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Minelab Security Foil Trick

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I just received a new to me SDC2300 and wanted to verify it using the Minelab security check on their website. I did not receive the viewer that was originally included with the detector so what worked for me was a coolant leak detector flashlight ( black light or UV light) It works well enough for me to read the hidden code and I was able to verify my machine.


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Nice trick, that'll come in handy.

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    • By JohnnyRox
      Got it off Ebay from a gent in California. 
      I also got an amp for it and it works pretty good for 22 bucks off Amazon.

      And a straight shaft which fits the lower Minelab shaft almost perfectly for 20 bucks off Ebay.

      Got the idea for the straight shaft from those crazy Aussies!  
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      BTW----- Looks like we are running low on masks 😷 and gowns here in LA--- but we will survive--
      Vets have been exposed to tougher stuff than this!!!
      Social distancing does not have to be social--------- but it should be physical-!!!----
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      -- you been practicing it with me for years🤣🤣
      Carry on and thanks for any tips on the tailing piles..
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      (734)230-1121. Oh promo going on 100.00 for pulse dive y'all. Crazy savings 
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