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Sun Ray Pro Golds + Ml Adapter + Wm 08= Audio Magic


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I had bought about three sets of Pro Golds, when I had my X-Terra 705.  Can they be sent in and rebuilt to be the 3030 type?  
Thanks, GaryC/Oregon Coast

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YES, Gary, they can be sent in and converted to "CTX-style."  $20 for the conversion. 

And, Steve H., you can also buy the leather ear pads for them, so that you can replace your old/cracked ones, for $20. 

Contact John Smith (the maker of the phones) -- johnsmith55@bellsouth.net.  

Leithan, thanks for posting this.  Way back, when I used to use a Minelab Explorer, I was using the supplied Koss UR-30 headphones, and doing OK with them.  But, I was advised to get a set of Pro Golds, and I finally did.  WHAT A DIFFERENCE!

I then got a CTX, and so I got the CTX version of the Pro Golds.  I LOVE the Pro Gold headphones.

When I got the Equinox, I started with the wireless phones (I actually use a different-labelled version of headphone that is the same as the Minelab ones, in appearance, but they sound notably better, FWIW; the Minelab version is much heavier on the bass, and the tones aren't as clear/sharp).  ANYWAY, while I continue to use the wireless Bluetooth phones, I have often wondered if I should hook my Pro Golds up to the WM08, and just see if the audio is significantly better than I'm used to with the Bluetooth phones.  The Bluetooth phones are REALLY nice to use, being wireless and thus not tethered to anything, but if the sound is better with the Pro Golds, it might be worth it to switch.  This thread stirs up the idea in my head again; I think I might give the Pro Golds a go, and see...



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