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You should have invited him along! If I recall you have an extra detector 😂

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My new T2 arrived this week so I decided I'd take it out for a test run today, I haven't bothered detecting football fields before, it never really crossed my mind to do so especially small town footb

Ok, so lets start this post off with a happy dance I arrived at Pennytopia at my usual time, just after 9 and nobody was about, finally! I wasn't going to bother digging a lot today, it

Day 3 started like every other, a few steps after arriving I had my first coin.  The forecast for rain today was rain to start about 3pm so I wanted to get as much done as I could.  I started right wh

Posted Images

I seem pretty consistent, 50 or so coins a day when I spend a good part of a day here.  Today was no different.  I took my Nox along to test it out after it spent the night in the Spa pool.... still working a treat, no issues.


The older the coin the deeper they seem to be....


The old pennies are regularly Carrot depth.



I got quite a few pennies today, this one had a bit of wire it's hole as you'll see to the left of the coin.   It rules out my theory I missed a coin with the Nox and got it with the T2 due to masking caused by wire, I just missed it because I missed it I guess 🙂


A nice silver, depth shown on the carrot.


Someone dropped this $2 coin right near the goal post....  I hope they got a goal as they obviously lost their lunch money doing the dive for it 🙂


This little silver had a solid ID even at the depth of the Carrot.  Very impressive, the Nox seems to love silvers.


I found this dog collar, shortly after I found the latch thing for it's lead.  I hope it didn't escape... I first thought maybe it was a doggy grave site 😞



I was having a good silver day.  I like getting these shillings, they come up the exact same 21 target ID as modern $1 coins, impossible to miss.


I found an Aussie $2 coin, I'm no follower of football but I believe an Aussie doesn't belong on a NZ Rugby field..... :laugh:  I heard something on the news the other night about it.... I had to google it but this is what they were talking about

The Wallabies' (Australia) victory over the All Blacks (New Zealand) at Eden Park in 1986 is etched into rugby folklore, for no Australian team has managed to replicate the feat in 33 disheartening years, nor any side since France in 1994.

Eden Park is NZ's main rugby field in the biggest city Auckland where most these games seem to go on.


I'm going to have to detect the area outside of the football field too, almost every time I go back to my car I leave the detector on, rarely do I not find another coin in the process.


These little threepence silvers are really small and light but the Nox loves them.  They land right at 14/15 where pull tabs sit, the only way I have any idea if it's going to be one is to judge by the depth meter...  The pull tabs seem to be closer to the surface while the coins are ALWAYS deep.


The depth I get these little silvers never ceases to amaze me.  Such good ID's too


This 1942 penny has a bit of a bend in it.


These coins were odd, they were completely stuck together, I had to pry them apart, they came up an ID of 20, the little 1 cent is a 20 ID, the 2 cent it was stuck to should be a 23/24 so it's very odd the little coins ID is the one the Nox locked onto.


I haven't found too many of these, they come up a 13 on the ID's, they're a more modern shilling once they stopped making them of silver, it's a shame they stopped with the silvers, these 1960's ones don't stay nice in the ground.

Now the two lots of junk... one from this morning and the other from after lunch 🙂


Morning junk


Afternoon junk.  I would have never dug that big can lid looking thing with the T2, it would of overloaded and I'd know to avoid it.  I know there are ways to work it out with the Nox, they're just not as convenient as it overloading.

And the total for day 6


I put the little fishing thing in there I found as it was a very odd thing to find on a football field..... although it's only about 100 meters from the river I guess.


And the silvers and 1960's shillings up top.

Also, I told Lacky I'd take a video of my weird pinpoint issue with my Nox where about every 2nd time I use it the volume on the pinpoint is very muffled and weird sounding.... after a bit of time and swinging over ground it comes right or I can turn pinpoint off and on again and it comes right straight away..... It's very annoying but I'm not sure it's a fault.  I emailed Minelab asking and they never replied...... odd as normally their service has been great.  Maybe they don't want to open a can of worms 🙂

In this second video it was refusing to come right so I waved the coil a long way from the target and then when I went back it came right.  Such a weird problem.


Here's another photo of just how close that bit of wire was to the coin yet the coin had a good ID, In day 5 I thought the T2 got a target the Nox missed by being masked by a nearby bit of wire, this really proves otherwise.  Missing it was my fault, not the detectors.

I look forward to day 7, I think I'm going to use the T2.  I wish prospecting was this easy. :laugh:

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Now that's just WEIRD.  I sent Minelab the email a few days ago now, shortly after this post above I received an email reply from Minelab about it.  I am sure it's not EMI or ground balance though.  It happens everywhere I go.

