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Qed Major Upgrade Announced

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Some people may see the need to ship the detector back every once in a while to get updates a disadvantage to it, I see it as a massive positive.  I know my detector will be upgraded and improved over the years for no cost other than some shipping, how rare is that in this world? At least 5 years of being able to have the latest model, and even if new hardware is required Howard does it at a discounted price, or in this current upgrade he's doing it for no charge! 

A detector that's constantly being improved.  Pretty impressive.  For those that don't want to ship it back they don't have to, it's still the same detector they purchased, or they could wait until an update they want badly enough is out and gather up the previous updates at the same time. 

Fortunately it's only the little control box that needs sent back, mine was 500 grams to send back and I packed it well in cardboard and plenty of bubble wrap which would be a good part of that weight.

I look forward to hearing more of your results Reg and JR and your views on the updates.  I hope to get some results myself soon, warmer better weather is going to kick in at some point soon and the ground defrost up in the hills of gold country 🙂

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I'm out of it for awhile Simon. Life now revolves around feeding cattle and drenching sheep.

Victoria already seems like months ago - but "I'll Be Back - - - " 

Hopefully picking up an 18" Detech co-planar in a couple of days, from Stinky Pete on his way back from Queensland 👍


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Well, you've got to leave some for everybody else I guess, no need to be greedy.

Every time I hear Stinky Pete's name I have a little laugh, the man must like his baked beans.

I only have one Detech coil and that's my Ultimate 13" VLF coil for my GBP, it's a great coil and one of my all time favourite coils, I am guessing the 18" Detech co-planar will be a treat to swing.

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18" coils have always been my favourites. 

Found a lot of deep gold with the old green "Dustbin Lid" and for many years, the red Coiltek 18" DD coupled to an SD2200, my current favourite is the Elite flat 18" and I'm certain next it will be the 18" Detech CC. 👌

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Unfortunately an 18" maybe over kill for me here, although I'm sure if the ground was easier to cover and access there would be gold for it to find, we aren't a big wide open area here, mountain after mountain, a majority of it never detected or even explored by foot I'm certain...  This goes from the bottom of the Island to the top, photo recently taken at the start of winter from my wife on take off on a plane on a trip to OZ.




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6 minutes ago, phrunt said:

Unfortunately an 18" maybe over kill for me here - - -

Indeed Simon.

Horses for courses -

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2 hours ago, phrunt said:

Unfortunately an 18" maybe over kill for me here, although I'm sure if the ground was easier to cover and access there would be gold for it to find, we aren't a big wide open area here, mountain after mountain, a majority of it never detected or even explored by foot I'm certain...  This goes from the bottom of the Island to the top, photo recently taken at the start of winter from my wife on take off on a plane on a trip to OZ.




I dont know, the places here that the old timers got into looking for gold never stops amazing me. 

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I received my QED back after it's update today,  the manufacturer was very quick getting it back to me, a majority of it's time away was my fault as I accidentally selected the incorrect shipping method to get it over there, I thought $14 NZD seemed very cheap, it should of been about $20NZD... I blame the girl at the post shop as she was new :laugh:

There is a new design battery cover now too as mine came back with the new revision and my old one, Awesome.  The new one fits really snug, much tighter fit than the old one and is nicer to get on and off than the old one even thought it's tighter as it has nice edges to grip onto.  I like that it's got QED written on it too.



Some people in the past had problems with their battery cover falling off sometimes, I really doubt that will happen with this new one.

As I was skiing today I didn't have a lot of time to test it out with it's new ground balance method along with the DD coil compatibility but I was desperate to give it a try so I took it out for a spin in the local area with a couple of test nuggets.

I took with me a tiny nugget which I left on the ground and a slightly bigger flat nugget that I buried, I thought the flat nugget would weigh more so it was the one I picked to bury leaving the other nugget sitting on the ground to wave over to test as I was messing with settings.

Steve H said some time ago I should test out the QED in our mild soils with ground balance disabled so that's exactly what I did today, I cranked the QED up to the highest gain, mode 11 (no ground balance).  And set the threshold to my preferred settings and filmed this short video.

From the results of this video I assume I can run the QED with ground balance disabled fine in our local soils.  I wasn't sure what I set the ground balance to in Mode 11 (NO GB Mode) so I set it to 1, 150 is default out of 300 I believe.  I first had it set to 1 as I was testing with the ground balance enabled in Mode 1 which is the QED's most sensitive Mode other than Mode 11 and I was able to run the QED fine without ground balancing when I turned it on so I kept lowering the ground balance numbers and testing and it went all the way down to 1 without any response from the soil.  This is what prompted me to try in the Mode 11 which was added as a beach mode initially.  Please correct me if I'm wrong with any of this.  I am guessing with Mode 11 the Ground balance numbers don't do anything?

