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Not Sure The Age On This Harvard Crimson Pin

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Found this while scouting out another section of woods along a main trail. It's a Harvard Crimsons pin that was gold plated over brass.

Also found a 61 silver Canadian quarter. Got excited at first until I whipped the dirt off the rim and saw it wasn't a really old USA coin :( . Also a musket ball and small round.



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Hey.... silver is silver... Nice finds.

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Good hunt!  I agree with John Doe.  Old silver (including old Canadian) is better, but new silver isn't easy to come by, either.  That pin looks pretty neat.  The 'H' has an old look to it.  Could be a (moderately) new pin that was made to look antique, but I suspect it's authentically old.  Hope you can do some research (even contacting Harvard if internet searching doesn't get you the answer) and find out its age.  I'm certainly curious.

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Passed the image on to one of my customers who does work with the Harvard Coop and knows head people there. She will hopefully find out more on that pin. The new pins they sell have plain text and are far different than this one. Will post what I can find out.

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