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A Mystery Is Solved


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I lived in the panhandle for a year.  

God's Country some say ... pretty water I know that for sure.

I didn't use a metal detector then so I can't tell you about the beaches but most likely you'll have to get the 800 wet.


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6 hours ago, klunker said:

 I just couldn't figure it out. The old Jeep mysteriously started running much smoother and quieter and became much more stable. I would also say that it's performance somehow increased by 30% or perhaps even 40%. In fact i was so impressed i decided I would invest some time into cleaning it up a bit. As I was mucking out the interior ( forgotten rock samples, sticks and leaves, old sandwich wrappers with sandwiches, dropped nuggets and such) I found Sourdough Scott's missing ferrite ring. I took it out and put it where Scott could pick it up and now the Jeep is back to it's usual squeaky, whinny, worbally self.

 Mystery solved.



Ferrite generated a flux magnetic hyper-tuned field polarized the rust into a tightly focused wave of pure energy, it’s a Jeep thing. Good you kept it under 80... not that you’d have a choice😀.

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Cant beat those old 1950's vintage black and white photos..lol

Are you sure the Jeep is not a bit jealous of the new Honda side by side? might want to do a few more tests before you jump to a  diagnosis....just saying


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