunt before breakfast are not hunt at all . Even at 10 PM it’s still sitting at 90 . At 78 I’m just to young and tender to hunt in heat like that.

 Stay tune because I will be back reporting on my almost new Elliptical coil.


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That’s awesome RR! I think it’s XP’s finest coil. First time on the beach and it found a beautiful silver academy ring that was tiny. It’s a decently quiet coil but sure reports the target.

Sorry to hear of the oppressive heat. We just had a heat wave this last week. It can be rough detecting in extreme conditions.

Well good luck out there and shows us what you find.


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