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Tarnagulla Speci, D I Y Furnace And First Pour

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Hi mate, cant find that specie. This came from the same line though. Same place and another little leader. Highly mineralised. Im thinking that other one must have got dollied up by mistake, can't think of any other reason I cant find it or didn't keep it. 




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      A friend of mine showed me what he believes is a small grinding device used for gold ore sampling.
      Anyone have any info on this?

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      Not exactly a gold prospecting video, but it still deals with placer gold.  
      My fiance and I decided to make our wedding bands from the gold that i have found in Virginia.  At first we tried actual forging, which was way to hard and required to many specialized tools.  So after a little more research we decided to try sand casting.  This process required a few tools, but none were very expensive, and this process was easier to do.  That being said it took about 10 failed attempts to make her ring and 1 failed attempt to make mine.  Something to note is that the smaller and more intricate the item you are trying to cast the harder it is to get it to work properly.  
      This video is just of making my band.  All in all i am very happy with the results and i actually like the little dimples and imperfection that are in the band, it gives it character, and since im not perfect my band shouldnt be either lol.  (FYI her band is perfect because she is lol)   
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      Hi everyone, I'm concerned my 5 x 1oz Gold eagles could be fake
      I inherited these from my mother. Her late husband purchased 30 of them.
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      I sent in a sample to two different assayers out of the same sample batch and received two very different results.
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      Anyone have some serious thoughts on what would cause this?
      Both assayers are professionals with 30+ years of experience.
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      Hi, Is it possible to obtain silver and gold metal of the Byzantine and Roman period iron ore?
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