I pumped the coil a bit to show I'm getting no feedback from the ground with GB disabled.

On the previous firmware beach mode was Mode 16 but as this new firmware handles soil types better they were able to drop the numbers of Modes to 1 to 10 for ground balanced modes and Mode 11 to No GB Beach mode.

This is the two test nuggets I used


The buried nugget


The ground nugget.

I am looking forward to testing it properly and connecting up my X-coil and NF Evo on it.  It's the first time I'd really given my Coiltek Joey 10x5" Mono a chance on it, it clearly worked well.

I'm very new on the QED so QEDspert's may find my settings not optimal.

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Very interested project you are working on " Phrunt " I am watching it closely and keep up the good work in testing the QED, we all can learn of your testing project . Want to thank you for all the work you put into it!


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I only own two DD GPX coils so I tried them both, the 11" Commander and 15x12" Commander, both worked fine on the new firmware version QED.  It seemed weird just putting the coil on and off I go, not having to flick a switch to tell the detector what coil is connected.

I was able to have my gain and mode set the same flat out settings as with the Mono's.

It appeared to be using the coil properly too, not just as a DD in mono mode.

I'm used to using small mono coils so there was a sensitivity drop on tiny gold, the bits like 0.0X of a gram now needed to almost touch the 15x12" coil, an inch at most, in saying that on my GPX with the DD coil I wasn't even able to detect these bits even touching the coil.

Once the bits got into the 0.X of a gram range depth increased quite well and a coin had crazy depth.  I'm thinking I may take the QED with the15x12" Commander to the football field I've been finding all the coins to see if I've missed any deep ones.  It's my biggest coil for the GPX.  It will be interesting to see if it can find anything the Equinox 15x12" missed.  I'll just have to be sure the area doesn't have too much junk first.

Also for those interested, I asked about the best thing to do with my QED seeing I'm able to run in some locations without any issues with running in No ground balance mode 11 (Beach mode) and Howard the manufacturer and Goldman responded with this information so it looks like I was on the right track.  It looks like with the new firmware the QED is going to be deadly on small gold in locations where I can get away with this, I look forward to testing in more locations, two so far work with no ground balance.  Here was their reply.

Well I’ve had a chat with Howard and together we believe that you would be better off running in beach mode given what you have written below. This would be for two main reasons:

1) you do get more depth in beach mode
2) in beach mode you do not have a detection hole, so therefore you will definitely not miss any gold. Not that the chance of missing gold in modes 1-10 is high as the detection hole with the latest upgrades has narrowed from the pre-upgrade model.

in beach mode,
1) all target responses will be rising pitch
2) you can and should still use the MGB to minimise any noise keeping MGB as low as possible. So best to start at MGB=150, then keep reducing until you get unwanted noise, then go up until quiet. If no noise at all, run at MGB=1.

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  • Similar Content

    • By phrunt
      It's been announced the QED is now going to have a dealer in New Zealand, the first step of the QED becoming a real International detector.    The good bit for me is it's a local dealer so that's nice and handy.   I hope the dealer will be able to do the software updates to make that easier.  That would be the key to opening up worldwide dealers having them capable of doing updates I think.  The updates are free but I'd rather pay the dealer a bit of coin for their time to update mine than send it back to Australia.
      Here is their information for the Kiwi's

    • By Dave63
      Been a lot of chat about x coil for ML. I would like to see or read a good comparison on the X coil vs the rest on a QED. I am going on a trip to Western Australia in June, so I need a larger mid range coil. I have received advice that the 14" Coiltek is the coil  of choice. All the talk is about x coil, but there hasn't been any real comparison posted. I was thinking 15"x10" x coil could be a contender, but lack of comparison or direct info makes it hard to make a choice.
      Correct me if I am wrong
      8" Sadie = Small targets at shallow depth Low ground coverage
      11" Detech Ultra = Small targets a little more depth bit better ground coverage
      14" Coiltek = More depth start to loose smaller targets better ground coverage
      15" x 10" = ??
    • By phrunt
      Today I had to drop my wife and daughter at the airport in Queenstown near JW's house, they're off to Australia for a week to see family.  It's too hot for me this time of year over there so I decided I'd stay home.  JW had the day off work today due to the weather so we decided we'd go for a detect, it's been wild weather lately.. so much for summer, fresh snow on all the mountains this morning and during the day the snow kept coming down.  By the end of the day the mountains had a good coating.  My wife's flight ended up being delayed over six hours due to the weather so they had a boring time at the airport waiting while JW and I were out detecting.

