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Ridge Runner

Hf Elliptical Coil Coming Soon

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I was lucky enough to have a guy on here make contact with me offering his Elliptical for sale to me. Right now my money is on the way and by the end of next week it will be in my hands .

 I’m excited to give it a try on two lots almost down town that has lots of history.

 I’ll be posting my finds right here.

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Good luck with the new Elliptical HF Coil. I love mine on the beach. Very quiet.

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Oh Beachhunter

 It came in today and I’m happier than a new Rooster in a hen house . I want you to know this coil is like new and I sure like the looks of it .

 Would you believe this week and next they saying it will be 103 if not hotter. That only leaves me to get up and hunt before breakfast are not hunt at all . Even at 10 PM it’s still sitting at 90 . At 78 I’m just to young and tender to hunt in heat like that.

 Stay tune because I will be back reporting on my almost new Elliptical coil.


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That’s awesome RR! I think it’s XP’s finest coil. First time on the beach and it found a beautiful silver academy ring that was tiny. It’s a decently quiet coil but sure reports the target.

Sorry to hear of the oppressive heat. We just had a heat wave this last week. It can be rough detecting in extreme conditions.

Well good luck out there and shows us what you find.


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    • By kac
      I swapped out my Nel Big coil on my AT Pro and put the stock coil on and just for kicks I did a quick air test to see if there was any difference and I found that the targets now hit 15-20% further away ie dime at 10 inch instead of 8.
      For those that don't have Garrett machines and a 3rd party coil, the procedure when changing coil Garrett says to do a factory reset of the machine.
      So if anyone knows, does using a large coil setting on a stock coil essentially do a tx boost?
      Do other machines require factory reset after changing coils?
    • By Jim in Idaho
      Finally got to work on testing the 7 1/2DF,  8x6 Sadie, MJ 8x12, and 12"DF. Did a comparison on the 7 1/2DF and Sadie with both battery packs, and a comparison of the MJ 8x12 FM, and the Whites 12"DF at 16v.
      EDIT: I notice I cut off the early portion of the Miner John comparison. Hope you get enough of the sensitivity of that coil. It works very well on my SL.
    • By kac
      I have 2 coils on my Tejon. 8x9 conentric I use in high trash areas and parks (same thing) and a 10x12 i use for woods and fields.
      I got lazy and left the widescan on and hit a local park and came across bottle cap after bottle cap and could not find a good tone break to cut them out without losing too much range.
      I saved a couple and tucked them in my back yard 6" down and did a quick test. I set my 2nd discrim for break on the widescan and the primary for the concentric  and there is a huge jump between them.  Both discrim match up on other items such as coins and rings, pull tabs.
      Note that both coils actually ground balance the same and the widescan can pick up the tiniest pieces of lead and foil. I have found lead pellets from a pellet gun 4-6" down with it. I can also place a cast iron hammer head half over a dime and still hear just the dime though broken signal It's there. So I am really stumped on the bottle caps. Maybe someone here knows why.

    • By karelian
      I did a coil test some time ago using a Tdi Pro OZ, quite a variety of coils involved. Just a bit of information not wanting it to go to waste.
      The test area was located in the middle of the Golden Triangle in Victoria, Australia. Looking at the images the test site is located on a area that produced large nuggets. Heavily mineralized to give the depth tests some authenticity. Targets were varied as were the coils tested. The Tdi Pro was ground balanced, gain was at 5, conductivity was in ALL, pulse delay was 10. Frequency was set in the middle and the audio was boosted by a Nokia MD-11 external speaker. Only clear repeatable signals were recorded.
      All targets were buried in the ground sideway from a miners hole, so as not disturb the soil on the surface or above the target. Only the 1 grain ingot and one 0.5 gram gold coin were buried from the surface disturbing the ground.
      Not sure how useful this is for Tdi SL users, deduct 10% maybe.. Just gives a sense of what is realistic is this one location at that one time with the Pro with the variety of coils available back then.
      All the best, Karelian

    • By PG-Prospecting
      I know everyone probably gets sick of coil questions, but i have another.  
      So the area i have been detecting and finding nuggets in VA was found back in about 2011 by some friends of mine.  They hit it hard for a few years till it got to thick to hunt.  One of the patches they found at this place was 100s of yards from all other gold finds, and was initially found with a 9X12 nugget finder coil, when they found a 1.5 ounce nugget.  The next trip out they used a NF 24X12 coil and found, i think a 3/4 ounce, an ounce piece and hold your breath a 7 ounce lunker at about 30 inches down.  
      But to my surprise that NF24x12 is the biggest coil they used.  He has owned a 18inch and 24 inch mono coil as well but never really used them at this site due to EMI issues.  
      Now my understanding is, that a 14 inch round should out punch the NF 24X12 on large targets at depth, and that Detech coils seem to generally less affect by EMI when compared to NF and coiltek coils.  However would a 14inch DD coil out punch a 24X12 mono?  Please correct me if im wrong.  
      So the question is, is a 14 inch detech mono going to be a better option, or detechs new 15 inch Ultimate DD coil.  Which would punch the deepest in fairly hot ground, with a good bit of EMI flying around.  
      Lots of questions as i learn more about the site im detecting. 
      Thanks guys, 
    • By Edsped
      Hey guys, I just got these in, they are a really simple and worthwhile upgrade  
      The “CoilSaver” washers serve to massively reduce coil ear and coil yoke wear by spacing them from each other to prevent them rubbing together  (see photos)
      These also make your coil tighter on the shaft (no floppy coil) and reduce the chance of snapping your coil ears off as the bolt will not need to be overly tensioned.
      They come in a pack of eight with two thicknesses so you can mix and match them depending on the wear of your equipment. (Four washers requires per shaft making two full sets
      Red washer x4 (3mm)
      Black washer x4 (2mm)
      These are currently available at www.detect-Ed.com and we do ship international very affordable but our US dealers will surely have them soon 👍

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