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G'day From Western Australia

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Hi All,

I have been trawling this site for a number of months and figured it was about time I started contributing what I can! (which is not much at this stage).

I have equipped myself with an Equinox 800 and hope to be able to make the most of it! Focus will be on relics/coins/jewellery for now with a goal of heading into some gold country. Not sure the equinox will handle the hot earth of the Goldfields so there may be further acquisitions before a trip to the Goldfields. 

I'm enjoying hunting the parks at the moment so i'll stick with that.

Thanks for all the information so far!

Cheers all

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Hi Westy,

Welcome to the forum, Hunting parks can be a lot of fun, I primarily look for gold but I also really enjoy hunting for old coins and you never know, some jewellery may make it into the mix.  The Nox is outstanding for that.

It may lose depth in your gold country soil that's for sure but you never know, nuggets can and often are near the surface... especially if you find some good bedrock or even creeks.   You may end up needing to get yourself a PI of some form to handle the WA soils to look for gold, either way.. once you've got the fever....... :laugh:


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Thanks phrunt,

I have a feeling i'll end up with a PI of some sort. I've watched so many videos of guys and girls digging tiny nuggets. Even though it's hard work for the tiny return I feel I'm going to need to see that glint of gold at some stage. 

I also want to try my hand at shallow water searching where the masses like to cool off. Need to get myself a scoop!


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Welcome to the forum!

Rest assured a properly tuned metal detector will “handle” any ground. It simply requires reducing the sensitivity until the detector is stable, and then working within whatever limits that imposes. Gold can be found with most any detector if on good ground and with a skillful operator behind the machine. I am not saying all detectors are equal, but the truth is it’s the operators that vary far more than the detectors themselves. Enjoy!


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Is that floating dredge tailing piles or? It looks more mixed and less uniform than our dredge piles here. 

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Ganes Creek, Alaska was mined with floating bucket line dredges and more recently dragline and bulldozer mining. The tailings in that photo are dragline poles that have been flattened out. See my Ganes Creek stories for lots of photos of both types of tailing piles.

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