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Hello From Central Illinois

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Hi all,just got my Equinox 600,looking forward to upgrading from my Bounty Hunter LRP.

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Welcome, Dogjello!  You've got some good country there to hunt, and a couple fine detectors to do that with.  Good fortune and keep us updated with your finds.


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Thx guys hope to add some cool finds!

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Welcome to the forum from Southern California.good luck!

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    • By Detectoguy
      I am new to the forum, but have been metal detecting for about 10 years now.  I just purchased a new Nox 800 just in time for the ground to freeze and the snow to blanket our area here in New Hampshire. I was a White's guy before, but there is no comparison.
      Doing a lot of research on the machine and learning what I can now so I can be effective in the spring.  I am planning a Florida outing in February though ! 🙂
      There is plenty of information on this site to keep me busy for a while.
      Hoping to interact with all of you through the forums.
    • By Joe D.
      Hello all,
          I have been on here a few weeks, and thought an intro was in order!
          First a disclaimer: I tend to use alot of exclamation points when i post, so don't think I'm yelling at any of you! I just like them more than periods!  Besides, Steve prohibits yell posting!
        I am a born and raised South Florida native, and recently retired!   I started detecting back when i was in high school!  And unfortunately stopped a few  later, when cars, girls, and life, took over!  I picked it up again in 2015, when my wife and kids were no longer taking over! (Yes; I'm still married)!  I'm all in on detecting now, even though i missed some good years! The only other forum i have followed and posted on before this, is "The Treasure Beaches Report"!  (Still read every day)!  And I'm just happy to be here;  learning from, and posting with, all of you! 🇺🇸
      My first detector, circa 1980 👍
      (still have it)

    • By mav52
      New member from coastal Fl., looking to upgrade to a detector that will be supportive of coastal Fla but not just beach side, but low country areas and inland fields. Minelab Nox 800 comes to mind
    • Guest Jennifer
      By Guest Jennifer
      Has anyone heard from Jim lately, I haven't seen him post in a long time and asked on another forum in a thread under his name, no luck, I hope he's ok???
    • By 1515Art
      My wife has had me building a deck and a couple of gates at the studio in Santa Clara, never built a deck before...kinda fun but been to damn hot the last couple of days. it's getting pretty close to done so I've got to head up to the mountains and do some hunting before she finds me another project.

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