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Save Your Coils!?

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Hey guys, I just got these in, they are a really simple and worthwhile upgrade  

The “CoilSaver” washers serve to massively reduce coil ear and coil yoke wear by spacing them from each other to prevent them rubbing together  (see photos)

These also make your coil tighter on the shaft (no floppy coil) and reduce the chance of snapping your coil ears off as the bolt will not need to be overly tensioned.

They come in a pack of eight with two thicknesses so you can mix and match them depending on the wear of your equipment. (Four washers requires per shaft making two full sets

Red washer x4 (3mm)
Black washer x4 (2mm)

These are currently available at www.detect-Ed.com and we do ship international very affordable but our US dealers will surely have them soon 👍






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Cool - always wanted to make some. My 11" coil ears have a lot of wear after 1 year excessive use on the beach.

Which shore hardness did you choose?

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I think I should get some of these, Why doesn't that Shaft in the photos have the little drain hole, are the photos using an older model? I've decided it's time for me to upgrade my Equinox shaft now too, it's a tough battle between the Detect ED shaft and the Tele-nox shaft.

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The hardness is 70 if that means anything haha, as for the drainage hole, it is just on the other side of the yoke 👍



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Well, I've ordered a Detect-Ed Nox Shaft and some of these coil saver washers now.  My Nox deserves a treat, it's been used and abused lately.

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