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XP Orx & Deus Compatibility

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The ORX remote control is available to purchase by itself. Would it be compatible with my Deus WS4 and WS5 Headphones HF Coils and shaft? Thanks!

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Hi Beach Hunter,

the Orx is not compatible with the WS4 puck controller or the WS5 headphones with the control built in. The WS4 back phones without the controller are compatible. All of the HF and X35 coils are compatible.



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Thank you Jeff!

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    • By Kaolin washer
      took the ORX to cut nail hill , and if it didnt suprize me . it found a Old rimfire shell casing amongst the iron that the Equinox missed with the 6" coil  i was using coin deep and got a nice mid tone amognst the iron and the shell came up so it really has proved itself , and i dont even know how to use it yet . the build quality is very good , yes its light ,  it could not get my 10" deep dime  in any frequincy but it handled the 8" dime with a diggable signal  no VDI the 6" dime got VDI, my dirt has some iron in it  but i think i have alot to learn , but it really does do good in the nails , Kinda like it

    • By Kaolin washer
      Just ordered a new ORX with the X 35 coil , box comes says on outside all parts inside, I open it up and everything is in but the battery and cord that goes into the lower shaft.  I see batterys for sale but no one sells the cord that you have to string thrue that ataches to the battery. what to do
    • By relicmeister
      I stopped for a bit of detecting after work and set up my Orx which I have in a backpack. I have 2 Orx set-ups which means two WSAudio headphones and two Mi6  pinpointers, and I had the PP paired to the other Orx so I had to remove the Mi6 currently paired to the remote and pair the one I had on me. So having done that I turned the pp on to locate a target. At this time the remote went to the   
      pinpointer screen and then started just beeping strangely and not working. I turned off the pinpointer but the remote stayed on the pinpointer screen beeping. I tried turning off the remote power but it would not power down - it said
                                 Turn Off   Turn Off 
      but holding the power button would not turn it off but It would just Go back to the pinpoint screen. Nothing was working to turn it off and stop the beeping but eventually pressing the top right arrow button got it out of pinpoint mode and I was then able to power down. When I turned it back on everything was back to normal and I was able to detect.    Anyone’s guess as to what the problem was, but if it happens again I’m going to contact XP service center
      ( does anyone have the phone and email for them in case I need to contact them?). 
       Has any Orx or Deus user had a similar thing happen?  
       Glad I have 2 machines in case one goes out for service  
            Enjoy the Independence Day weekend  HH 
    • By RobNC
      Looking at Uber expensive detectors. As we all know White's is on the way out and the V3i will not be available long. This may be the last chance to get hands on a factory new unit. In light of that it has crossed my mind to get one as a historical investment. Now with all that out of the way, we know it is heavy and that it loves batteries but can use Ni-MH batteries in the pack. Weight, nothing we can do about that. My mind is more about the longevity of the V3i, is it a very durable detector?  I know all about the multitude of settings, and that is one thing that draws me to it. A Tinkerer's dream, more like a computer than a detector. Bottom line, is it worth the price?
      XP Deus. Had an ORX a while and loved the weight and ease of use. Hated the wireless headphones and they dug into my ear but I tell ya when it is hot weather that would sure be better on you. The ORX was somewhat crippled compared in settings, only giving 3 tone audio. It also had higher frequencies than the X35 coils do. The model I am looking at is the one with WS4 headphones and 9" round X35 coil.
      Between those 2, which is worth the bucks??
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