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Fox-files 2019-20


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I'm back everyone, I didn't find anything because i didn't even make it to the destination. But close. I enjoyed myself nonetheless. My girlfriend hated every bit of it, lol. She also slipped and fell on the GM1000, scraped herself up and now the GM1000 wobbles a hair. I wont even go into the complaining I heard about walking up the hills. 🙂

I got there at about 11:30am temp was about 75F. It was VERY close to highway 87. Decent dirt road to the place where we parked. Continuation to the destination needed a ATV which i didn't have. The walk to the destination is about 3750ft.

The area seemed not so touched by man sorta speak. was quiet, saw a prospector come out on a ATV and rode past us.

I started at the purple box.

I ended up at the light blue box. (notice the white turn in the wash, i have a picture)

The red box was my actual destination.

I think i'm going to get a Honda Pioneer 500. I can't be spending my whole time walking to these claims. 🙂

Here below is what the new area looks like. I'm to new to determine if this location looks good, but i'm guessing it looks great.


















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Just the opposite, story and adventure threads with photos are the kind people enjoy the most... you are not getting lots of views for any reason but that. Thank you for taking the time to write it up and post the photos as it does take effort but is appreciated. 👍🏼

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