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It would be a shame to see the old girl go, for those of us in mild soils the 5000 is not worth the upgrade.  They should keep it alive and kicking if you ask me and lower it's price to tackle other cheaper PI's on the market, move the 5000 down to the 4500 price.... the GPZ could take the 5000's place in pricing ready for the next latest and greatest thing at the kidney price level.  I live in fantasy land I guess. 🙂

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At the Diggin' in Virginia hunts Debbie S. from ML is usually in attendance and they raffle off a ML donated GPX.  This last time around in November, they made it a point to mention that this would be the last GPX 4500 raffled off at DIV as the model was discontnued.  I guess it will be a 5000 next time and the raffle chance ticket prices will also likely go up.  

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On 12/24/2019 at 1:09 PM, Steve Herschbach said:

This is the longest discontinuation I have ever seen.

Well, although still listed on the Minelab website, most legitimate dealers are showing the GPX 4500 as out of stock. There are many still for sale, but I have to think the odds are high they are counterfeit at this point unless being sold by a very trustworthy source. Buyer beware.

How To Verify A Minelab Is Genuine

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