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Aftermarket Shafts For In Water Use

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Hello everybody,

can I use the Golden Mask Shaft (converted for the Equinox) in salt water?
Are there metallic parts that will be corroded / oxidized by being submerged in ocean/sea ?


Editor's Note - this thread was split from an older existing thread about the Golden Mask aftermarket rod


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I don’t think the Golden Mask rod would be a good candidate for in water use. It is basically the leg off a camera tripod, with fairly snug oring type shaft cams. I would hate to get fine sand and grit into those cams or the rod assembly itself. I am guessing a high probability of cam issues and shaft locking.

The lower most rod section has a very minimal amount of flex when fully extended. Not really an issue for above water use but flexing might become more an issue pushing a coil through the water.

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Thanks Steve, do you think Detect ED shaft might be functional for under water operation ? if not have you got any ideas on how to compact down this big boy for scuba use and / or be tucked in a backpack?

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I would say yes, the Detect Ed shaft is perfect for underwater use.  It's very sturdy and also has a neat little drain hole at the bottom to let any water out. 

I believe Ed is a regular water hunter and one of the reasons he made the shaft is he needed a better shaft for water hunting as the stock shaft didn't cut it.


This is a capture of Ed's page showing he's a water hunter :laugh:


He's the neat little drain hole, it works well, I had my detector dunked in my Spa overnight using it, I could see the water coming out the little hole.  You'll also see the little gap between my shaft and the coil ears due to Ed's new washers to prevent coil ear wear.


The locking mechanism on it is tough and makes a strong connection between the two lengths of shaft.

I doubt a water hunter would be disappointed in it.

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Thanks Phrint for the detail on the drain hole, I saw on their website that the shaft is good for underwater operations although it stays LONG when shrinked for transport use since it's a 2 pieces shaft rather than a 3 pieces (shorter) one and finding a backpack for the stock version is a pain.

The opportunity to have a shorter shaft implies also that you can swing it while scuba diving with your right hand while picking up the targets with ease with your left hand: on a 2 piece shaft, the distance of the coil from the left reaching hand is too large to be considered comfortable, do you know (and Steve) other 3 pieces alternatives ?

Thanks guys for your support!

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I felt it went small enough, in saying that I'm not a scuba hunter....


This maybe an option, it goes tiny.



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Phrunt awesome advice! Never heard about this UK based company!

I asked them if it can be used for scuba diving in salty water.

I'll keep you posted in the mean time here are a couple of links about them that I found:

Ecommerce (discount code that could work for a 5% "MDF4895" found on a youtube video):



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I have one of the Tele-Nox rods pictured above. If I had to choose again between the Tele-Nox and Golden Mask (now available Equinox ready) I would pick the Tele-Nox by a hair. Both rods are fine but I like the Tele-Nox a little better, mainly due to the channel design keeping things aligned and a slightly stouter lower rod.

I have a lot of experience using the Garrett ATX with three piece telescoping rod in the water. It is 10 times stronger than either of these rods and it requires great care and constant cleaning to keep it from locking up. I do not consider either the Golden Mask or the Tele-Nox to be a rod I would use in the water, unless I absolutely had to. I think they would prove to be a service pain in the posterior due to too many moving parts. I also do not find either rod suitable for use with the 15" coil due to the extra strain the larger coil puts on these rods, leading to flexing in the thin lower rods and possible torque related twisting.

Both these rods are great for mountain type rucksack hiking using the stock or 6" coil.

For water use I prefer a two piece rod for stoutness and durability. I am pretty sure both the Steve's Rod and Detect-Ed are good options. I favor Steve's since he is an active forum member! :smile: However, two piece rods can be too long for ease of travel/packing in a suitcase.

So unlike some people I am actually just fine with the stock rod as a three piece option both for travel and in water use. It’s inexpensive enough to be a “sacrificial option”. I just don't think for me personally there is a one rod for everything solution that is perfect, and the stock rod as a general purpose option suits me just fine, with either telescoping or two piece rods for niche/specialty uses.

Just my thoughts/opinions.


Minelab Equinox Shaft Assembly 3011-0400



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eagleseye --

My shafts have already been mentioned in this thread by Steve H., but you seem to be looking for more collapsibility, so I wanted to let you know that I also offer a three-piece all-carbon-fiber shaft option -- I can custom-build it for you, if you need it to collapse small enough to fit in a specific-sized bag, but my "standard" option keeps all three shaft sections at 21" or less.  The connections between the three sections are achieved with two of my heavy duty, highly secure clamp-type cam locks.  I also offer the "drain hole" in the lower rod, as an option for anyone who would like to have one.  Finally, I can offer you the shaft in standard black, or an array of colors, if you have interest in a colored shaft.  Just another option for you to consider.  Please contact me, if you would like additional information, as I'd love the chance to build you a shaft (email steve@stevesdetectorrods.com).












