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Beach Hunt In Windy Conditions

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Well I made it to the coast on Friday on the last day of the storms in my area. Winds were 22 MPH and the waves were huge. How those guys could para surf is beyond me. I found a fair amount of very green clad and wheat pennies. Got one Buffalo nickel too. I was not able to get to the low part of the beach since the low tide was not very low, and the surges were very unpredictable. I used the Equinox exclusively and got hammer many times by those rouge waves 😄 The GPX stayed dry in the car! Even though I know the gold was out of range, I still got a decent amount of silver and an earring that may have a gold post, if you can count that as gold 🤔 Was a fun day out and I made sure I had glasses on all day. I did not need my eyeballs dried out and sand blasted.

10-10-2019 beach hunt.jpg

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Hardcore beach hunting........I like it when sane people are at home with their detectors  👍

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    • By TTT2866
      G'day, just new to this forum. 
      Wondering everyones opinions on a 2200D for beach detecting on dry or eroded sand banks? I have a few spots in mind which a pulse induction machine would be handy on spots my mates CTX can't reach. Of course I'd have to waterproof the machine but as a general machine for depth would it handle alright on these areas? Anyone here use the machine for beaches regularly? It'll be my first pulse machine, I'm a long-time user of the Equinox 600 and 800. 
      Cost isn't an issue, I'm just getting bored and limited in parks. 
      I found one at a decent price with a few DD coils. Would I just be wasting my time and money? The spot I have in mind is a long strip of beach where I've found a bit of silver and military relics in the past, and I know of someone who's found a half sov and someone else who's found a cartwheel penny there .
      I've looked in to a Whites TDI machine but seems like no one here sells them 😞
    • By Joe D.
      Hello All!!!
         Just wanted to wish all the East Coast hunters, and visiting hunters out there, to Be Smart and Safe, pre and post storm!!
          No amount of potential detecting finds is worth risking your life!! 
          As a Retired Public Safety Employee, i am extremely familiar with the many hazards during storms such as this one! 
        Good Luck Detecting!!🍀🍀
          I hope that you all suffer No loss, or damage!!  And i look forward to the many great finds that this storm is likely to produce!! Maybe I'll see a few of you out there, if i get the chance!!👍👍
    • By mn90403
      I've told myself for months it was time to go out with the 5000 and the Coiltek Platypus mono coil and try for some deep targets.  Last night was the night.  I think I learned more about my beach then I did about the detecting setup.
      This is the coil:
      I don't have any pictures of finds because it was all junk except for 2 pennies.  I went out to a low tide wet area where I never find much with the Equinox 800 and I didn't find much with this either.  I was going after deep targets and I got a few aluminum can bottoms at 15 inches plus.  I had my giant scoop for the task so I didn't have to give up on the targets like I would with an arm scoop.
      What I learned is that with these conditions there just wasn't a patch of targets in the 'staging area' waiting to be washed up on the shore.  Maybe they are farther out.
      I mostly used the 5000 in Salt/Gold and I was really able to go as high as I wanted with the gain.  (For about 20 minutes I used fine gold but it had a hum when I swung.)  I stayed around 16 for the 2 hours I hunted.  I used my harness that I got with the detector in 2010 and a hipstick but it is a heavy load for me right now.  It started to hurt my back between the heavy scoop and the detector.  I cancelled my long walk style that I do with the 800.  I was trying to go places where I would go with an AQ.  I may have learned enough to not want one of those now.
      I was impressed that the battery worked fine and has not been charged much since I got a Z for the desert.
      I'll use this setup again on a better conditioned beach that has more targets but it is just not that much better at depth for it to be my regular detector.
    • By abenson
      Got out Saturday morning early to try and beat the heat but by 11 am it was pushing 90. Used my GPX with the 14" Coiltek DD coil and ran in Salt mode most of the time, used normal a while too but Salt was much quieter. Had to walk half a mile down the beach to get to where I wanted to hunt and found either my headphones or battery had an issue. The volume was real weak even at full volume, I dealt with it but had the wind been blowing I would have had to walk back. Later found out it was a battery issue, amp must be bad. I think it's time to get Docs gold screamer setup. I'm tired of spending $450 for batteries Minelab claims can't be repaired. This is the second battery in a year that has gone bad.
      I hunted the wet sand down to the waters edge. Based on all the swim cap buckles, I was in the right place but just couldn't pull up any gold. The Chinese cache coin was kind of cool and all the coins were older. 2 corroded wheat pennies, silver Roosevelt dime, Jefferson nickel, buffalo and what looks like a V-nickel or possible token. Everything I found is pictured with the exception of a long piece of copper wire and two iron blobs that I left in the garbage can. All of the targets were shovel head deep or deeper  

    • By Rivers rat
      Hello to all been back to work so my leisure time is shorter working evenings and heading back straight to the coast on my day off is the plan.
      Anyway ,Sunday i was invited by a fellow detectorist i met in 2001 while looking to test the Explorer XS,this guy (Fred is his name) has been detecting forever almost everyday destroying and killing machine at a crazy rate.
      The spot we went on Sunday has been productive for him last week with 5 gold items found ,including a ring a seal and 3 14ct ink pen point.He told me to bring a small coil.....the small Nox coil is in London.So i wanted to grab the silver sabre but i just a mounted a polo coil,so i grab the always ready F75 DST with the tiny coil,on my favourite on the Thames and the only machine so far who has paid for itself twice.......the beach has been bulldozer to create sea defence.The sun was bright and the control box is do dirty i could really see so didn't change my River Thames setting and it work well despite been on a salty beach,depth seems same as Thames a lot of deepish targets too.Some eyes only pick up too.

    • By Skullgolddiver
      It is summer and to stay till late with friends and childs drinking and roasting meat in the evening is a pleasure without doubts...
      After few hours however it is also time to go in the beach, in a hurry, early, before people start to fill the water and  the search area...
      So even this morning, after a long stop due to some bad waves, I was trying to do my best and luckily I hitted a promising spot...
      I'm that kind of hunter that never trust all can be picked up, so even if I pulled last pieces from here when most of competition was already done for this area, I tried again, another time..
      Keeping in mind that 99% of stuff was already vanished months ago, I pushed my patience only cause I've seen multiple rocks, hoping for a bit of movement on the bottom...Almost leaving the place, this is what happened today...
      (sorry for bad camera position over my mask)...
      All the best guys!
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