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14 September 2019 (Europe, Africa, North and South America timezones) may be a noteworthy day in metal detecting history.  Both Nokta/Makro (at Detectival) and Minelab (on their own site as well as the sites of some partners) have given us details and hypberbole on their soon-to-be-released detectors -- Nokta/Makro Simpex and Minelab Vanquish.  There certainly are a lot of differences, as well as commonalities.  I look forward to others posting the details.  (But I'm sure I'll add my own after some more contemplation.)  "Competition is good" has been a mantra here for months if not years.  We have it now, at least in the near entry-level detector zone.

October 2019 Edit - the Minelab Vanquish has been officially introduced. See this thread for the latest news and information.

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For what it is worth, I'd rather see Nokta make some gains than Minelab. Minelab has way more resources than Nokta and for years have had the opportunity to make something like the vanquish and make more affordable detectors but they chose not to. At this point it is obvious what they are doing. They're trying to "starve" out companies like Nokta in the entry segment. Minelab has deep pockets and they are definitely after those last pieces of change people have.

Minelab is all about hype with everything they make and sell. I don't care for that at all, regardless of company and they take it way over the top. The Equinox has also had quite a few quality control problems. Reports of flooded units, bad coils, weak shaft locks, battery problems, etc. Seeing as how the Equinox series costs more money I wonder how much worse the quality will be with the Vanquish line. It looks like a cross between the Garrett Ace and the older Garrett GTAx series kinda.  If I was going to buy one it would be the 440 that takes standard AA batteries. At least then you would not have to worry about faulty sealed batteries. 3ft "waterproof" coil? That's weak man.. real weak.

Yep, my vote and best wishes go to Nokta. May the money of detectorists line their Turkish pockets which many dollars. Minelab, you've had enough already.

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I hope both companies continue to do well. I like both companies detectors and don't pay any attention to their hype, how big they are (or not), whether they have government backing (like Nokta Makro) or what anybodies opinions are. I will listen carefully to facts and experiences.

I like the looks of the Simplex, I just hope it is better balanced than the Kruzers and the Anfibios which just seemed heavy to me especially in the handle.

The Vanquish looks, baboon butt ugly.........I would definitely be hitting mine with some subdued tinted spray paint if I had one.


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Both companies are following the old marketing maxim of "Good, Better, Best".  They are wedging into the lower tier market with Minelab using Multi-Freq, and Nok using an enhanced feature set to poke the competition.  As most online forum participants are more serious hobbyists I doubt that they will find these releases as interesting as the models in the flagship tier.

Their price points might make them interesting as loaners, but with the prices in the used market what they are, more economical choices can be found.  Unless of course you are a Kiwi and purchase a unit as a Phantom detector for the wife.  😉  Those Kiwi's can be quite clever!


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I doubt it's an accidental coincidence that a) Minelab waited until Makro showed its hand (price), and b) that the Vanquish announcement came the day of Detectival when Makro was doing its promotion live at that event.

There are pluses and minuses in the performance categories that, depending upon your plans of use, can lead one to stand out over the other.  However, it seems one thing Makro has in it's favor -- time of release -- and what is looking like a four month one at that.


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    • By rled2005
      I knocked the Idea around to find a Tesoro Silver Sabre or Eldorado, some thing in the 10-12khz range, so I could have something not too expensive to throw in the trunk, just in case. And if it gets stolen somehow I'm not out the price of an Equinox 800. After researching, I purchased a used Simplex+. I think it will fill the bill nicely!
      I asked Notka/Makro if there was more selection on coils available. I got an email back;
      Dear Randy,
      Thanks for showing interest in our product.
      Simplex compatible only with SP28 Search coil (11''). In the near future, we are planning to launch more coils for Simplex.
      Hopefully, the product will be added to the accessories soon.
      Best regards!
      Burak Tunc
      Regional Sales Representative
    • By Steve Herschbach
      A look at the Minelab Vanquish 540 and Garrett Ace Apex displays and controls compared. Note the target id ranges.


    • By palzynski
      I went today to the prev wood were I found the very small coin with the Vanquish 540 and the V12 coil ( see above ). This time I wanted to change and try the small V8 coil. I spent around one hour at this place .
      Actually the V8 coil did very well , it is much quieter than the V12 because of its low iron masking level. It is very accurate and it is very easy to center a target compared to the V12 coil , no pinpointer is needed. 
      And in addition the V8 is very light ( 310 grams instead of 440 for the V12).
      Finally I found an other hammered copper coin from the 15 or 14th century, not in a very good state however , but happy  with this because it is very difficult to find new targets on this area as it is one on my favorite test sites... 
      Definitely the V8 is an excellent coil for iron trashed areas , I found it even better than the Equinox 6in coil because it has a better ground coverage ( 8inches for the V8 instead of 6inches for the Nox 6 coil )   
      The weather was a little wet today , I had some concern about the behaviour of the 540 in wet conditions , because the Vanquish has no IP protection. But no pb today everything went well , good news ...
      The 2nd picture shows the Lithium AA batteries that I am using with the Vanquish since I have it . I have been using the 540 for about 13/14 hours now , and the Vanquish screen still shows full charge  .
      So again very happy with my Vanquish 540 Pro pack . Both V12 and V8 coils are excellent , the  ML80 headphones works very well , the 540 is very reliable up to now ... I really like this machine ...

    • By Hardtimehermit
      After getting an equinox at the end of January and hearing good reports on the Vanquish i had to pick one up. I live in downtown Reno so i have been hitting some urban areas like alleys and city strips, the area between the street and the sidewalk. Also my own property has been quiet good to me regarding  targets. I found all of these in my front and back yard, pretty sure i found where the old cloths line used to be. The V-8 really helped me find these, i had been over the same area with my nox, but emi i think caused me to miss them, and the fact the little V-8 could get in some tight spots. 

    • By Tometusns
      I've had my 540 for a little while and I'm getting a little more comfortable with it. It seems a very capable machine for my hunting needs.
       Learning a new machine I tend to dig a lot a targets to see what its saying. About a million rusty nails later I'm getting a feel for it..lol.  It seems to me there's a smaller gray area with the Vanquish verses the Equinox. Not everything sounds perfect and with my Equinox a lot of sounds weren't the best but there weren't enough bad sounds in them to say don't dig. I've started to find that cut off on the Equinox as to what you can get away with digging and still have a chance of finding a good target. But that area seems smaller so far with the Vanquish more cut and dry. It doesn't take much of that raspy sound (what I call it) at all for me to say don't dig it (I'm kinda getting tired of digging nails) and honestly how many do you have to dig to learn that sound is a rusty target.  Just some of my thoughts so far. 
      I've yet to take them both out at once and compare signals but I'm sure I will at some time in the future. Having fun right now just playing with the Vanquish. HH, Tom
    • By Ridge Runner
      What I’m wondering if I haven’t updated the 2.76 yet can I just update 2.77 and is 2.76 included in it ?
       I can’t find my answer on the net so I was in hope someone here knows .
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