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Minelab Memories Of The Past

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    • By PhaseTech
      Just curious, how many prospectors are still swinging around a Minelab SD series, GP or even GPX4000??
      These models hardly get a mention these days. 
      For those that are swinging these older models, here's a few additional questions do get a bit of chatter happening....maybe
      Have you tried any of the new flat/spiral wound coils? 
      Have you tried modern boosters, or aftermarket battery options? 
      On a personal note, I still have a SD2100e and a GP3500 but they don't get any serious use. The 2100 is very sentimental model to me as it was the detector I found my first nugget with. The GP3500 was my baby, where Minelab added everything I wished for. It still has the best audio in any prospecting detector I've used to date (admittedly she's a bit on the quiet side). 
    • By Tnsharpshooter
      I’ll post link here.  Folks can comment if they wish.  Saves me time by not posting in detail on all forums.  I like this forum very much.  Hope I am not breaking rules here or am not upsetting anyone.
    • By 1515Art
      Great opportunity for a savvy investor potential 9,000,000.00 profit be the lucky owner of 100,000. Shares value $100. each in the Arizona Peer Mining Company established in December 14th 1883 that’s a long history of dreaming dreams. Offered at 10% of the bonds face value the token sum of $1,000,000.00 paid in cash or cashiers check at the time of transfer all funds fully refundable local pick-up Wuhan Financial center business office 3rd floor unit 1 AAABBBAABlongtimenoC. disclaimer: may not be in business, likely worthless production unknown and dollars lost who knows Brookline bridge offer soon to follow check back frequently all offers are at the assumed risk of the investor and no warranty is expressed or intended, any claim or grievance subject to binding arbitration by an impartial third party family pet arbitration board might only be 100 shares but 100,000 sounds better! 
      kind of a cool old mining bond, i was going through some files and papers and wondered if this ever paid off?

    • By Ridge Runner
      I have the Simplex + and thinking about buying the Vanquish 540 but do I really need to spend over the cost of the Vanquish to get a great detector?
       I’ve had and have higher cost detectors but I want your opinion .
    • By klunker
      I was out detecting yesterday with the 7000 and found a 69 caliber musket ball. By using the carbon dating app. on my smirk phone and measuring the depth of my dig hole and evaluating the oxidation on the musket ball I was able to determine that it was fired in the Spring of 1857, probably on a Tuesday. I then did science to it by using negative integers of Avogadro's number, exponents of pi and ice cream, calculating sine, cosine, deer sign, tangent and mandarin and entering the data into the 7000s GPS I was able to determine the precise location from which the ball was fired. I entered a track to that location and sure enough I came to an ancient, hollow cedar tree with a limb at the perfect height to rest a musket on for better aim.  I then perchance stuck the GPZ into the tree hollow and, not surprisingly, found an 1851 69 caliber Harper's Ferry U.S. issued musket. 
        There may be one or two of you that have doubts about the whole truth of my story but let me assure you that my arithmetic is rarely wrong and the GPZ 7000 is a very capable detector AND Sourdough Scott took photos which I have provided here.
        I have put a hefty charge of powder in the old thing and hammered the ball down the barrel and I'm waiting for Sourdough Scott to show up so he can have the honor of being the first to fire this piece of history in over 160 years. 

    • By Steve Herschbach
      Here is a good Sunday read for you. Reg wrote what is still the best introductory text on PI detectors. Recently he added extra chapters at the Findmall forum. Even if you read the original before it is worth reading again.
      Understanding The PI Metal Detector by Reg Sniff
      Deepest PI Detector by Reg Sniff
      Part One Link deleted since Findmall update broke old links
      Deepest PI Detector by Reg Sniff
      Part Two Link deleted since Findmall update broke old links
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