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That has to be the one that my great, great, great, grand father lost. Please mail it to me and I will thank you soooo much when I get it.

One could only hope to find such a great item, where exactly did you get it.

GPS position would be very helpful.

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Holy smokes.  Just terrific!!


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    • By Rege-PA
      Interesting and scary, glad I got some.
    • By Swifty
      Just read this story of 132 ounce nugget found in Victoria AU this last Friday
    • By Reno Chris
      These are from Brazil.
      Some very nice gold with some serious specimen value, but not any more...........
      And you thought only Arab Africans did this to their gold.
       If anyone speaks Portuguese, perhaps you can tell us what is said and written.
    • By Dingo Qld
      Re: Norm Tyers big nuggett
        ozgold 041 on Fri Jan 01, 2016 11:39 am

      mark garrett wrote:if you new Norm he was and  still is a good man  My two boys and me visited him just weeks before he pasted away  im so glad he let me talk about his find and video it for his family . this video is a a bit long but it is history . Nancy has a dvd I gave them .

      Here is a video of great interest for those looking for large gold nuggets!  
      (Dingo Qld)
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      From Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DetectoresDeMetalesMasterDetector/videos/915348648547946/
    • By AussieMatt
      As per the title:
      Reported to have been found on his lease about 1m deep. Nice find Ashley.
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