Hello Simon,

Thank you for your enquiry, sometimes the pinpoint feature on the detector can act similar to this when it picks up noise either from the soil or electrical interference in the air.

Please try doing a noise cancel and a ground balance on your detector. I have attached the Equinox instruction manual for your convenience.

Ground balance procedure is on page 40 (run the ground balance in Tracking mode)

Noise cancel procedure is on page 39

Please feel free to contact your local service centre to send your detector to be checked for any faults.

You can find a list of all of our service centres by clicking on the below link to our website.


Kind Regards,

Minelab Service Australia

I replied and gave them my Youtube links, they've said I should send it in to be checked.  I think I'll just buy another one at some point and have it as my backup unit and send it in once I've got a new one.  Parting with my Equinox is just too much 😞

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I'd like to know if anyone else gets this same audio issue with their Equinox, or if it even is an issue before I consider sending it in for a health check.

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8 hours ago, phrunt said:

Also, I told Lacky I'd take a video of my weird pinpoint issue with my Nox where about every 2nd time I use it the volume on the pinpoint is very muffled and weird sounding.... after a bit of time and swinging over ground it comes right or I can turn pinpoint off and on again and it comes right straight away..... It's very annoying but I'm not sure it's a fault.  I emailed Minelab asking and they never replied...... odd as normally their service has been great.  Maybe they don't want to open a can of worms 🙂

Too late.

3 hours ago, phrunt said:

I'd like to know if anyone else gets this same audio issue with their Equinox, or if it even is an issue before I consider sending it in for a health check.

I'd like to hear from an Equinox user who doesn't experience this.  It's been happening on mine since day 1.  Many had hoped that the 1.7.5 software upgrade would fix this and some (if I recall) even claimed it helped.  I never noticed a difference either way.  In my case it doesn't happen half the time, though.  My WAG is ~20%.  I just toggle the pinpoint off-on and that usually clears it up.  My suspicion (and even I wouldn't put much stock in this) is that it has something to do with target(s) under/near the coil when pinpoint is activiated.


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The pinpoint thing is normal in my opinion...both my Nox and my ctx do this. I  don't let it bother me but  for some reason it annoys other folks lol 

Simon I'm really loving your thred here...Its as if you have stumbled onto a lost city or something...I  see you are getting lots of old style pull tabs so a big gold ring should be coming your way soon...


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8 hours ago, strick said:

Simon I'm really loving your thred here...Its as if you have stumbled onto a lost city or something...I  see you are getting lots of old style pull tabs so a big gold ring should be coming your way soon...

Thanks strick, if it's normal I won't worry about it, it just gets annoying.  I love the pinpoint on my T2, I pull the trigger back and off it goes, I'm quite the master with it and pinpoint targets well.  I guess when you've got something you're comparing it to that you feel is so much better you're more critical on it. Sometimes the pinpoint volume corrects itself quickly, other times it's stuck like that and my only solution is to turn pinpoint off and on again.  Maybe by chance there is some iron target I've got discriminated out under the coil when I turn pinpoint on when it happens.  I'll have to experiment.

I'm really loving the spot, I've never found anything like it... and the funny bit is it's in a town of 400 or so people.  The least likely place I'd think would be a very productive football field for coins....   I only walked across the field and back 3 times yesterday and got 55 coins.  It's amazing people lost so many coins.  All the first bit of the field I detected I wasn't digging 15's as they were always pull tabs, now I've found the little silver threepence and no doubt rings fall into that area so I'm going to have to go back over it.  I planned to anyway.

I like the old style pull tabs, I wish they still used them, nice and big to get your finger into, the new ones I struggle to open as I keep my finger nails short to stop detecting dirt going under them, it also means cans are harder to open.  I hope I can come across a ring, that would just top this spot off.

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I had to watch them a couple times to figure out what you were talking about.  Mine probably does that too. I just figure I triggered it over the target and move it off to the side and retrigger. Honestly I dont use pinpoint much. I almost always just scan from two directions to pinpoint. 