      The snow was building throughout the day.  This was not long after we arrived, much more by the time we left.
      This area is known as my nemesis, I've only ever found gold here twice, once was with my Gold Bug Pro when I first started prospecting and another time was when I first got my 12x6" X-Coil also using the QED, both tiny bits of gold.  I've struggled to use my GPX at this location as it's right next to power lines and the area is riddled with hot rocks, really annoying hot rocks, the QED handles the power lines fine.  The hot rocks combined with millions of shot gun pellets make this area a nightmare for VLF's too.  I consider it the hardest place for me to find gold out of my known prospecting areas.  It does however have gold, and the gold is often very small stuff, it's a real challenge for me here.
      I wanted to try the new 15x10" GPX X-Coil this time as last time with the 12x6" X-Coil I spent a lot of time digging shotgun pellets, I was hoping the bigger coil may just be big enough to ignore the pellets but still be sensitive enough to find some of the tiny gold.
      The hot rocks aren't all big either, a lot of them are tiny

      This is from dragging my pick magnet across the ground for a few seconds.
      The area is quite the challenge to swing a coil too, very bushy and rocky.

      The growth of the plant life has gotten a lot worse since I was last here a month or so ago

      The rocky areas are often old tailings piles, a majority of them aren't worth detecting though as they're just rocks, no soils involved.  This one above wasn't too bad but had no gold unfortunately.

      There was plenty of the hot rocks in this area giving me grief.  I couldn't run at this location in Mode 11 (No ground balance) as it made the hot rocks so much worse, nutting off all over the place so I stuck with Mode 1, the most sensitive of the ground balanced modes and it mostly handled the tiny hot rocks fine but the bigger ones still set it off.  You can't just kick them away unfortunately as a lot of them are buried.
      I did managed to find one bit of gold, at first I dug a hot rock but after removing it the signal continued, there was actually two signals after I removed the hot rock however whatever the second signal was it dropped down further into the rock pile to be lost forever.

      I'm up quite high on a cliff edge here, you'll see the flooded river below, it's usually a really nice blue water but during flood it goes brown.  You'll see the area I dug out to get my little nugget, I have no idea of the depth of it as I may have initially been tricked by the hot rock.

      It's a tiny little thing, It had a nice target signal though.  I didn't expect at the time for it to be gold as I thought the signal was too good, I was expecting another hot rock.

      0.072 of a gram.
      The afternoon was getting pretty wet, we were at it rain, hail and shine, the weather kept changing.  At one point the hail hurt, got me right in the eyeball!

      I just put a plastic bag over the QED to keep it dry, same with the speaker and rear control box.  Someone needs to make waterproof covers for it 🙂
      That was it for me, I was too wet, I went to see how JW was doing, he of course did better than me with his GPZ / 10" X-Coil combination, I truly believe that combination should be illegal, it makes it unfair on the rest of us   I'm sure he'll let you folks know how he did, one of his bits gave me a shock.
      There has been a bit of talk with people asking if the X-coils are bump sensitive, seeing my gain and sensitivity settings are on maximum I figure if anyone is going to get bump sensitivity it's going to be me and I get absolutely none so I recorded a video showing it, the video also shows me testing the response on my little nugget after I found it.
      I really like the 15x10" X-Coil, it's such a sensitive coil with good ground coverage.
    • By phrunt
      It's been announced the QED dealers are having a Christmas Special for any QED purchased in December,  It's a pretty damn good deal with two coils included.
      The QED Dealers are pleased to announce a fantastic XMAS special that is only available during December 2019. For anybody wishing to purchase a QED during December, then you can choose a package with a Nugget Finder 17” x 13” (closed) EVO and get a free Nugget Finder 8” x 6” Sadie.   December Package Prices with the above coils   Whites “S” bend handle: $2100 AUD Whites Tower handle : $2150 AUD Detech handle: $2150 AUD (+ postage if applicable)   Of course the existing packages are still available at the standard prices.   http://www.qedmetaldetectors.com.au/dealers
    • By Dave63
      Hello All

      My First major outing with the QED. I intend to write a review here after ever major outing with the QED, until I understand the detector. This also posted in AEGPF. This is my first PI detector. Price, Capabilities and Aussie made were the driving factors to buying this machine.