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    • By Old Farm Hunter
      Has anyone ever made a homemade shaft for a metal detector with PVC pipe ?
      I think im gonna try it ill keep you informed on how it goes
    • By flakmagnet
      Since people are chatting up new stems, I would like to recommend a three piece telescoping replacement for the stock Equinox stem. I received it today and love it. It is super lightweight, simple to assemble (I did it so it's simple), it obviously has had a lot of thought put into it. I don't make a habit of putting up ad's for equipment unless I am pretty sure they are first rate and I believe this shaft meets that standard. 
      I took a couple of quick shots of it after I closed it up to it's shortest length. They also included a nice cover for the Eq. control box which I also have shown.
      Take a look at their website and see what you think

    • By Condor
      I really needed the Equinox on a collapsible shaft so that I can put it in my backpack or stow it on the Rokon for riding cross country.  I already had the Golden Mask shaft that I had modified for the Deus, so I started tinkering.  The original Equinox shaft has a smaller diameter than the Golden Mask, so the shaft mounts will not mate up directly.  I took the dremel tool and relieved the areas around the screw holes just enough to get the Nox handle brain/screen section to snug up to the Mask shaft.  I removed the original Mask handle and fitted the Nox in the same location.  (Mask handle is bolted and glued to the shaft, it takes some work to get them apart.)  I then used longer NOX sized metric bolts (shown below)  snugged them into the NOX handle around the Mask shaft.  Its a very tight fit so the bolts end up a little bent.  I then cut the heads off the bolts to make them more or less studs.  I cut and drilled a hose clamp band, fitted it over the studs, then pulled them down tight over the shaft with a nut and washer combination.  I added a little black paint and the whole thing is really stable.  I'll had a little black Duct tape to the whole mess so that it doesn't hang up on my shirt or pants. 
      It collapses to 24 inches and fully extends to about 50 inches.  The Golden Mask shafts are all carbon fiber so corrosion, weight and shaft wobble are not a problem.  I gave it a test run this morning was quite impressed.  For whatever reason I can not explain, my bump falsing was cut by about half.  That was the first thing I noticed so I went through all the set up functions to make sure I hadn't accidentally changed something like Sens or Recovery.  Nope, all my same settings, but now a noticeable reduction in bump sensitivity.  I don't know how, but I'm liking it a whole lot better now.   

    • By calabash digger
      He made this custom 28 inch dive shaft for me....

    • By ColonelDan
      Took my new set up to the beach for a few hours for their first trial run as a “team.”

      Steve’s Detector Rod.

      This two piece shaft was the best I’ve ever used...bar none. It was solid as a rock, as in no wobble whatsoever, and light as anything I’ve ever used. With the counter balance weight, it was better than swinging my old Deus with a 9” coil. Steve weighted mine using 16 oz of lead shot in a 4.5” long cylinder. He set it up that way so swinging the 11” coil would emulate swinging his 7 oz shaft with a 6” coil installed! It works exactly as intended and designed. Bottom line, I couldn’t be more pleased. This will be my shaft of choice for the very very long term.

      You can read my original review of Steve’s work at the link below:

      Quest APTX-LL Wireless Headphones

      Initial thoughts:

      My order only took two days to arrive from Hong Kong!

      Extremely comfortable over the ear design. External build quality looks good. They paired up with my EQX exactly like the Minelab wireless even to the point of using the same tones as the Minelab. Low latency capability is certainly there. I ran them in my test garden using good targets surrounded by iron and they performed extremely well. Nice and clear crisp sound with sufficient volume. Haven’t yet had to use the volume control.

      Haven’t been able to test battery life yet so that’s TBD.

      So far, I’m favorably impressed. I’ll take them to the beach on Monday and report back.

      Additional points:

      ~ These headphones are easily adjusted for proper fit and the top head piece is extremely well padded and comfortable.

      ~ They are water/rain resistant. Not designed for diving...and resistance to water damage is all I really wanted. No blue tooth wireless headphones can be used when submerged...at least none that I know of.

      Fast forward to their first beach run. We finally have a set of Aptx low latency water resistant headphones made specifically for the Equinox!

      These headphones again linked right up with no issue. They were indeed low latency and I was able to pin point with ease. The sound was clear and crisp as I stated above and their over the ear design served to block out much of the ambient beach noise. They proved very comfortable after 3+ hours of detecting and simply worked flawlessly. I love being “untethered” and confident that when one of our Florida showers come up, I won’t have to worry about these getting wet. Again, they are water resistant not water proof.

      They are advertised as having a 24 hour battery life so I’ll not be able to comment on that since my hunts are never that long!

      One thing I took note of was, as is true with most or all wireless set ups, every now and then I would hear just a hint of static interference but it was barely noticeable and very rare. I attributed this to EMI since we were very close to Patrick Air Force Base and its Officer’s Club Beach. I’ve experienced such EMI there before.

      Bottom Line: I like these headphones very much and you can find them at the link shown below.


      I now have what I believe is the best set up for my style of beach hunting. The Equinox, Steve’s rod and Quest wireless Hps.

      Soldier on...
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