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I think a lot depends on the depth of the target...deeper targets pinpoint low at first then get louder...shallow targets will pinpoint loud right off the get go. I wonder if the town was more populated back in the day?  Once you clean out the coins then you can go back and concentrate on the gold... most people don't have the patience to dig all those real low conductors so you should be safe should another detectorist find your spot...  search and destroy on the coins till then :biggrin:


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  • Steve Herschbach changed the title to My First Ever Silver Coin Spill Turned Into Cointopia

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    • By GB_Amateur
      One thing I suspect has annoyed coin hunters in the USA for a long time is how close (sometimes equal) the VDI of aluminum trash is to that of the 25% Ni, 75% Cu 5 cent 'nickel' coin.  I tend towards the "if in doubt, dig it out" camp but it has been mentioned (Jeff McClendon comes to mind) that minimizing digging can be a big plus in some parks where the employees and users notice and are bothered by any sign that digging has occurred.  That's not much of an issue where I live, partly because our parks don't seem to get much attention when it comes to the quality/plushness of the grass/sod.  But even I prefer to avoid digging aluminum as it wastes time and I've been hunting this year in an old park that is absolutely loaded with pulltabs.
      My Minelab Equinox coin hunting search mode has always been and continues to be Park 1.  I notch out nothing and custom my 5 tone breaks at tone-1 ends at TID 5 or 6 (put the lowest non-ferrous in with ferrous), next tone ends at 11 (keep the foil, etc. below nickels), 12-13 only (nickel sweetspot), 14-19 (most pulltabs), and finally 20 and up (most coins along with some associated trash, most common being aluminum screwcaps which tend to be 21-23 but can fall outside both ends depending upon size and whether or not they've been flattened).  One more point -- these settings are for locations where I don't expect anything earlier than Barber coins.  If 3-cent pieces (both kinds), silver 5-cent (" half dimes"), or any gold coins are possible I would listen for and dig most everything above TID ~5 to not miss those.
      A couple months back I started using the User Profile option.  At first I was playing around with Iron Bias (both FE and F2) settings, but decided for my sites and style it wasn't worth the possible loss of deep, iffy targets to warrant sufficient advantage of discerning crown caps or scraps of sheet metal (what some people call 'tin').  I don't know if they help with nails or not, but most nails that have been in the ground for a long time seem to grunt ferrous and I just live with (i.e. dig) those few that trick me.  So after deciding to leave IB at F2=0 I then had an open 'slot' as to how to configure the User Profile.  I decided (seemed to make sense...) that going with something quite a bit different than my search mode of Park 1 would be contrasting and might help identify good/bad targets.  I went with Field 2, 50 tones, wide open (no notching).  For the recovery speed setting I used Park 1's setting +2, so if I run Park 1 at RC=4 I set the User Profile Field 2 to RC=6.  If Park 1 RC=5 I set Field 2 RC=7.  (Those are the only recovery speeds I ever use in Park 1.)  I typically come from two different angles of attack, especially in Field 2 which seems more sensitive to the shape/orientation of the target.  (Important note:  I always pinpoint and then check VDI's after that as I've noticed being off-center often doesn't give the most reliable VDI reading, and that seems especially the case in Field 2 when using this technique.)
      (Finally!) here's something I discerned after ~50 hours of park detecting:  when I get a signal in Park 1 with TID in the {12,13} window (no 11's or 14's) then investigating further with Field 2 gave a 'tell' as to whether I was seeing aluminum or a USA nickel.  If a nickel, the Field 2 TID would also be in {12,13} (although not necessarily identical to Park 1, in fact averaging a bit lower than Park 1).  If Field 2 showed any 11's or lower then the target was aluminum.  I never saw a case where Field 2 hitting 14 that was a nickel, either.  (I did notice some crown caps which looked like nickels in Park 1 would hit 14 in Field 2.)
      In Park 1 most of my nickels are either solid 13 or (much more likely) a combination of 12 and 13.  I have found a few that were solid 12.  It's those solid 12's I'm most concerned about leading to false negatives, but since I've been experimenting with this technique I've found only one nickel that just nicked 11 in Field 2, and possibly I was off-center when I got the 11.  I mean it was just a momentary tick, not repeatable.
      So false negatives (targets that this method says are not nickels but turn out to be) seem to be very rare.  But what about false positives -- both Park 1 and Field 2 say it's a nickel (both are in {12,13} exclusively) but it ends up being something else?  Those definitely happen.  The most common in my sites are broken off (i.e. missing the ring) beavertails which have been folded/rolled over so that they mimic a coin in shape/extent as opposed to when they are elongated.  Also this technique gets fooled by the smallest of the still intact ring-and-beavertails, particularly the ones without rivets.  (See my avatar for an example.  😁)
      1) Most of the targets I've investigated with this technique were't very deep -- say 4 inches or less.  If the signal indicates a deeper target, either from the volume of the Park 1 signal or the number of bars on the strength meter, I tend to dig if more than half the Park 1 VDI's are in {12,13} and nothing lower than 11 or higher than 14.  Those occur infrequently enough that I just dig 'em.
      2) This technique might be ground dependent.  My soil is moderate so definitely not typical beach sand / Florida soil conditions but also not the difficult heavily magnetic type soils of some beaches and some Western USA locations, etc.
      3) I don't know what happens if a coin is on edge.  I need to test this in my back yard teststand which I'll put on my to-do list this week.  That could throw a monkey wrench into things.
      4) Here's a danger in this type of method.  I thought I found another 'tell' with this technique -- largish iron pieces (not nails but things like pieces of can, pieces of cast iron pipe, say the size somewhere USA quarter to silver dollar size, but deep) could be distinguished.  I found such a target which read VDI in the high 30's in Park 1 but dropped to the teens in Field 2.  If I could eliminate those, that would save digging a large, deep holes (and the time involved).  Then yesterday I got a similar signal (this time varying mid-20's to mid-30's in Park 1 and teens in Field 2) and decided to confirm my 'discovery', expecting a moderate piece of iron.  It was an early Wheat cent (TID low 20's out of the hole)!!  So how many good targets like that have I missed since "figuring out" that Park 1 high and Field 2 teens meant deep iron so don't dig??  My oversight is that I should have investigated this particular (uncommon) situation much more before reaching the conclusion that it was a good discrimination technique.  Oh, we learn from our mistakes but I'd still rather not make them....
    • By Steve Herschbach
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    • By Canarias_detection
      Hello, I had a problem with my metal detector, I was using it in the water, after several months it does not turn on and shows the message "CD" on the screen and then you can see the water inside ..
      the guarantee I change it for another without problems a fast process
        I have read, that water enters through the union of the handle to the pda (subjecting screws to the mast), according to what they say, this problem only happens to those made in Malaysia ... those made in Australia do not have that problem, the first series they come out perfect
      does anyone know about this topic?
      How do I know where my detector was manufactured?
      I can attach photos of the box (where the manufacture comes) and compare with other users..thanks
      my detector is equinox 800 February 2020

