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Tarnagulla Speci, D I Y Furnace And First Pour

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Good stuff. I lived in Tarna for several years and know it like the back of my hand. Great little place. Shame it's lost it Caravan park/fuel and a couple of its shops. Just a pub and Post office now. Ironbark country, love it. I found a leader there years ago and got several ounces out of it in species that looked exactly, and I mean exactly, like that one. Still have one as keepsake. Wonderful tract of country through there, actually from Inglewood all the way through to Talbot. Ill post a pic of that specie when I find it, given I hang around that is. In 2 minds at present. Well done mate.

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Wicked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!its 2019 and i think they just started to  imported those tool in France not that they have to much gold but to melt jewellery i guess....



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That's a great project and results. Thanks for sharing.

A quick bath in pool acid (muriatic) will clean up all the staining on your ingot. I pour a little bit into a plastic gold pan and swirl it around the ingot and it comes out bright and shiny. A gallon of the acid is only a couple dollars where I live.

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Phoenix, That beautiful/ugly specimen ended up producing almost a half ounce of gold for you.  You enjoyed the hunt, enjoyed the find with a shitty grin when digging it up and now you learned how to make your own gold bars.  Detecting is one of the most enjoyable hobbies out there.  Keep it up and thanks for sharing.

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Hi mate, cant find that specie. This came from the same line though. Same place and another little leader. Highly mineralised. Im thinking that other one must have got dollied up by mistake, can't think of any other reason I cant find it or didn't keep it. 




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