      I went to Warwick GPA for two days. Two purposes for the trip one to recon as much of the all GPAs as possible and two to test my new QED. Recon was to look for potential Dry wash locations. That a different story.
      I found all the trash left in the GPA. Bullets, horse shoes, rusting tin, slug gun pellets. Nothing very deep though, all at only a few centimeters. This concerned me so I buried a five cent piece at 20cm on its edge to make it as small a target as possible. Picked this up no problems at all. Full repeatable target. So I am hoping I just didnt walk over any deep targets

      I took an XP ORX and my QED

      QED got a good 18hrs of use over the two days and used my ORX on some of the same ground: I found it interesting on how the VLF reacted compared to the QED. ( Not Direct comparison test)

      My QED setup is as follows:
      QED PLII with Detech Shaft
      11" Detech Ultra sensing
      Quest WIFI to a set of (Apple ipod earplugs ) I am going to buy a good set
      Warwick I found has a great difference in minerals across the area. So I had to make sure I basically reset the QED every time I changed location

      Quest WIFI - Worked very well. Battery lasts for 24hrs, just as well as I forgot to turn it off most of the time. Had receiver in my top pocket so my earplugs never got in my way. Forgot I still had them in a couple of times Overall very happy with this audio setup

      Detech shaft - Excellent

      11" Detech Ultra sensing coil - Being my first coil other than HF on ORX - I a had to get use to it sounding hollow while passing it over the ground. Being hollow cuts down on weight I suppose which is good.

      I had to Factory Reset at every new spot I detected, as trying to adjust from the previous location was to hard. So in the end I just factory reset when I turned in on at a new location and went through the setup process. Working through the settings starting at 2, then 1,3,4,5

      I talk about each setting in the order I used in my setup process

      THS-B - Setup range was 49 to 59 so around 54 was mid point. I used it at mid the entire time so I would received an even tone for Small and Large targets

      MGB - Setting ranged from 170 to 210. I very quickly got use to checking MGB on the Fly. I did find myself trying to balance in the wrong direction quite a a lot, this just meant spending time cycling back the other way to get correct MGB ( Silence in the Ear Plugs). MGB is achieved on the down motion of the coil, but I was receiving a tone on the up motion as well. Once I got use to this I adjusted the MGB until neither tone could be heard. Once MGB was achieved the detector was silent.

      THS-A - This setting initially confused me a bit, as to me it I felt it wasn't really doing anything, after watch the training video over and over and reading some more I understood its relationship to THS-B. This how I used it - (This may be totally wrong so I will need some feedback here). Once I achieved ground balance I would adjust THS-A up until I could just here a tone being produced I would then turn it down until the tone was only just audible. I took this as being the sweet spot for THS-A. Around 50 all over the GPA

      Gain - Adjusting Gain up above 2 produced an unstable response from the QED so 2 was the max setting for most of the trip. Adjusting Gain up also effected the tone produced by THS-A. I put the Gain up and went back to THS-A to try and adjust the tone out. This had no effect. So reset THS-A and lowered Gain to make detector stable

      Mode - This setting is coil and ground specific to achieve a balance. I found that 3-4 was good for all areas I detected. Anything higher or lower made the detector unstable

      After going through this setup( Only took a minute or two). QED was basically silent except for the very low tone that I could only just here from THS-A. While swinging I kept the coil in contact with the ground. I did not receive any coil to ground contact noise. At times I had to check that the detector was still on by passing it near my boot to get a target response ( steel in boots) The silence surprised me, but was excellent as I didn't have to have continual noise in my ears detecting

      In patches this happened. I would get single tones from the detector both high or low, swing back past the spot of the tone, nothing. If I started to get these tones, I sometimes stopped moving the detector and listen, random tones still produced (EMI ground mineral) ? I also came across patches that produced multiple random tones. For example a patch 1m square where the detector was silent all around it, but just produced random tones all over the 1m Square. Nothing repeatable in one spot. I dug this out of curiosity, after removing a couple of cm all tone was gone and no target could be found or single disappeared. So eventually I just ignored this type of signal response putting it down to soil type\minerals. I also had tones that produced like a wobbly type noise that was over one spot that sometimes came and went. When dug target disappeared or I found I just spread the target noise over a wider area.