    • By damatman88
      I recently did a custom coin shooting program I really like searching for deep silver: park 1, multi frequency, 50 tones, Fe at 0 Fe2 at 0, recovery at 1, -9 through 11 notched out keeping 12 and 13, notch out through 17 keeping 18 through 40. I hit a clad dime today at 8 inches and realized I was running my sensitivity at 16 because of EMI! BTW, always run sensitivity as high as possible and ground balance before hunt. I am really starting to learn my Nox and am loving the versatility and depth as well as target separation. Let's hear your settings....
    • By Annie
      Hi, I am new to this site and looking at purchasing a metal detector for my husband for Christmas.  He has always wanted one and really likes the Minelab (not sure why), I was looking a at the 600, though reading about the 800 it has extra features. 
      As this is his first, and I know he will use it.  Which one would everyone recommend and as a beginner would these be suitable?
      Thanks so much!
      THANKYOU so much to everyone, I have read all the comments and must say this is an amazing group and so helpful. I defiantly think I will be getting him the 800 and letting him know to join his group! Thanks, Annie
    • By Joe D.
      Hello all,
          I went back to the lake where i found a 1935 Walking Liberty Half, at the beginning of the year! I believe that coin was a fluke find, as none of my other coins found there even come close to that date range!
         Today, i went to another shallow water area where jet ski's tend to hang out, while people rest, or work on them! I had no expections of this spot, other than it has been on my "to detect" mental list for awhile!
          I was there about 3 hours, and only worked about a 5x20 foot area against the shore, but the targets were layered and plentiful! I unfortunately did not get any old coins or gold, but the amount of targets in this small area kept me plenty busy! 
          I used Park 1, with sensitivity at 23, in a depth from few inches to about 2 feet! I was digging most every signal, and got very good at telling what denomination the coin targets where! And for many, i used my pinpointer for the final recovery, as most where under four inches in depth! I was really hoping for some lost jewelry, but no luck this time out! 
          It seems that no one has bothered to detect this spot, due to the amount of targets i found in such a small area! While these are not very worthwhile targets, they are typical of my area, and provide some good practice with the Nox!
          I'm sure i can get a few more good hauls from this spot, as there is still quite a bit that is still unsearched! Maybe a little gold the next time out!🤞  👍👍
       ** I wanted to add my thoughts on the bullet below! I'm a hunter, but by no means a bullet expert! So you ballistic's guy's, please chime in!!
          I believe that this bullet was fired in the air, and landed in the lake intact! I'm almost certain that there are rifiling marks around the base that show it was fired! (two are visible in pic)! Not sure of the caliber, but it's on top of a quarter for scale! Let me know your thoughts!👍👍

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