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2300 Trumpet

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I saw some of the guys in Australia make a Trumpet to deflect the sound upward from the speaker on the sdc. Great idea, but shipping was a bit much, so I cut a 90 pcv fitting in half and used velcroe to attach.  Cheap little project and does add a noticeable increase in sound coming up from the speaker.


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Looks to be cheaper then a hearing aid :smile:


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    • By rumblefish
      The place I've been river prospecting recently is only showing me very small flakes of gold (so far). They are so small in fact that even the SDC can't pick them up. Yesterday my Garret Pro Pointer arrived and that also sees nothing when I pass it across the vials. Even some of the quite big flakes that I found a while ago in Scotland.
      So I got to wondering, what is the minimum flake/nugget size that can be detected?
      Could anyone with an SDC (or even a Pro Pointer) post and tell me their results?
      Thank you!
    • By oneguy
      First time out with my new SDC and the damn thing shorts out every time I set it down or bump it?  Then it starts it's warm up all over again and I continue to hunt until I gently bump it or set it down again?  Seems to have got better towards end of 4 hr hunt where I only dug about 35 targets (no gold).  It might be the batteries not making good connection but I did have the trap door completely shut.  Anyone else ever have this issue before with the SDC????  Hate to have to send it in...…   
    • By Norvic
      Well, my Son did it and turned up with a SDC in exchange for my 5000 for Easter. Went off to try the SDC, left him with Z to compare with 5000 and new age coils, he was fairly impressed with performance of 5000 with the Elite 14" but in using the Z to compare he is now spoilt and talking Z Z Z Z only. Suspect the 5000 is history, regardless that the new age coils have increased the performance of the 5000, the stability of the Z has swung him.
      The SDC, it is super stable and a small piece magnet, good fun and will complement the Z. It is the small coil gold detector for those pieces around boulders the Z just can`t get at, plus for those shallow pieces that recovering is time consuming for the Z.
    • By Walker
      Yesterday I beat my old record. Now it's .023 gram. .35 grain. I don't know if that's a good thing.
    • By spencer@wy
      So i got a little cuious abt my f3 and ability to adapt to other coils and took her apart. the coil plug in is a smaller 6 pin unit. 5 wires attach at coil adapter;blk,red,yel,blu, and green. Circuit bd tentitavly look like blk n red are tied as well as yel, blu, and grn.
      coil has 29 turns with a little steel/non copper wire soliered to the leading/starting end of loop. the ANTENNA as i call it, is aprox. 10" length, starts at soldier conn near coil cntr goes 6 oclock to wrap around insulated portion of coiled wire where it enters coil pltfrm. then it goes to abt 10 oclock position bout half distance between cntr and edge of coil, passes from top side of spool to bottom side of spool where it then turns right angle to upper run and terminates bout half distance from coil cntr at aprox 2 oclock bearing from cntr.
      the spool is styrofoam 3/4 thick w/ spool groove being 5/16 " wide or tall, and in-set abt 1/2 " it is held in place by rubber band and entire surface of spool is wrapped with heavy paper that appears to have graphite? looking coating on it.
      Just my preliminary findings, for those curious.
      now i just need: info on winding coils, findd small 6 pin plug-ins, and a 3d printeer to make coil foot adapter to hold other coils.
      thats it for now, gotta do some home-work on it. I ll post more later. Happy hunting.
    • By bado1
      Are stable threshold settings on the sdc (1,2,3...etc.) dependent more on ground conditions than anything else? The reason I ask is I have not been able to run the threshold on my sdc less than #3. On 1 and 2 the threshold is intermittent and "warbely" and basically un-huntable . On 3 she's stable and I'm finding the tiniest bits of gold. Iv'e hunted various locations here in Central Arizona and always have to set it to #3 to get a stable threshold that is not intermittent. Normal?
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