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Noah (FL)

Gold Price Is High!!!

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With gold prices on the rise, over $1500US an ounce right now, up from $1200 at the beginning of the year, I am tempted to sell an ounce of the broken 10 and 14K bits I’ve accumulated.   

Just curious as to what the rest of y’all do with your gold jewelry.  Save it or sell it??  

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The jewelry I find is neat but has no sentimental value so at 1500 an oz. I cashed in and plan to use the proceeds to fund new adventures and some new equipment to enjoy. I will say take a lot of pictures of your finds for future reference, just never know. 

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I sell mine ever so often, especially when I get all hot and bothered about buying new equipment and need a little extra.   

Local guy will give me spot less 15% which is pretty good for walk in/walk out cash.  




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      I’m in an area that’s got some pretty sandy ground and some of the coins especially the copper coins are pretty much unrecognisable and even the slivers are very badly stained with a blackish look to them.
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      This is the oldest coin that I have found to date, and it even beat out a 1924 dime that I found within 15 feet of where I found this penny.
      It had a lot of mud on it when I dug it up so I ran some water on it and found the date.
      This penny was wedged between 2 roots standing on edge and about 8 inches down. I had a ID number of 19 in one direction and a 20 in another direction so I decided to dig it up.
      I used the settings that another member showed me a week earlier when we met in Casey, IL. and I am sorry for not knowing the settings off the top of my head to put them in here.
      Please if someone knows a way to clean this up I would greatly appreciate your knowledge.
      I guess I am starting to get the hang of this Equinox 800 and I can only hope that this is just the beginning of a long and wonderful relationship of metal detecting.

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