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Prospecting Rig, Safety And Convenience

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Where's the kitchen sink?

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On 10/9/2019 at 6:37 AM, karelian said:

It is a rare year I don't see a snake, often more than one. In  Victoria's Golden Triangle it is the Eastern Brown snake that is most common. The Brown Snake family is responsible for the majority of deaths from snake bites in Australia. This species is known to have a 'bad attitude'. 

I'll admit that my arse twitches like a rabbit's nose every time I encounter one.. staying calm after a strike would be a challenge. I always wear boots,  with snake gaiters during the warmer months.  In bad years the flies and ants have driven me off the goldfields before the snakes are fully active. Usually in summer  I switch to beach mode... Karelian





Yeah mate---- i think these would fit nicely over my thongs....🤣


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Hobo I did see a collapsible or portable kitchen sink that could be used for small scale panning when crevicing in dry areas. Basically just a collapsible bucket, clearly great minds think alike. All the best, Karelian.


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