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Well that's a good junk to Awesome ratio 🙂


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6-1 is great ratio! I can't ever recall digging a 15 that was other than a tab or bottle cap. Very nice!

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3 hours ago, Againstmywill said:

The side stones are diamonds according to my tester. The middle stones have a more purple hue to them when light is passed through.

It looks like amethyst is what you have, it is also my birth stone and have seen it hundreds of times.

I almost purchased a ring very similar to it back in the 70's.

Great find


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Great ring and reward for digging all of those 11 to 17 pull tab variants that are so easy to pass over after digging hundreds. Even though some people say the Equinox tones are not "nuanced" enough, those of us that have hundreds or more hours on the Nox know differently. 

Square cut ameythst is a possibility, so is garnet AND ruby. Rubies and garnets can have deep purple tints too.


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Thats a nice 15 for sure...I've dug lots of bottle caps that were a 15...Nice old ring you got there. 


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