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My First Ever Silver Coin Spill Turned Into Cointopia - Now With Day 35

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1 minute ago, mn90403 said:

Just remember that your chances of giving the spot away on the weekend are much greater than during the week!

JW needs to go with you ...

Thanks, I'll keep that in mind, If people are about we might not do it as during the week when I've been going there hasn't been a person around at all.  I had a girl walking her dog come up to me to see what I was doing and that was it the entire week.  I think if there is people around we will call it a day.

JW just bought a house near me so he maybe in the area more often checking on his tenants and so on, he might pop in and give it a go at some point, he knows where my secret spot is 🙂 I think he's far more interested in gold than coins though, he's very much got gold fever, if I manage to find a Gold Sovereign it might spark his interest :laugh:

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Well the family attempt was a bit different to a day on my own, we only spent about 2 hours there and they got a bit tired of it, my daughter lasted about 20 minutes on the Go-Find and was overwhelmed with targets so she decided to become my wifes Carrot operator and just help with recovery.  She refused to let me have the Go-Find discriminate out anything as she didn't want to miss anything yet that meant it had beeps every few steps.  I would of preferred her use the Garrett Ace as I'd discriminate out virtually everything on it except for the main coins I am finding at the spot to give her a bit more of an easy time but she thinks the Ace is too heavy.

My Wife and Daughter ended up riding their bikes down and I drove to take the detectors.  Upon arriving we had a visit from a friendly dog, you'll see me in the background detecting away, no messing about for me 🙂


My wife ended up doing better than me in a way, she got two old UK pennys.  My best coin was an old UK silver before NZ had it's own coinage.


Other than this I just got a couple of modern $1 coins and a number of old 1c, 2c, 5c, 10c and 20c coins... nothing special


The Gold Bug Pro with Ultimate 13" coil had no troubles helping my wife find the pennys, she said it had very stable ID's on them.



They always look very green.


Master carrot operator 🙂


And her two Pennys.





And the combined total for about 2 hours, all the modern gold coins are missing from the photo, my daughter claimed them quick smart and they're now in her money box.  There was 3 so a total of 30 coins....

---- Update: I just emptied out my wife's find's pouch... she got 8 bits of junk and she found 14 coins and she complained she was digging too much junk :laugh:, gives me good confidence in the Gold Bug Pro when she can virtually match me on coin finds on probably her 4th time using a detector.

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6 hours ago, phrunt said:

I prefer the TRX for it's sensitive tip, easier to exactly locate targets.  The downside to it was it's not near as deep, the Carrot would pickup coins in the hole the TRX was missing entirely until my hole got closer to them.

Exactly my experiences.  Are you operating both at their max gains?  Often I carry both.  If the TRX doesn't respond before I start digging, I make my first excavation (usually about 4-5" plug if the ground is moist enough) and then recheck with TRX.  If no signal I break out the Carrot.  (Note:  in my ground the Carrot is often sensitive to the ground itself so the trick there is to place the tip either on the ground or on the freshly removed plug and turn it on -- ground balancing.)  Once I'm confident the Carrot is picking up a signal I confirm with the TRX and go the rest of the way with it.  As you can see this takes advantage of the Carrot's broad response (tip and especially sides) and after that the TRX's accurate location properties.

6 hours ago, phrunt said:

This is my new T2 in the video which I believe has DST...

On my F75 (with DST) there is a sequence of button+knob steps which allow you to switch between DST on and off.  I assume there is something similar with the T2.  If so it should be in the lastest user manual (downloadable).  Then you can at least see if you have it and whether or not it's turned on.  I've actually never tried hunting with DST off since my usual sites have EMI.


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It's hard turning away booming coin signals... always a chance that it's a nice silver ring...thats one of the things I suffer from....If you get into your gold hunting state of mind I have no doubt that there are several nice gold rings to be found as well as gold chains in that field...just sayin 


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congarts Simon looks like you found a honey hole in that field

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7 hours ago, GB_Amateur said:

Exactly my experiences.  Are you operating both at their max gains? 

I have the TRX on max gain, the Carrot on the default gain.  The Carrot is quite noticeably deeper but the TRX is easier to find the targets lacking the edge detection.  It's a shame they couldn't drive more power into the TRX tip.  Maybe I need to try a Fisher F Pulse.

I'm going to go back after lunch today, I'm torn between using the Nox or the T2.  I'm certain both do equally well on coins so it comes down to enjoyment of use and comfort levels.... That pinpoint trigger and ergonomics are hard to beat but the Nox has the bigger coil and I need the ground coverage.

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24 minutes ago, phrunt said:

I'm going to go back after lunch today, I'm torn between using the Nox or the T2.  I'm certain both do equally well on coins so it comes down to enjoyment of use and comfort levels.... That pinpoint trigger and ergonomics are hard to beat but the Nox has the bigger coil and I need the ground coverage.

I put in 3 hours yesterday with the F75+Detech Ultimate combo.  It wasn't a very productive site so not much to show (best find a Zippo lighter) but I was impressed at how balanced/light that pair feels.  Thanks to you, Simon, for opening my eyes to this coil.

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Thanks, The F75 would an Ultimate would be a joy to swing.  When I was coin hunting yesterday I had an elderly gentleman in his car drove onto the field to come talk to me, he was walking his dog, or driving along with his dog following 🙂 He suggested some very good areas for me to try next as he lived here back in the 1940's and knows spots no longer used today that used to be showground type areas and spots people gathered for various things.  Now they're just paddocks so I'll hit those spots up next.  He was very interested in detecting but said his age would be his barrier taking it up.

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      Small copper button (10mm D) in top of mineralized soil, same program, sensitivity, GB 0, IF 0, FE 0, recovery 4:
      v1.5 - 11" performs better than 15" - can ID easier with with 11 with iron grunt
      v1.7.5 - 15" performs better than 11" - can ID easier with 15 with iron grunt
      v2.1.12 - neither of coils can see the button (FE 0 and F2 0), not even a chirp, completely blind, just iron grunt
      It takes an awful lot of time to test things, I often hunt same fields, therefore my question, what fw do you use for digging everything?
      Situation no 2. My friend owns XP Deus lite and we went hunting on 200 year small old field full of coke (VDI 1-2). Soil was excellent, GB was 1! He was pulling various buckles, coins and buttons from a significant depth, while I found only few coins and one other copper thing, he only made 3rd of field when I finished. We frequently tried to scan questionable targets with both detectors to confirm if they are worth digging. What happened next was a bitter surprise. He pulled a button from about 10" hole beside the coke. I asked him to drop this button into the hole to try to ID it again, but Equinox was completely blinded by the coke, all I could see is VDI 1 and no matter what program or setting I tried, and notching it out, different angle and speed, no chance, nothing. The only thing I did not try is to switch to single frequency. Deus had absolutely no problem seeing it. I feel I missed so much in that field. I was running fw V2 and I really want to go back there once more with the old version. Is there anything you think I could try to get past the coke? I'm going to that field again this weekend.
      Just to add another oddity. I have done a FP reset on the equinox at some point and that made coke to sound very faint for a half a minute before it returned to full blinding strength.
      Sorry for rather long post. Thank you
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