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Ss Central America Reference Book

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The SS Central America had lots of coins and lots of treasure to say the least.  We has a presentation (with coins and gold nuggets) at a PCSC meeting in Downey, California last year.  The author said this book was coming.

I don't see much of a preview online but it may be a reference book that will show up in your local library!


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    • By phrunt
      I was sent some photos overnight of some incredible finds with the GPX and an X-coil that forum member Elijah found.  I thought I'd put the photos up for people to see as they're pretty incredible, I really love the old coin, imagine the history that goes with an old coin like that, I can't even imagine how old it must be  It must have been a very wealthy person that lost it.  I would love to detect in locations that have ancient coins like this.  It looks like they just take a big nugget and stamp an image on it.

      It looks like a bird of some sort?

      And check out it's weight!!!!

      That coins heavy! I wonder what you could buy with it when it was used as currency.
      He also found this, I'm not sure what it could be, any ideas?  It's likely to be very ancient too.

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    • By Glenn in CO
      Does anyone have information on these silver boulders that were found in Arizona? They were on display at the Tucson Show this past February.

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      "INDIAN RIVER SHORES, Fla. – They don't call it the Treasure Coast for nothing.
      Jonah Martinez, 43, a treasure hunter from Port St. Lucie, was scanning the sand with his metal detector at Turtle Trail Beach Access on Feb. 21 when his device picked up a signal. Buried beneath him was more than three centuries of history: Martinez pulled 22 Spanish silver coins from the surf, each dating back to a shipwreck 305 years ago, he said."
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      Who has seen it?  I'm sure someone on the forum has.
      This is an article about the Armstrong Nugget which is 80.33 ozt.

    • By Tnsharpshooter
      Paul is a very experienced detectorist.
      He is one of the nicest gent's I have have ever chatted with online.
      I have never met him personally.
      I actually have a piece of his equipment he has loaned me to try out.
      What an amazing find with Nox.
      Congrats Paul.
      Couldn't happen to nicer guy.
      Link deleted since Findmall Forum update broke all old links
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