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Using SDC 2300 Or GPZ 7000 Or Both?

Using SDC 2300 or GPZ 7000 or both?  

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  1. 1. Do you primarily use (more than 95% of the time):

    • A GPZ 7000.
    • An SDC 2300.
    • Both an SDC and a GPZ.
    • This poll isn't fair because it doesn't include the GPX series!

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This poll is designed to see who is currently using either the Minelab SDC or GPZ detectors with a component of identifying anyone who actively uses both.  (I hypothesize there may be a selection bias in this forum in favor of more detectorists who use the GPZ even though sales of the SDC are much higher.)

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Okay, it’s time to reveal some bias in creating this post/poll.  Both a GPZ and an SDC have somehow come into my possession.  I’ve used the 7000, but the 2300 remains unused in it’s box. 

I’m curious to hear from anyone that’s had experience using both. Even more so, I’m wondering if anyone has kept both. To the point, are there any convincing (notice not justifiable) reasons to keep both?  Certainly, the easy answer is to use both and see. Different folks like different strokes. However, since the 2300 is still sitting pretty in box, if it’s redundant or secondary to the 7000, perhaps selling it unused is best.  

Looking back in the forum, I found Steve’s detector poll from several years ago. The two most commonly owned detectors were both of these mentioned here. I didn’t see discussion exposing how many people owned both. But, I believe it said many people had more than one PI. With the time that has passed since that poll, results might be different now.  For instance, I hypothesize that with enough time a given hobbyist would settle in on or the other. Perhaps not. Thoughts?

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Depends on the terrain in your area.  In the brush and forest, Its easier to use 2300.  Love my Z but i find i only use it most in the desert, although i have identified some spots in the woods to use it.  2300 was my first “good” detector and I have found my best and most gold with it.  I have thought of going with the coiltek coils and dropping the Z but only based on what I have read I currently don’t think it is the route for me.  Today I’m heading out with all 3.  Nox, SDC and Z and after dinking around will pick the best to use.  I have been in garbage lately so the Nox has helped me cherry pick.

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The SDC will hit smaller gold than the GPZ and handles some hot rocks better that the GPZ struggles with. If you have larger deeper gold and lots of smaller gold then having both may be worth your while. If you prefer to concentrate on larger, deeper gold and only have so much time to devote to detecting, then a GPZ only may be the way to go. Some places however only have very small gold and so the SDC only may be the better choice. It all just depends on the person and situation, there is no right or wrong answer. Accessory coils are available that blur the line between the two models even further.

Do you need a heavy salmon rod or a fly fishing rod or both? Do you need a little car or an off-road truck or both? Do you need a shotgun or rifle or both?

The question is not what other people need, it’s what do you need? Only your own situation and circumstances plus how much money you want to have invested in detectors can determine that.




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I had to pick 3, as when Gold Detecting my split is something along the lines of

GPZ - 50%

GPX - 25%

SDC - 15%

Gold Kruzer - 10%

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Thanks for your replies. It’s probably a really common question for which detector is “best”.  An epiphany I’m having right now is that maybe one of the challenges in prospecting is learning what exactly are your needs.  Here’s a theory that I might abandon with time.

When your ignorance quotient is high, your needs quotient is low. Then as your ignorance begins to decrease (from learning), your needs grow. And, finally, when your ignorance seems to be at its lowest, then your needs decrease, again.  It might even be a cycle. Right now I may be in the second phase, so that makes me both curious and needy.

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2 hours ago, Skookum said:

It’s probably a really common question for which detector is “best”.

You got that righ! :laugh:

The way most detectorists with experience look at it is that detectors are tools in a toolbox. I’ve had up to a dozen detectors at a time, each for very specific uses. I really worked hard on narrowing that down, but anything less than four really crimps my style. It’s like asking “what is best, the pliers, the screwdriver, the box knife, or the hammer?” It does depend on the job at hand, and whether you want to invest in Craftsman tools or Snap-On. If you do multiple types of detecting and are serious about it, it is hard to settle on just one detector.

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