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    • By Tony
      My cleaning regime after an ocean detecting session is meticulous but I got a little careless when I got home.
      i always rinse the unit really well at the beach showers and always look for signs of water ingress immediately afterwards and everything checked out fine.
      When I get home, everything is submerged in a long plastic tub full of warm fresh water where it soaks for about 15 minutes. I also add some mild liquid soap to help get all the salt out of every knock and cranny. I normally add the soap to the bottom of the tub and then blast the water in to get it mixed up......and THEN I place the detector in. Well today, I got careless and placed the detector into the bottom of the tub first and then for some unknown reason, proceeded to fill the tub with heavy water pressure.........yep........the force of the water got past the orange gasket and forced itself into the detector body. Luckily I noticed it straight away and no damage was done at all. I did have to disassemble the whole unit and dried it all out completely. Not too much water got in as you can see in the third photo. The biggest hassle is getting the gasket back on and securing the 8 screws evenly otherwise the gasket can bulge out in a few places.
      Lesson learnt........go easy with the water pressure when using the snap on hose connector. I’ve only made this mistake once and didn’t get away with it. 
      Anyhow, now you all get to see a disassembled TDIBH. Interestingly, the battery compartment is  completely separate from the electronics top half. As far as a waterproofness weakness.....it is the orange gasket but only from high dynamic water pressure.

    • By kac
      How good would the TDI SL work for sniffing out coins around old foundations that have a lot of iron but low to moderate aluminum? I have been looking at various coil and detector options out there for the vlfs whether a new machine or for the machines I have and have a feeling they aren't going do do anything significant performance wise.
      Trouble is some of the old coins I suspect are in the areas are near foundations and where land was disturbed when the buildings were constructed. Conditions have heavy brush so a smaller coil is needed to sniff around and tons of iron that mask out even my little concentric. Smaller coils aren't going to hit the depths I want to get to 12"+ on small silver.
      Aluminum that is there is fairly shallow and not a big deal. I dig all the ring tabs as they have the same signal and vdi as flying eagles here. Can's I can identify with my eardrums 🙂
    • By Steve Herschbach
      ...is that you can chest or hip mount the control box using the included pouch. The BeachHunter TDI is already the lightest weight waterproof ground balancing pulse induction (GBPI) detector on the market at 5.2 lbs. It is also the only GBPI model that comes ready to hip or chest mount. If you chest or hip mount the control box all you are swinging is the rod and coil at about 2 lbs. Nice!
      Note that the coil on the BeachHunter TDI is hardwired to the control box. Use care not to bend and stress the connection point to the control box as it could lead to premature failure of the coil cable.
      More about White's BeachHunter TDI

      White's TDI BeachHunter with control box in hip mount / chest mount pouch
    • By auminesweeper
      Steve has this article been removed because I have tried to read it a few times and I keep getting the Error 404 page??
      Thanks, john
    • By auminesweeper
      Steve, I just read your TDI Moore Creek Review and In it you said the you managed to run the TDI At Full Gain, Yet I have heard tales stating that the TDI is Noisy, So what I am asking is it the Location that made the TDI Quiet so you could run it that Hi or Is The TDI pro more Noisy than the TDI you Have/Had,
      Because I have read many times that most people can not run them about 6 on the Gain,??
      Thanks Steve.
    • By Mark Gillespie
      Whites TDI SL
      Went to an old school where the coal cinder waste has been dumped for years and hunted for 1 ½ hours. This area has been grid hunted for years and I was sure there were no goodies left to be found. Well wrong again.
      GB to a little over 8, pulse 10, gain 10 and off I went; very first signal was a wheat penny at 4-5 inches and perfectly vertical. You can see the scratch I made with my shovel. Wow, was I off on my pin pointing skills. Couldn’t believe how I could have missed that one because it gave a very good, consistent audio response from every direction. One thing I noticed, it didn’t give a double beep like a VLF machine would on a vertical coin.

      Thought I had the sound nailed down, but was I wrong. Started digging nails, three to be exact, all sounded fairly good but I could tell there was something wrong, but I’m learning, so I dug anything that sounded remotely good.
      A few minutes later, not more than 10’ from the penny, another signal that sounded different, not sure what sounded different, still learning. Wow, a silver dime and not quite 5” deep. Now I am wondering how I could have missed that one, not a clue yet.
      Well anyway, the next two targets were nails, then another perfectly vertical copper penny. Had a very good hunt, for an area that basically dried up over a year ago. Wonder what I'll find once I have a little time on this machine?

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