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Noah (FL)

Gold Price Is High!!!

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With gold prices on the rise, over $1500US an ounce right now, up from $1200 at the beginning of the year, I am tempted to sell an ounce of the broken 10 and 14K bits I’ve accumulated.   

Just curious as to what the rest of y’all do with your gold jewelry.  Save it or sell it??  

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The jewelry I find is neat but has no sentimental value so at 1500 an oz. I cashed in and plan to use the proceeds to fund new adventures and some new equipment to enjoy. I will say take a lot of pictures of your finds for future reference, just never know. 

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I sell mine ever so often, especially when I get all hot and bothered about buying new equipment and need a little extra.   

Local guy will give me spot less 15% which is pretty good for walk in/walk out cash.  




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    • By Againstmywill
      If you live close to Milwaukee, or maybe other places throughout the country, you may be able to make a 5% premium for cashing in your coins!
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      putting this here, because not sure where it fits best....
      I have a huge bag of lousy shape coins I want to clean up...or rather have my kids clean up.  I want to get some sort of tumbler that is sturdy and won't wear out with a lot of use.  Anyone have specific models/brands they like, or models to stay away from?
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      Last Friday we were lucky enough to have a break in the typical Southern Calif Desert heat wave and those lower temps gave me and a friend a chance to hit a new area for us to check for nuggets. After spending the day we managed to score 6 little nuggets between us, the top 2 were mine and the bottom 4 were his. As you can see, this first  picture was taken before anything was done to clean them up. My usual routine is once I get them home I give them a quick wash with some hot water and dish soap, then let them dry, then into a CLR (calcuim lime rust) remover bath for the next 24 hours. Once the bath is done its a rinse in some hot water and into a sonic jewelry cleaner for 5 minuets and I am done with them at that point. 2nd picture is them finished and the last 2 pictures are from a USB microscope. Would like to see how everyone else is cleaning up their finds.

    • By Jakar54321
      My name is George im from long island ny.I have been metel detecting since 1992.From finding fake teeth with gold filling to coins rings and trash never a dull moment for me.The machines i own is the xlt spectrum,mx7 and  the one and only equinox 800.I have found great treasures with each one and trash also.The first 2 machines are a single freq.The equinox has 40 freq.The rings i have found with the equinox the id number was always 7 or a 8.The ring i have found which looked like a washer but when i turned it around it had 24 tiny little diamonds half way around the ring.What surprised me was it was labeled PD950!? I took it to a jeweler in my town.The girl told me it was platinum.Her boss explained to me that it was palladium and it was 95% of the metal.He also said that its higher than gold.And the diamonds were real.So looking on a chart how much palladium was $56.00 per gram he gave me $60.As i was leaving he said thank you very much?Did i just get screwed?I checked out the website of palladium rings $700 $900 even $1300.So the chart i saw was for metal.I should of sold it myself.A to a pawn dealer the scales are usually off by 1 gram trust me.Before going to one i went across the street to buy a jewelery scale it was reading a little over 2 grams.So i went over to the pawn dealer he placed it on his scale and it was reading 1 gram.So be assure always weigh the piece that you find is the right measure and if it isnt dont say a word and find someone else that is not trying to rip you off.Happy hunting to all safe out there carry dog spray!
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      We've had many threads in the past that show auction sites for buying and selling natural gold and minerals.  I know there are 'go to' places out there where you have bought and sold.  The pictures they have of gold can be enlightening about where to look for gold.
      Now that the price of gold is up you may want to look into your collections and get some cash.  I saw a recent post that said someone sold their gold in Quartzsite.  Who is the buyer there?  I've heard other people say they need to drive to Phoenix to see gold found in Quartzsite.  Does anyone trust someone by mail?
      Here is a place that displays Northern Nevada gold.  I don't know anything about them other than this link.
      Here is a place that you can sell high end gold and not have to wait for an auction.  I have been to their store in Laguna Beach, seen them at shows and know some prospectors here have sold to them.
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      Hey guys I'm not sure if this is allowed here or not I'm just getting into this whole world. But anyways I and a friend of mine have 2 massive Baghdad Mine Az Gem silica druzy capped chrysocolla boulders. One is 62 lbs and one is 86lbs. I've been trying time find a buyer for at least the bigger one. But can't seem to find the right place to go would anyone lend me a hand?
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