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Have You Ever Found This Crystal?


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I apologize to all my weak English
 A few days ago I was on a journey to look for a gpz 700 golden device when I came across a large quartz rock I passed the device on the rock and issued the device indicating a clear target and the device was as follows
 Allergy 9
 I switched the settings to make sure the target was metal and not an imaginary target
 Allergy 2
 .  It also gave me a clear target signal.  I broke the rock into parts and it took me a great effort.  I reached the desired part and the crystal was in the heart of the rock
 Suddenly after I took out the desired part, I broke the piece in half and found that this material resembles mud and strange when I passed the device on the piece after I broke it the target signal disappeared and the device did not make any sound I tried to change the settings but to no avail the device kept silent
 A question.  Do any of you know these crystalline materials
 And what is your interpretation of what happened

Thanks to all


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I don't,  but I hope you get an answer because I have a sample that looks just like it I found a couple weeks ago. Has a target id of 12 on the equinox. 


It was a flat black when I first cracked it open so it is oxidizing. Mine also started out as a fist sized chunk of solid quartz.

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4 hours ago, phrunt said:

Wouldn't Cobalt be magnetic? Have you tried to put a magnet to it?

Yes, it's magnetic, just checked. Sigh, fine, I'll stop procrastinating and get a magnet to put on my pick 😒

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