      When target was found the tone was easy to recognize and repeatable over the one spot

      Please feel free to give me feedback on my setup. I dont know if I am reducing the small target detection or loosing depth

      This was my first experience with the QED. Overall I am very happy and excited with my purchase. All I need to do is walk over some yellow and find it. I think my next move is to setup a test patch somewhere. Lead sinkers from sub gram and up
    • By Steve Herschbach
      I consider myself to be extremely fortunate due to the fact that the entire age of modern metal detecting has taken place over the course of my lifetime. I was too young in the 60's to be one of the many famous names that were there first on the ground with these new toys that go beep. That's good though for me as most of them are gone now and I'm still here. I got my first detector at the true dawn of the modern detecting age when I got my White's Coinmaster 4 in 1972. It was one of the first of the new "TR" machines that were the starting point for what most of us use today. Mine was as basic as a detector gets, no ground balance existed yet or discrimination. Just a couple inches depth and a beep, dig it up. So I have been involved in detecting now for 47 years. I started my business while in high school in 1976, and have been involved in metal detecting pretty much daily ever since.
      Anyone who followed my online presence starting in 1998 may see a pattern. I have been involved in some top end machines, some VLF, but basically almost every ground balancing PI made has been in my hands at some point. I had a vision in my mind based on my background in computers that told me what was possible and where we were headed.
      I was particularly incensed when an upstart company from Australia showed up the industry leaders at the time with the world's most powerful gold detecting PI machines. All the more so when I heard White's had a shot at it and passed. I made it my mission to jump on and foster anything that came along that might compete, and so I was involved with the Garrett Infinium, the first U.S. ground balancing PI. I had a lot to do with White's finally producing the TDI.
      Yet the fact is nobody ever seriously took Minelab on, and finally they won me over because they delivered when the rest just milked us. Minelab has been the sole company at the forefront of this technology since the SD2000 was introduced.
      All this time I have wanted two things. A vision in my mind of what a VLF could be. And a similar vision regarding a PI. Both those visions basically revolved around something a normal person could use both as regards ergonomics and price, two areas we kept getting bent over on for 20 years.
      Long story short I am grateful to Minelab for allowing me to be involved in the machine that delivered on my first vision. The Minelab Equinox is the first machine ever that really can do any VLF metal detecting task and do it well. In any one area it may not be "the best" but no one machine delivers across the board like the Equinox. My VLF quest is over. I will use an Equinox as my primary unit until a detector comes along, probably a Minelab, that does what it does but better. No more VLF buy and try for me. Yay!
      In 2017 I laid out my vision for the PI I wanted. The price was kind of a set the bar high (with a low price) thing so there is a little wiggle room there. But not a lot... the machine price should be something most people can stomach. As far as I am concerned the GPX 4500 sets the standard at $2699 both for performance and price. The TDI wins on ergonomics but loses too much in performance for me. All I really wanted was a GPX performance in an ergonomic package, and we all know it can be done. That is what is so frustrating. It's one thing to introduce new tech but all I want is proven tech packaged right. Garrett has really been a disappointment not putting the ATX in a light box. They can do it but so far have refused. I would have been satisfied with that.
      Right now I am calling the Australian made QED as being the default winner of my challenge. The rough edges have been smoothed out, and it's got the ergonomics, coil selection, and price all right. I am not going to argue with anyone over performance. Based on what I know it's good enough for me to go find gold and easily beats the TDI and is competitive with GPX. Good enough for me and good job boys. The only niggle is no FCC approval for U.S. sales, no U.S. dealers or service. But by end of 2020 if there is nothing better I will have one anyway.
      But we have the Fisher Impulse AQ on the verge and a dry land prospecting version promised. I would be crazy not to wait and see what develops there. I sold my GPZ for many reasons, mostly because I was not going to be detecting much this year, but I resolved when I sold it I would wait until my vision appeared. I knew it was close. I decided I can have fun enough with Equinox until that happens.
      Put as simply as possible I want a reasonably powerful PI packaged like a good VLF that most of us can afford. Something that can get in and out of a small backpack with an hour of labor being involved.
      So I am tossing down the gauntlet. I have my magic VLF and am looking for a mate for it. Right now QED and Impulse are in the running. And it's up to Minelab, Nokta/Makro, and sure, let's toss Garrett and White's in there also. It's time to deliver as by the end of 2020 I am getting one. I prefer in the spring but if something is one the radar I may wait. By 2021 I will be using something that finally fulfills what this high school kid from Alaska has known would happen someday. And I got to be there and see it all from start to finish. As I said... a very fortunate soul! 

      Interfacion QED PL2

      Fisher Impulse AQ
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