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We Have Winners Another Contest + Something Similar


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This was a lot of fun for me anyway and I hope also for everyone else too. The contest is over we had 25 entries and i have the lucky prospectors, every entry was printed on the same size slip of paper and I put all the names in a pot and then drew 3 slips from the pot one extra in case one of the first 2 lucky draws for some reason declines. 

No more waiting..... drumroll please;

Congratulations to, Chris Ben for first place: Kiln and Morgan Dollar

2nd place, Iron Digger: Pen Plating System

3rd place, macumba man : consolation prize coin set

With the kiln the silver dollar is taped to the packing material at the top of the box, None of the liquid is included due to the cost and difficulty of shipping hazardous materials if by chance I can ever find a way to pass the plating solution over to we can try to work it out. 

All 3 of our winners PM me where you would like this shipped and I will send them off to you ASAP









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That silver box I thought might have been a respirator had a box inside the foil pack and a sealed metal can inside the box and inside the can was another sealed foil pack and an MSDS for CYANIDE. I did not open the last pack carefully put everything back and tuck it away someplace safe. Is there anyone semi local to me that knows what they are doing with this stuff and wants it?

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4 hours ago, phoenix said:

Good on you mate. It`s a terrific thing you have done 🙂


40 minutes ago, phrunt said:

yea that was a great little competition, really nice thing to do and a bit of excitement!

This was not only something fun to do, but actually helped me out a lot because truth is I really like all this stuff and have no problem filling every available spot with it just in case at 66 I’ve had plenty of time to acquire, now thank you Fred your words helped give me strength 😀, some of the things I don’t really need it’s easier to part from if I’m happy with its new home, or sell it for what I think it really worth and then trying to make sure the person who bought it’s OK, I’m not a good business man that way I guess. Long story short I had fun and have a little less to move and I hope everyone else had fun. Thanks to RidgeRunner and all who have done this and encourage anyone so inclined, pending permission from the boss of course, thank you Steve.

1 hour ago, Lacky said:

Oh well, I won the tools!

You won heaviest box!

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That was great, thanks so much for the generosity and effort!


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