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I can see how this Detector based GPS can be A Bonus, Having had my back pack stolen with my GPS, Phone and food supplies and water in it Not 30 feet away from it and certain test pieces as well, That got to me that much I stopped detecting for 5 months,

Well done Minelab for making such A Useful set up, I think all a persons Data should be safe as Minelab are more about Selling Detectors than going prospecting and I would think that their workshop computers would be confined to an internal system and not be connected to the outside world,

When I am going to an Area I look it up on google Earth then Take co-ordinates from features within the area and place marker pins on the Photo and print another photo without any markers then I email them to my Tablet so then I have all the info to hand which is then also on my phone, When I go off to some of my spots I have the Internet if I need them so I can use Google Earth if I need it or spend the evening searching for new features,

Then when I am in the Field I use A Garmin GPS 76 because it does not have mapping software keep popping up on the screen and the only info that is there is what I put there.

Here's A Tip for all of you that use G.E.

If you use it on A LapTop you can see features that you won't on A TV type Monitor, I found by Accident that if you Tilt the Screen backwards on a laptop It made Ghost Features stand out and I managed to find a Roman Villa By doing this, Then I took the Co-ordinates off the screen as well as putting pins in the picture and then I took them to the field and then I Gridded the area with marker pegs and string and kept doing this until the whole area was done, And I found Roman floor tiles and Roman Coins.

So before you head out give that a go because old waterways and Dwellings will show up to about 15 to 20% better, It Does not work so well on tablet PC's either

Thanks Steve for those Beautiful Pictures,


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Yeah, I guess I have been remiss in that. I have had good intentions in that regard but have been ridiculously busy on other stuff. One nice find was shown blatantly here in the last couple months as an aside to another thread, and I was somewhat amazed nobody asked what it was I was holding in my hand. Then came this last issue of the ICMJ, and still no comment.


So there is a mini treasure hunt for people. In the meantime I will work on getting something up by way of a thread on 2015 in review. It plays into a little "Facebook farewell" I have been planning anyway.

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I remember it...but said nothing....   I thought    " if he is holding a 6 ounce specimen why no close up? "     then  I thought....... " maybe I missed it in an earlier post ? "     then I thought....  "this guy finds big gold all the time so it must not be a big deal....  :D   Give it up then Steve !!









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Does too, looks about a 6 oz specie, totally missed it until now. Yeah come on,  your teasing Steve!!!!! :rolleyes:

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One thing I notice about the photo [besides the specimen he is holding], is how little this looks like a dessert. I just assumed the terrain would be dusty sage covered and vast. Not that there is no gold in the woods, I just pictured a different setting.

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