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Old Farm Hunter

Problem With My Fisher F44

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I turn on or a at least try to turn on My fisher f44 and then when i do it goes crazy like its on pinpoint mode and i cant even change through the diffrent modes can anyone help me ?

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To reset your F44 to the default factory settings:

1. Turn the detector off.
2. Hold the MENU button down while pressing the Power button.

NOTE: This reset will erase any custom tone settings you may have entered in the Custom Mode.

Make sure the coil connection is not loose.

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    • By GaryM
      I'm getting only about 5-6" inches ,depth with on sensitivity setting of 15.  And when my wife or I run a hand down the coil the machine detects it and sounds off. Also,,can't say I'm a big fan of the teardrop coil can't came with it,is there a coil of close to the same size that would perform better??
    • By Mike Hillis
      Been thinking about my 8500
      Now the 8500 has it warts, but it has some good things about it too. One of the 8500 warts is that it really works better with concentric coils. I don't know if it was designed that way or not but that is just the way it is, so I don't put DD coils on it any more. My frustration level with the 8500 is way higher when running DD coils. So I quit using them on the 8500. My preferred concentric coil on the 8500 is the 8" round Tek coil. It gives the best stability and target id accuracy, including on nickels. 
      Another wart of the 8500 is the 8500 operating manual, in particularly regarding sensitivity settings. The Omega 8000 manual tells you what is going on with the sensitivity control settings. The 8500 manual doesn't and so you get in trouble right away. On the 8500, just like on the 8000, Sensitivity settings of 1 to 70 are GAIN settings. 1 is lowest Gain, 70 is highest Gain. In other words, a Sensitivity setting of 70 is MAX GAIN. If site conditions (EMI, trash, ground minerals) allow, you can raise the Sensitivity settings above MAX GAIN into the HYPER THRESHOLD settings of 71 to 99. Since the operating manual doesn't spell this out, the tendency is to try and run up into the HYPER THRESHOLD settings thinking you are only running 75% to 80% power when in reality your are running 100% plus, and in most cases, site conditions don't allow for it, resulting in some major frustration. 
      I find that sensitivity settings around 55 to 65 work best for most sites in Deep 1,2, and 3. Deep 0 setting often allows the most use of HYPER THRESHOLD settings but Deep 1, 2, and 3 work best if you keep below Max Gain (70).
      A sensitivity setting of 55 in d5 (non modulated audio tones) with the 8" round concentric is good for a hard hitting 8" dime, which is pretty decent, and leaves room for power increases if the site allows.
      Some of the pluses I like about the 8500 is the full control of the segment audio. Instead of the normal disc or notch discrimination, I can just manage each segments audio volume. This gives me disc/notch capability while still seeing full display responses. When I combine this with the Primary and Secondary TID feature it allows me to focus on what I'm hunting for, which for me is nice gold jewelry.
      I've already found some nice gold with the 8500 but now I think I'm going to specialize the 8500 as a large gold ring finder. Just going to cut the audio to all the segments except the Tab and Screw Caps segments, put it in VCO and hunt matching Primary and Secondary TID signals in places where men are most likely to loose a ring. Should be a successful strategy for larger gold.
      Gonna find out. I'll let you know how it goes.
      (might be a few weeks before I report back, forgot this weekend is going to be rainy and honey-do's are already lined out for me. 
      Teknetics Omega 8500 Data & Reviews

    • By Busho
      Hi guys. In the last couple of years I've noticed where I live an increase, visible and noticable, of gold detectorists doing the wrong thing. Leaving all their holes unfilled, rubbish from camps and even their actual crap and crap paper just lying there in plain site. Some even digging on tracks leaving pot holes to drive over. Yeah, there are plenty that do the right thing but the pigs are now increasing. A while ago I went to Castlemaine in Vic, you gotta be kidding me, I must have been greeted by about 100 holes and scrapes unfilled and actual crap and the paper on the walk track! Just saw similar at Avoca with a big dug up, raked area, unfilled holes and the rest. A while ago at Dunolly the same and again at Stuart Mill. Is it any wonder they want to shut people out of the bush here these days. Im getting sick of seeing it. Whats it like in the US?
    • By Old Farm Hunter
      My metal detector (which is a Fisher f 44)  turns on by itself after a few minutes after turning it off anyone  know why this happens? 
      Ive had the detector for around 3 years now and it just started around a couple months ago , also i lost the cap that goes over the battery pack could that have anything to do with it? 
    • By calabash digger
      My buddies kid went water hunting with me. His 600 flooded within 15 minutes....
    • By calabash digger
      leaked today..

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