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Thanks for the comments guys!  Ill be at this spot detecting and dredging over labor day weekend.  Hopefully some more nice nuggets show up.  

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Was at the above spot for labor day weekend.  Didnt really detect much as most of the pieces worth recovering with a detector have been found, so now is the time to dredge the area.  So i pulled out my homemade 2.5 inch dredge so that i could have clear water while dredging.  I probably would have got more gold if i used the 4 inch, but then the water would have recirced and its more fun to be able to pick gold off of the bedrock.  

The homemade 2.5 inch set up.  10 inch wide box and riffles are from a side sluice of an old keene 5 inch triple.  



The first days haul.  Biggest nugget was about 10 grains.  



Camping right next to where you dredge, cant beat it.  



My fiance and our dogs.  



Second days haul, the two pieces of quartz were in-situ and each have a small speck of gold visible in the quartz.  I pulled more out with the intent to eventually crush it.  These two pieces im going to clean up and see if more becomes visible.  



Hammock are so much better then tents. lol














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Well documented.

Make sure you detect at the bottom of the sluice for those big chunks that rolled off the black mat!  😄

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Haha, i doubt it would spit out a big nugget.  Its already caught a gram nugget right up top where it should.  

And yes i try to document everything.  It helps with the big picture of whats going on in the area.  

Below is some of my mapping, yellow squares are pickers, yellow circles are nuggets, and the triangles are colored based on the type of bedrock at each location.  Is anyone else tis crazy when it comes to mapping and documenting the area that you primarily prospect?  


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I would suggest detecting the sluiced areas at some point for any nuggets wedged in bedrock cracks. Since you removed material you are closer to them now, should detect ones you were to far from before, maybe. 

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