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calabash digger

Head To Head Videos Talk... AT Pro Equinox...

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On 9/4/2019 at 12:51 PM, calabash digger said:

Nox and Deus compliment each other.

You think it is good to have both detectors?  I have a big park that I have went over and over with the XP, everyone said it is cleaned out, I know a lot of detectors have been over it, but still find a keeper ever now and then. If I sell a detector or two I might get a Nox.  

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    • By Rob Allison
      Hey All,
         A partner and I managed to escape this weekend to placer more of the wash we have been working.  We didn't do as well as we hoped, but did manage a few nuggets that you can see in the video below.  We were using the Minelab GPZ 7000 most of the time, but also had the GPX 5000 and Gold Monster on site.  We had several trash targets that were wedged in the bedrock cracks that we though were going to be gold nuggets.  Some of those targets were pick tips and pieces of old metal probably used as a tool to open up the bedrock.  
      Hope you enjoy the video.  We would love for you to Subscribe to our Youtube Channel by clicking the "Subscribe button," Hit that LIKE and follow all our new video by clicking that Bell icon.  
      Wishing you all many gold nuggets in your poke.
    • By Hard Prospector
      Anyone have any insight on this new machine from Nokta? Saw it advertised on a internet discount detector sales site (guess.....yep that's the one), kind of looks like a "futuristic GB2". Man this company never sleeps.

    • By Smithsgold
      Learned a Valuable lesson the other day on our way to the Hydraulic pit to metal detect for Gold Nuggets !!! Don't bet with Two Toe's !!!!!!!
      TM 011
      Thanks for watching ...
    • By Rivers rat
      Hello to all ,so i did try all my video gear i got absolutely no skill so far.....expectations are high and with some very good video all around you quickly attract criticism but hey who cares??:)Gopro was i guess not positioned  properly i had to cut a lot of footage.
      So thats the session i did in my backyard 5 days ago ,i havent done it properly to make sure i can find more stuff.
      Have a look
    • By Rob Allison
      Hey Guys/Gals,
         A partner and I have been gold placering a wash for some time now in sections.  Every once in a great while, we find a nice crevice like this one with our metal detectors.  The old-timers couldn't get every crack or crevice, missing one here and there that might be rich in gold and gold nuggets.  We were using the Minelab GPZ 7000 and Minelab GPX 5000 metal detectors. 
      Hope you enjoy.
    • By DolanDave
      Hi everyone,
        Been real busy lately, but put together a video from last weekend coin, and relic hunting... let me know what you guys think?? Thank you...
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