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Wanted Broken Equinox Coil

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As an electronics tinkerer, I would at some point like to attempt making a custom coil for my Equinox. I need to salvage the electronics board from an existing coil in order to do this. So I'm after a suitable donor.
I'm located in the United Kingdom. As most of you guys are in the US/Canada or Australia/NZ, I should state that the international carriage charges are not a barrier.

Please get in touch if you think you have anything suitable.


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You might end up waiting a while as every equinox is still under warranty at this point.

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I'm in no hurry. But it has been out for 18 months, there may be someone who has accidentally crushed one in their vehicle door, or their dog chewed through it, or some mishap... or bashed it, cracked the casing and got water-damage as a result.

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The only thing I dont like about the equinox is the whole chip in the coil thing. I like to tinker and would probably try coil building if not for that. I'm also sure whatever I created wouldn't work all that great (I didn't say I was a good tinkerer) so in the end it probably just saves me the effort. 

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