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    • By GB_Amateur
      I've read some things here that confused me, and I checked them out today, finding the source of the confusion.  Sunray makes two sets of Pro Gold headphones:  the 'Originals' and the 'CTX version'.  I have the former.  I've read that you need the CTX version if you want to use them with the Equinox.  (As always, maybe I didn't read the fine print.)
      When I plug my 'Originals' (via a 1/4" female to 3.5 mm male adapter) into the back side of the control module it's as if they aren't connected at all.  Nothing comes through the headphones and the Equinox speaker emits its normal sounds.  Presumably this is what has been reported here.
      However, using the WM-08 wireless module (connected to the headphones with the same adapter) the speaker is bypassed and the sound in the headphones is loud and clear.  In fact it is noticeably louder than with the Garrett MS-2 headphones.  Although I didn't check my White's ProStars, in the past they performed similarly to the MS-2's.  The sound quality doesn't seem quite as clean but the Pro Golds certainly have enough sound quality to work well in the field.  I wonder if the volume difference has to do with impedence matching.
      Anyway, bottom line is don't throw out your Original Pro Golds if you have converted to an Equinox user.
    • By 67GTA
      I was about to pull the trigger on these https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07VD3M6M3/ref=ask_ql_qh_dp_hza when I read that they are supposed to pair to a device separately. I might be misunderstanding, but it sounded like you would have two earbuds paired separately and work together, or is it one earbud paired to the device and the other earbud connected to the first earbud? I wasn't sure if the Equinox would simultaneously connect to two devices this way. Anyone have any experience with this type of earbud?
    • By garikfox
      I'm looking at the B&Z audio enhancer for the GPX, the one like JP uses.
      Is anyone using a B&Z and what do you think about it?

    • By Old Farm Hunter
      anyone know if these are good detecting headphones https://www.fleetfarm.com/detail/bounty-hunter-stereo-headphones/0000000203051?Ntt=metal+detecting+headphones&_requestid=2321948 or  do you know of a cheap pair that are good thanks
    • By kac
      My old headphones got all beat up over the summer plowing through the woods so I snagged a pair of Garrett Stow Aways for my Tejon. I was really surprised how good the audio really is on them. They do fit a little tight and are smaller but have a really great range of sound. Now I need to re-learn my sounds.
      Anyways I didn't spend much time out, maybe half hour or so and left the 10x12 coil which kills me in trashy areas but I did get a nice smooth hit on this little 18k rose gold ear ring with a few diamond chips 0.7g.  Was only inch or so deep nothing to brag about.

    • By Lonnie / Vero Beach
      I purchased an Equinox 600, 6" coil and 1/8th to 1/4th adapter.  It arrived on 08/19/2019.  The detector worked without headphones.  It worked with the wired headphones that came with it, the headphone icon appearing on the screen.  When I attempted to use the 1/8th to 1/4 Minelab adapter, that I also ordered to allow me to use my Sun Ray headphones, things went wrong.  Machine was fine, but with the adapter in place, my headphones were dead.  The speaker on the unit still worked.  The headphone icon on the screen did not appear.  I re-attached the adapter several times with the same result.  There was a problem somewhere. 
      Things happen.  It probably was nothing big.  I called Minelab America, expecting another adapter would be sent, or ____?  Minelab didn't answer, just a recording informing me my call might be recorded. I left a message.  Later that day I called again. Same recording.  I did not leave a message.  I did not leave a message the two times I called the next day, when the recording was still answering my call.  I called the dealer and he was, and still is, very responsive.  He provided the email for Minelab service and maintained contact with me.  I emailed Minelab about my problem on 08/20/2019.
      I made four calls to Minelab America and never reached a human.  I left a voice-mail message with my contact info, no response.  There has been no reply to my email.  Though the Equinox may be a fine machine, I can live without it and it will be a long time before I consider another machine from them.  I qualify for the Veterans discount, which made for a great price and was considering purchasing one for my girlfriend.  The machine was sent back.
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